What Are the Best Natural Rugs for Your Home?


Some conventional rugs on the market are so alluring with their beautiful patterns and soft material that you may be asking yourself, do I really need to worry about buying a non-toxic rug? What’s the point of having a natural rug if it’s probably going to cost even more too?

best natural rugs

These are fair questions, but the monetary cost is minimal in comparison to the cost that a conventional rug may have on your health. These are some reasons to go buy a natural rug instead of that deceptively alluring conventional one:

  • No nasty chemicals and synthetic fibers. A conventional rug is made of synthetic fibers that leave manufacturing residues to emit freely into your home and transfer to your skin.
  • No pesticides or chemical treatments will be on your rug because a natural rug uses organic materials. Even if a conventional rug is made of a natural product, like cotton or wool, it may still have been heavily affected by chemicals.
  • If your handwoven rug needs a backing, it will be made of natural latex or other natural materials. Conventional rugs usually use a synthetic rubber “latex” or some other kind of toxic plastic to make their backing.

As you can see, there are dangerous risks with having a conventional rug in your home. The best choice for you and your family’s health is to buy a natural rug instead.


Best Places to Buy Eco-Friendly Rugs


Natural Area Rugs


There are several reasons to choose Natural Area Rugs. They guarantee that you will get the best price for your specific non-toxic area rug and all their rugs come with 30-day risk-free returns. You can use their “Find your rug” configurator to enter the exact dimensions, price, material, and style of rug you need and it will then search for the best eco-friendly rugs to match your specifications.

best natural rugs


Boutique Rugs


Boutique Rugs offer an incredibly wide variety of materials, sizes, and specific styles of rugs. They make rugs from natural fibers and synthetic materials. They also offer free shipping on all products that are on sale. Boutique Rugs has over 15 years of experience in selling, designing, and producing both hand and machine woven rugs so you are guaranteed a rug of top quality.

best natural rugs

Burke Décor


The rugs from Burke Decor are specifically designed to appeal to a client with a more eclectic taste in mind. Their wide variety of natural fiber rugs means that you can get bright and beautiful colors without the harmful chemicals and synthetic fibers of conventional rugs. They are a great choice if you want to bring some natural color into your home.

best natural rugs

Viva Terra


Viva Terra is a decor group that is committed to selling green products. They use recycled materials to create eco-friendly rugs and keep second-hand products out of the landfill. Their organic rugs are modern despite their recycled origins and are made to the highest quality standards. Furthermore, if you sign in for the first time you will get 10% off on your first purchase!

best natural rugs


The Citizenry


All of their rugs are made from the finest natural materials. They value real people and real personal designs. Their representatives travel the world to develop the exclusive collections you find online at The Citizenry. Their unique method of travel and research established sustainable relationships and so eliminated the middle-man. The fair-trade rugs go straight from the artisan, to being displayed online, to you. They blend their modern style with the artisan’s time-tested techniques.

best natural rugs




Novica offers you a massive variety of hand-woven rugs. They produce fair-trade rugs made from the best natural materials including sisal, jute. and wool. Novica, however, also specializes in the novelty of Alpaca Wool rugs. Finally, they are also devoted to supporting struggling design artisans across the globe and thus a portion of each purchase goes to supporting them. They are a Gold labeled Green America certified business.

best natural rugs



Loloi’s priority is to design and handcraft the world’s most original rugs that are free from harmful chemicals. Loloi has won more awards than any other rug company in the last decade. Needless to say, they’re fantastic at what they do! Their eco rugs have bright colors, intricate patterns, and organic materials.

best natural rugs



Safavieh have over 100 years of excellence in home furnishings. Safavieh uses premium and natural fibers that are durable and sustainable. Their rugs are sometimes power-loomed, and others are handwoven and handmade. The gorgeous choices have flexible pile heights and materials to match the various levels of traffic areas in your home.

best natural rugs



For 20 years, they’ve been working to make affordable, brilliantly designed rugs for everyone. They source artisans from around the world to make handmade natural fiber area rugs that carry their own personal styles and individual touches. NuLoom makes rugs from synthetic fibers or PVC that are for every room in the house. They mostly cater to lower traffic areas such as a bedroom, but there are a few options of durable ones for higher traffic rooms.

best natural rugs



Parachute focuses on making their products with a clean, modern aesthetic. Quality and versatility are their goal and passion. They make some sophisticated hand-braided thick wool and cotton rugs in a variety of natural colors to complement any color scheme you choose for your home. They have Oeko-Tex certification so you can trust that their non toxic rugs are made without harmful chemicals or synthetics. They have also partnered with the United Nations Nothing But Nets campaign.

