What Are the Best Non-Toxic Chairs For Your Home?


In this article, we share the best non-toxic furniture brands that offer non-toxic chairs for every budget. By choosing non-toxic furniture, you’ll improve air quality at your home and reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals. Buying a non-toxic dining table and chairs will help you create a chemical-free home and a healthy environment for your family. Take a look at our picks:


Modway Promenade Industrial Modern Chair


Modway Promenade Industrial Modern Chair

Material: Metal

Finish: Powder-Coated

10/27/2021 12:08 am GMT


If you’re looking for cheap non-toxic chairs, check Modway Promenade Metal Chairs. Chairs made of metal do not tend to off-gas and they’re considered a safe option for chemical-sensitive people. These chairs are powder-coated which is one of the safest finishes in terms of off-gassing. Make sure you clean these chairs thoroughly when you receive them as they may have some factory oil and other residues from the manufacturing process. Once clean, these chairs a great economical non-toxic chairs.


Emeco Eco-Friendly Chairs


Emeco 111 Navy Chair

Material: Recycled PET Bottles

10/27/2021 12:18 am GMT


If you’re looking for eco-friendly chairs with elegant designs and a beautiful range of colors, check Emeco Chairs made from recycled aluminum, recycled PET bottles, cork, and sustainable locally harvested wood. Emeco is a company based in Hanover, Pennsylvania, dedicated to making eco-friendly furniture from waste materials. All their products follow strict commercial-grade standards to make sure they’re resilient and durable. You can buy Emeco eco-friendly chairs with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 15-day hassle-free returns.


2xHome Hard Plastic Chairs


2xHome Dining Room Chair

Material: Polypropylene

10/27/2021 12:06 am GMT


2xHome Hard Plastic Chairs are another affordable option if you’re looking for low-VOC chairs. 2xHome specializes in making hard plastic chairs with a variety of designs and colors. These quality chairs are made of low- or zero-off gassing plastic, so they’re considered a safe option for the chemical-sensitive. These non-toxic dining chairs can be used indoors as well as outdoors, they’re stackable, lightweight, and easy to clean.


Medley Non-Toxic Chairs


Medley Home Non-Toxic Chairs
From $470

Materials: Solid Wood, Certi-Pur Foam, Natural Latex


Medley is an American company that specializes in chemical-free furniture. They offer a selection of non-toxic dining chairs and accent chairs. Their main materials are FSC-certified solid white maple and American walnut. The non-toxic upholstered chairs are made using Certi-Pur certified poly foam or fiber as well as natural latex and wool.

The covers are made of polyester. Medley non-toxic furniture contains no harsh chemicals or fire retardants. Their chairs are characterized by sleek and modern design and they’re available in a wide selection of colors, should you choose an upholstered one. Medley Home offers free returns with a 100-day trial.


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Bloomingville Rattan Arm Chair


Bloomingville Rattan Arm Chair

Material: Natural Rattan

10/27/2021 12:06 am GMT


Bloomingville is a Danish company that makes nordic style home decor and furniture. Bloomingville Rattan Arm Chair is made from natural rattan and it’s got a handwoven seat. Thanks to its neutral color and design, it will look good in different kinds of interiors. Rattan is a generally safe material that will not off-gas, however, it may have been treated with pesticides during cultivation or transport, so you should clean it with a damp cloth and if possible leave it outside (under a roof) to air for a few days before use.


Masaya and Co. Solid Wood Chairs


Masaya and Co. Solid Wood Chairs
From $444,95

Materials: Teak Wood, Manila Cord

Finish: Natural Oils


Masaya and Co. offers a beautiful selection of solid wood and handwoven dining chairs, accent chairs and armchairs with beautiful ethnic designs. These eco-friendly chairs are made in Nicaragua by local artisans from sustainably sourced tropical hardwoods, mainly teak wood. If you want to add an ethnic accent to your interiors, check their beautiful handwoven chairs that come with colorful, ethnic designs made using a manila cord.

All Masaya Chairs are finished with natural oils to help you reduce your exposure to toxic VOCs and other chemicals found in conventional furniture. Masaya and Co. follows strict Fair Trade standards to help keep rich artisan traditions alive and ensure fair pay and conditions for everyone involved in the manufacturing process. These chairs are available with hassle-free 15-day returns.


Copeland Greenguard Certified Chairs



Copeland is a US-based company that makes Greenguard GOLD certified chairs that meet the highest standards regarding the use of chemicals in furniture. They offer simple, minimalistic chairs made with great attention to detail using FSC-certified solid wood (cherry and walnut). Copeland participates in the Rainforest Alliance to make sure that the wood they use comes solely from forests that are not threatened and it’s harvested in a sustainable way.

The finishes they use are water-base which helps significantly reduce the amount of VOCs they release, helping you to improve the air quality at your home. Although their non-toxic chairs are on the expensive side, you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality product that will last for years to come. As all Copeland Chairs are made to order, you may have to wait for your delivery for up to 6 weeks.


Greenington Non-Toxic Chairs


Greenington Non-Toxic Chairs

Materials: Bamboo Wood


Greenington makes bamboo furniture that uses low-VOC glues to reduce the emissions of toxic chemicals. bamboo is a sustainable material that grows very fast and the Greenington factory is located near their bamboo plantation to cut their carbon footprint. Their low-VOC chairs and armchairs have a minimalistic and elegant design that will look great in contemporary and modern interiors, and they’re available in three neutral finishes. As bamboo is 20% harder than wood, these eco-friendly chairs are very durable and resilient. Greenington offers a wide range of natural bedroom furniture and non-toxic dining tables.


Alabama Sawyer Natural Wood Chairs



Alabama Sawyer is a company based in Birmingham, Alabama, that uses reclaimed wood that would otherwise end up in the landfill. This company makes high-quality handcrafted solid wood furniture with natural, non-toxic finishes. The Alabama Sawyer chair is a versatile, chemical-free piece that can be used as a dining or study chair. Its simple design makes it suitable for any kind of interiors and it’s available in two colors and in most wood species, such as Walnut, White and Red Oaks, Hackberry, Cherry, Hickory, Pecan, Sweet Gum, and Magnolia, so you can specify these when placing your order.




Investing in non-toxic furniture will help you drastically reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in your home, making the air healthier and safer to breathe. But chemical-free furniture is just the beginning. Check our guides to non-toxic paints, organic rugs, organic mattresses and bedding to create a truly chemical-free home for your family.


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