Best Organic Bedding Sources 2020


In this article, We’ll tell you what are the best organic bedding sources. We’ll help you find the best organic cotton and organic bamboo sheets. We’ve included both affordable and luxury organic bedding, so there’s something for every budget. Take a look at our top picks:


Organic bedding has many benefits over conventional bedding, including being healthier, more durable and eco-friendly. If you want to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in your home and follow a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle, find out where you can buy the best organic sheets online:


Magic Linen


Organic Sheet Certificates: Oeko-Tex
Queen Sheets Price: $118

Magic Linen sells beautiful Oeko-Tex certified linen sheets and linen duvet sets. These fitted linen sheets are made from 100% European flax and they come in lovely vibrant colors to liven up your bedroom. Linen is a highly absorbent, breathable and antiallergenic material making it a comfortable bedding material, especially for warm months. On top of that, linen is biodegradable and can be recycled, so it’s definitely an eco-friendly material. Magic Linen bedding products are free from toxic chemicals and they come with a 30-day sleep trial.

best organic bedding brands


White Lotus Home


Organic Sheet Certificates: GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Green America, Organic Trade Association
Queen Sheets Price: $127

White Lotus provides affordable organic bedding handmade by skilled artisans in New Jersey, USA from raw materials sourced in America whenever possible. Their range of GOTS certified bedding products includes: organic pillows, duvets and sheets, organic futon covers, non toxic mattresses and organic baby bedding. Their bedding is free from any potentially harmful substances to help you create a green, toxin-free bedroom.

best organic bedding


Aizome Bedding


Organic Sheet Certificates: GOTS, National Eczema Association, Green Product Award 2020
Queen Sheets Price: $99

Aizome Bedding provides beautiful, minimalistic bedding made from GOTS certified organic cotton. Their product range includes organic bed linen, sheets, pillowcases, and organic baby bedding. Their bedding is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and very soft, making it a great choice for families with little children or people with sensitive skin. On top of that, they offer a Lifetime Warranty for their products, they will exchange them for new ones as long as the damage is not due to ordinary wear and tear.

best organic bedding brands (2)


Organic Textiles


Organic Sheet Certificates: GOTS, GOLS, Oeko-Tex

Organic Textiles is an American company that uses cotton harvested in India to make pure, natural, organic bedding at an affordable price. Their products have got many certificates which testifies that they’re free from toxic pollutants and they’re been made in a sustainable, eco-friendly way. They sell GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified sheets, duvet covers and pillows and GOLS certified organic latex mattress toppers and pillows. They use only natural dyes to make sure their products are completely free from any toxic substances.

best organic bedding brands (3)



Organic Sheet Certificates: GOTS
Queen Sheet Set Price: $239

Apart from excellent quality organic mattresses, Naturepedic offers organic pads, mattress protectors, sheets, pillows, and toppers. All these products come in a neutral color, free from dyes, and they’re made from GOTS certified organic cotton. If you’ve got children, be sure to check their kids’ and baby organic bedding section. All their products come with a 1-year warranty.

best organic bedding brands (4)

Magnolia Organics


Organic Sheet Certificates: GOTS
Queen Sheets Price: $99,95

Magnolia Organic offers ethically produced organic bedding made from sustainably sourced materials. They use only GOTS certified cotton which means that it’s been cultivated and processed following strict standards regarding the use of pesticides and other chemicals, eco-friendliness, and work ethics.  They’ve got a wide range of pillows with different natural fillings (buckwheat, kapok, wool), organic flannel sheets, organic percale sheet sets, blankets, and comforters as well as organic baby bedding.

best organic bedding brands (5)


Luxor Linens


Organic Sheet Certificates: Oeko-Tex
Queen Sheets Price: $149

Luxor Linens use only high-quality materials to make organic bamboo, eucalyptus, and Egyptian cotton bedding products. On their website, you can find bamboo sheets, eucalyptus pillow shams, and organic Egyptian cotton duvet sets and more. Their luxury organic bedding is made from natural materials manufactured with ultra-modern machinery which results in very soft fabrics that will make your bed extra comfortable. Luxor Linens offers a 30-day free trial, free shipping, as well as free returns.