best natural rugs

Loomy Home


Loomy Home places a unique emphasis on bringing you into the “loop” on how your rug is made, by whom, and with what materials. With each purchase, you’ll see a step-by-step breakdown of what was involved to make your rug choice. Their Oeko-Tex certification also guarantees a safe, toxin-free rug for your home. They want to help you make the perfect pick, so they offer a complimentary advice section on their website so you can get the best tips from their team.

best natural rugs

Earth Weave


Earth Weave is one of the highest quality natural rugs and non toxic carpets that money can buy. Their product line includes organically sourced hemp, cotton, wool, and sea-grass rugs. They offer natural non-slip rubber mats to ensure your rug doesn’t slide around. They have a new product that uses either raw natural colored wool or OrganoSoftColor organic dyes. Their commitment to using no toxic fire retardant treatments or mothproofing chemicals makes their products unique in natural carpet solutions.

best natural rugs

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Nature’s Carpet


Nature’s Carpet allows you to consider the environment and your indoor air quality without having to sacrifice value and style. It’s a sustainable, toxin-free source to find a beautiful eco rug or non toxic carpet. The materials come from the earth (well, sheep wool counts, right?) making it perfectly biodegradable and safe for your home.

best natural rugs

Hook and Loom


Loom-Hooked Eco Cotton rugs have the Green People Seal of Approval. They don’t use dyes, chemicals, or latex in their cotton or wool rugs. Therefore, their earth-friendly rugs are handcrafted and made without latex backing or adhesives. They create colored yarns from recovered textile fibers that are then handwoven into cotton rugs that don’t bleed or fade in the washing machine. Hook and Loom wool rugs are made from 100% un-dyed wool. You’ll be supporting an earth-friendly and non-toxic cause if you buy their rugs.

best natural rugs

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What are the Best Natural Rug Materials? 


  • Jute: This material is a soft choice as far as natural fibers go. In fact, it’s one of the softest natural fibers out there because it’s made from the green stalk instead of the leaves. After it’s soaked, stripped, spun, and woven, it even resembles wool. The softness of it makes it a bit less durable though, so be careful to use it in low to medium traffic areas of the house. It can also shed a little, so just be prepared to vacuum regularly.


  • Sisal: It’s durable, fully biodegradable, and requires no chemicals to treat or produce. It’s a fantastic non-toxic material for rugs, but watch out for where you keep it in the house. It can become slippery after wear, so avoid putting it on the stairs. It is also a naturally coarse material, so it’s probably not the best material for the baby room! Or the playroom for that matter; it’s absorbent so tough stains can be tricky to remove.


  • Hemp: This fiber doesn’t attract dirt or dust like some other materials may, which makes hemp great for people who suffer from allergies or asthma.  Another perk of hemp is that it’s very strong and durable. It’s good in high traffic areas and is naturally mildew resistant. The downside of hemp is that it does tend to shed, so a weekly vacuum clean will be necessary to keep it fresh and prolong its lifespan.


  • Seagrass: It is an affordable, eco-friendly option for a rug because it grows fast and it’s easy to harvest. It’s non-porous and thus water-resistant and generally stain resistant too. This makes it suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. It’s a slippery fiber with wear, so it’s not good for stairs. Seagrass doesn’t dye easily, so your color choices are limited.


  • Wool: This is the most common material used for rugs. Wool is usually from sheep, goats, or camels. It’s biodegradable and hypoallergenic. It’s also naturally flame-resistant so there’s no need for harmful chemical treatment. Wool is a very tough material, and if it’s well cared for, it will last for years. But it can be expensive to find the right organically certified wool source. Wool can be heavily treated with chemicals, both pesticides, and insecticides, so it’s essential to find an organically certified provider. When you bring a wool rug to your home, avoid putting it in areas of moisture, because although it’s naturally water repellent, it will be prone to mildew in constant humidity.


  • Cotton: Most cotton is genetically modified and heavily sprayed with pesticides. That’s why it’s essential to buy a rug made of organic cotton. You need to be careful about stains because it is absorbent. But one plus is that it’s machine washable and generally easy to maintain. It’s also quite soft. This makes it comfortable, but also less durable than other natural materials. You’ll have to just use it in a low traffic area. Cotton is an affordable, soft material that dyes very easily, so you’ll be able to choose a rug that suits your home exactly.


best natural rugs




Most people decide to buy a rug for a few practical reasons. Your motivation could be for warmth in winter, the aesthetic appeal, to protect your floor from scraping furniture, or just because of the comforting feeling of sinking your feet into a plushy rug. A natural rug can offer all of that and the peace of mind of a non-toxic product for your chemical-free home.


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