Best Places to Buy a Non Toxic Memory Foam Mattress


If you want to buy a non toxic memory foam mattress, make sure it’s CertiPUR certified. This certification means that the mattress:

  • Contains no toxic and harmful compounds such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), Tris (TCEP), chlorinated Tris (TDCPP), flame retardants, phthalates, lead, and other heavy metals as well as formaldehyde
  • Has got low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions to help you maintain healthy air quality in your bedroom and it’s free from ozone depleters, which makes it more eco-friendly.

Best Places to Buy a Non Toxic Memory Foam Mattress Online

In this article, we’ll share the best places to buy a non toxic memory foam mattress online, take a look at our product guide to best mattress companies:


Cypress Bamboo Gel Mattress by Brentwood Home


Brentwood Home is a nontoxic mattress brand that offers the highest quality products for good prices. Cypress Bamboo Gel Mattress has got excellent mattress certifications. It’s Greenguard GOLD, CertiPUr and OEKO-TEX certified. It means that this nontoxic mattress will not be releasing any harmful gases and it was made following strict environmental standards. This low VOC mattress is an excellent choice if you’ve got a tight budget. It’s got the following features:

  • CertiPURUS certified gel-infused memory foam, with motion isolation  (perfect mattress for couples!) and pressure relief points,
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified New Zealand wool, which helps prevent odor and regulate temperature
  • Airlux ventilated support foam,
  • Eco-friendly, zippered bamboo-derived, removable cover. It helps regulate temperature, wicks away moisture and is naturally antibacterial and antifungal.

This memory foam mattress comes with two levels of comfort:

  • Medium-firm, perfect for back and stomach sleepers who sometimes sleep on their sides.
  • Medium, the best choice for side sleepers, who sometimes sleep on their back or their stomach. It’s also a great option for partners with different sleeping preferences.

Brentwood Home mattresses are handcrafted in the USA and they come with 1-year sleep trial and 25-year warranty.

Queen Price: $500


Best Places to Buy a Non Toxic Memory Foam Mattress Online


Layla Sleep Mattress


Layla Sleep Mattress is a CertiPUR certified non toxic memory foam mattress infused with copper particles. This kind of memory gel is quite unique as it offers the benefits:

  • It transfers heat away from your body, making it a perfect mattress for hot sleepers.
  • Copper-Gel particles react with a firming response to body weight providing pressure relief points where you need them most. This kind of foam provides a plush feel with plenty of support at the same time.
  • Copper-infused memory foam is naturally antimicrobial and antifungal.

Layla Sleep mattress is flippable, you choose the soft side of the firm side, depending on your preferences. The soft side is great for side sleepers as it’s soft and supportive. While the firm side provides even more support, better for back and stomach sleepers, and couples.

Layla Sleep Mattress comes with a lifetime warranty and a 120-night trial.

Queen Price: $899


nontoxic memory foam mattress


Nectar Sleep Mattress


Nectar Sleep non toxic memory foam mattress is CertiPUR certified. It’s got a few layers, each with different qualities, which make this nontoxic mattress one of the bestselling mattresses on the market:

  • Quilted gel memory foam layer with cooling cover contours your body and enhances air circulation
  • Gel memory foam layer helps distribute your weight evenly, providing support and a cooling effect
  • Adaptive HI core memory foam (which is vegetable-based polyurethane foam) responsible for mattress rebound and bounce
  • Breathable base layer enhances the contouring effect and support while offering a stable foundation
  • Bottom mattress base prevents the mattress from moving on your bed frame.

This non toxic mattress offers medium-firm level of support which is ideal for most sleepers and any sleeping position. It comes with a lifetime warranty and a 1-year sleep trial.

Queen Price: $699


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Cool Bliss Luxury Mattress by Plushbeds


PlushBeds is one of the best-known luxury mattress companies and Cool Bliss Luxury Memory foam mattress is the most expensive and luxury mattress in our review. From Plushbeds you can expect the highest quality of craftsmanship and materials, as well as great customer service. This non toxic mattress has all necessary mattress certifications. It is Greenguard GOLD certified and CertiPUR certified. It’s got five layers:

  • A cooling cover to keep you cool and dry throughout the night
  • Cool gel memory foam which provides pressure relief and helps regulate body temperature
  • Natural latex layer that provides support and contours your body while you sleep. This layer is OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certified which means it’s free from potentially harmful chemicals.
  • Air flow layer which enhances air circulation within the mattress
  • Supportive core which improves mattress rebound and helps prevent sagging

This non toxic mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial, free returns and a 25-year warranty.

Queen Price: $1349


nontoxic memory foam mattresses


Live and Sleep Classic Mattress


The Live and Sleep Classic Mattress is a non toxic medium-firm memory foam mattress. This low VOC mattress is pretty basic, which is reflected in its price, but you can be sure it’s using high-quality materials. It’s CertiPURUS certified and OEKO-Tex certified, which means it’s got no harmful chemicals that could affect your health and sleep quality. It’s made up of four layers:

  • Breathable stretch-knit cover that allows the air to circulate freely keeping you cool all night
  • Responsive memory foam layer, free from toxic chemicals
  • High-density body support core

It comes with free shipping and free returns, a 20-year warranty and a 30-night trial period. If you want a more luxury mattress without breaking the bank, Live and Sleep offer memory foam mattresses with more features for a reasonable price, be sure to check their mattress selection.

Queen Price: $549


Memory foam mattress


Nolah Original 10 Mattress


Nolah Original 10 Mattress is not actually a memory foam mattress but I decided to include it in my review because many sleepers claim that memory foam mattresses can give a sinking feeling, and it may not be everyone’s preference. This nontoxic mattress makes you feel lighter and gives a floating feeling. It means that if you’re a heavyweight sleeper, this is a  much better choice than memory foam mattresses. Nolah Original is also a perfect non toxic mattress for pressure relief. This mattress is also CertiPUR certified, and it features:

  • Cooling Nolah AirFoam is high resilience polyurethane foam designed to provide superior pressure relief, it helps keep you cool and will contour to your body while giving you a floating feeling at the same time.
  • Deep Supportive High-Resilience Foam improves the springiness and bounce of the mattress.
  • High-Density Base Foam is high-density breathable base foam with CertiPUR certificate. It stabilizes the mattress and enhances the contouring properties of the toper layers.
  • Natural Viscose Cover helps to keep you dry and cool by wicking away moisture.

This mattress fits any kind of bed frame box spring, platform, slatted base, foundation, and adjustable bases. It comes with a 15-year warranty and a 120-night trial period.

Queen Price: $894


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When buying a non toxic memory foam mattress, you want to make sure that it’s free from toxic chemicals such as flame retardants, formaldehyde, and phthalates. These chemicals can seriously affect your sleep quality, your health and the air quality in your bedroom.


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When choosing your nontoxic mattress brand, CertiPUR certificate is a must, but there are companies, such as Brentwood Home, that offer much more than that as their mattresses are also Greenguard GOLD certified and OEKO-TEX certified. In my opinion, their selection of environmentally friendly memory foam mattresses offers the best quality and reasonable prices.

However, if you’re looking for a truly organic mattress made only from natural materials be sure to check my review of the best mattress companies that sell certified organic mattresses made of natural latex, organic wool, and organic cotton.

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