best organic bedding brands (6)


Under the Canopy


Organic Sheet Certificates: GOTS Certified, Fair Trade, Oeko Tex, FSC, Wel-Trak
Queen Sheets Price: $69

Under the Canopy offers Well-Trak certified organic bedding which means that you can trace the journey of your sheets and duvet covers every step of the way, from the cotton fields right to your home, to be sure that you’re getting an environmentally friendly and ethical way. They make GOTS and Oeko Tex certified organic cotton sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases and more. On their website, you’ll also find organic mattresses and organic baby bedding. I like the fact that their bedding comes in neutral colors that will look warm and cozy in any interior.

best organic bedding brands

Boll and Branch


Organic Sheet Certificates: GOTS, Oeko Tex, Fair Trade
Queen Sheets Price: $110

Boll and Branch is an organic bedding manufacturer that makes fair trade organic cotton bedding products. This US-based company manufactures in the US, India, and Portugal making sure that all their workers are adults who get paid fairly and are treated with respect. They always boat their products, which helps them reduce their carbon footprint. They sell GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified sheets sets, pillows, duvet sets and baby bedding washed with environmentally-friendly, Bluesign® certified detergent which makes their bedding 2x cleaner than the government standard.

best organic sheets




Organic Sheet Certificates: GOTS, Fair Trade, Made Safe
Queen Sheet Set Price: $198

Coyuchi has been making organic bedding products since 1991 in Fair Trade certified factories. The company offers a wide range of GOTS certified organic bedding made from organic cotton and linen. They’ve got a wide selection of organic sheets, including crinkled percale sheets,  as well as linen, flannel, and sateen sheets. On their website, you’ll also find organic bedding sets, duvet covers, and comforters. Apart from organic bedding, they’ve got a special bedding line for babies as well as organic clothes. Coyuchi offers a 60-day trial for their products, as well as free shipping and returns.

best organic sheets



Organic Sheet Certificates: GOTS, Fair Trade, ECOCERT
Queen Sheet Set Price: $225

Lifekind is a company dedicated to promoting eco-friendly lifestyles and natural, green home. They offer high-quality organic bedding, including organic pillows, blankets, and comforters, as well as organic linens and mattress accessories. On their website, you’ll also find organic baby bedding and natural baby accessories. All their products are GOTS certified, so you can be sure you’re getting bedding free from toxic pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful substances. Most of their bedding is available in its natural color, so they’re free from potentially toxic dyes.

best organic sheets



Organic Sheet Certificates: Oeko-Tex
Queen Sheets Price: $80

Ettitude specializes in high-quality organic bamboo bedding and apparel certified by Oeko-Tex. These organic bamboo bedding products are free from chemicals that could irritate your skin and affect your respiratory health. Ettitude uses CleanBamboo™ that feels like liquid silk, which is plush and soft, hypoallergenic and keeps you cool at night. These organic bamboo sheets and bedding are easy to care for as they can be machine-washed in gentle cycle. On their website, you also find 100% organic bamboo comforters and pillows, as well as organic bamboo baby bedding and towels.

best organic sheets


Grund America


Organic Sheet Certificates: GOTS, Oeko-Tex
Queen Sheets Price: $125

Grund America specializes in certified organic textiles for bed and bath. Their organic bedding range includes GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified organic sheet sets and organic throw blankets. They use fair-trade-certified labor and 100% cotton. This affordable organic bedding is free from toxic chemicals such as bleach, pesticides, and toxic dyes. If you’re looking for pure, natural sheets for a good price, be sure to check their website. These sheets come with a 60-day trial and a 5-year warranty.

best organic sheets

Sleep and Beyond


Organic Sheet Certificates: GOTS Certified, Woolmark, USDA
Queen Sheet Set Price: $109

Sleep and Beyond specializes in organic wool bedding products using Merino wool and organic cotton. On their website, you’ll find organic mattress accessories, organic pillows, comforters, and sheets. They use only high-quality materials that are GOTS, Woolmark and USDA certified, so you can be sure you’re getting a natural product free from any impurities, such as pesticides, formaldehyde, and toxic fire retardants. They offer a 5-year warranty for all their natural bedding products.

best organic sheets


American Blossom Linens


Organic Sheet Certificates: USDA
Queen Sheets Price: $289

American Blossom Linens makes luxury but affordable bedding in the USA. This family company started 115 years ago and they’re proud to never have moved their production line overseas. Their bedding products include organic cotton and linen sheets, pillowcases, organic duvet cover sets, as well as organic cotton crib sheets. Some of their products are dye-free to make sure they are completely natural and free from any potentially toxic chemicals.

best organic sheets


California Cotton


Organic Sheet Certificates: GOTS
Queen Sheets Price: $180

California Cotton provides organic and fair trade organic cotton bedding and decorative pillows. They use 400TC GOTS certified cotton free from formaldehyde, heavy metals, and brominated flame retardants. In their selection of products, you’ll find luxury organic duvet covers, pillowcases, and organic sateen sheets, as well as West Coast inspired pop pillows free from toxins and AZO-based dyes. What makes this company special is that they donate 10% of every order to a non profit company called Lava Mae, that delivers water, mobile showers and personal hygiene products to homeless people in California.

best organic sheets


My Organic Sheets


Queen Sheets Price: $129

My Organic Sheets specialize in organic bamboo bedding. They provide organic bamboo bed sheets, baby sheets, and pillows as well as organic towels. They use bamboo because it depletes little resources to be grown and harvested, it grows very quickly, transforms toxic greenhouse gases back into oxygen, and it’s naturally resistant to pests so it doesn’t need pesticides to grow. Their bamboo viscose bedding is very soft, helps keep you cool, free from toxic chemicals and eco-friendly.

best organic sheets




Organic Sheet Certificates: GOTS, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Made Safe
Queen Sheet Set Price: $349

Avocado is known for their luxury organic latex matters. Recently, they started introducing luxury organic bedding products, such as organic suvin (Extra Long Staple cotton variety) sheets, mattress toppers and protectors, natural blankets, and organic latex pillows. They use high quality, GOTS certified cotton and wool and GOLS certified organic latex. Avocado is a company dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint and being as eco-friendly as possible. They’re a great choice for eco-conscious customers who want to make their bedroom completely natural and free from toxic chemicals (they even have a natural bedroom furniture collection!).

best organic sheets


Brentwood Home


Organic Sheet Certificates: GOTS, Made Safe
Queen Sheets Price: $99

Brentwood Home is known for its luxury organic mattresses, but they also offer w wide selection of organic pillows, organic sheets and quilts, and organic baby bedding. Their products are handmade in California using GOTS and Made Safe certified 400 or 600 single-ply extra long staple organic cotton. Brentwood Home organic sheets feel luxurious and very soft on your skin with their sateen finish. They also offer a 1 to 3-year warranty depending on the product, as well as free shipping and returns.

best organic sheets



Organic Sheet Certificates: GOTS
Queen Sheets Price: $139

Plushbeds sell organic mattresses, pillows, sheets and wool comforters. Their bed sheets are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton without using dyes and bamboo. Their organic bedding products are free from toxic substances, so you can be sure that you’ll be getting healthy sleep and excellent comfort. This GOTS-certified company uses materials that have been grown in an eco-friendly way, free from pesticides and following fair-trade rules throughout their production chain.

best organic sheets



Buying organic bedding is the best choice if you want to create a healthy home and follow a greener lifestyle. You’re not only supporting the environment and fair trade practices, but you’re also helping improve your family’s health and achieve healthy sleep. Organic cotton, eucalyptus and bamboo are sustainable materials free from toxic pesticides and dyes, and they’re an excellent choice for you and your children.


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