Where to Buy Metal Furniture?


Metal furniture is easy to maintain, long-lasting, and if you buy from the right supplier, it’s also a fantastic way to keep your home free from toxins. There’s no need for adhesives, dyes, or inorganic fabric. Affordable, safe, metal furniture can be tricky to find, so we’ve put together a list of some great brands to consider. You may be surprised by just how many options there are!

Metal Chairs

 Crosley Furniture Griffith Metal Retro Chair 


The Crosley Furniture Griffith Metal Retro Chair is made of 100% sturdy steel with several color options to find the right look for your home. The powder-coated finish is weather resistant and non-toxic. It’s also UV and fade resistant, so the vibrant color or sheen will last for years to come. The chair is easy to assemble and easy to maintain. You’ll have no difficulty keeping your home toxin-free with the simplicity of this metal chair.  


Flash Furniture Metal Chair 

Flash Furniture Metal Indoor/Outdoor Chair is of commercial grade for durability and quality. The heavy duty galvanized steel frame can handle up to 500 pounds and the powder coated frame finish keeps it weather resistant and easy to clean. It may look simple and classic, but its seat structure is ergonomically advanced with a curved vertical slat design. The industrial style is suitable for your home or any commercial setting.

Flash Furniture Metal Stackable Chair 

Flash Furniture Metal Stackable Chair is a beautiful metal chair designed for a contemporary style with a classic twist. The stackable design makes it practical for home and commercial use. Although it’s lightweight, it’s heavy-duty and can take up to 500 pounds.The galvanized steel prevents rust even if it’s exposed to wet weather conditions. The durable powder coat finish and curved back with a vertical slat make this chair safe, comfortable and long lasting.

Eames Wire Chair 

The Herman Miller Eames Wire Chair is a chrome mixture of old school and modern style. The “Eiffel Tower” base is welded with bent wires and the cross woven wires on the top make this chair artistic and space-conscious. The illusion of space is ideal for a home and work environment. It’s lightweight and strong with a leather pad in various colors on the seat for comfort. 

Metal Bed Frames

Zinus Florence Metal Platform Bed Frame

This Zinus Florence Metal Bed Frame is an affordable, nontoxic bed frame that is functional as a platform bed frame that eliminates the need for a box spring. It’s made with high quality steel for optimum support of your mattress. The slatted bottom can support memory foam, spring, or hybrid mattresses. The clever design leaves 10 inches of storage space underneath to help you maximize your space.

Industrial Gunmetal Steel Bed Frame by Keetsa 

Keetsa Industrial Gunmetal Steel Bed Frame is a simple design to match almost any bedroom style. It’s finished with a transparent finish that has been tested against strict European standards for toy safety and chemical requirements. The slat supports are further reinforced by the heavy duty center support slat that can take up to 2000 lbs. With 10 inches of space underneath the frame, you’ll find this bed frame both practical and functional.

Modern Metal Canopy Bed by Best Choice Products

Modern Metal Canopy Bed has four posts, a built-in headboard and footboard, and a rail for optional curtains to further customize your bedroom look. The industrial style is not necessarily an indication of its quality. Many customer reviews state that it not only isn’t the sturdiest option, but that it doesn’t give sufficient mattress support without the addition of a box spring. 

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Metal Stools

Metal Bucket Back Bar Stool by AC Pacific 

AC Pacific Industrial Metal Bucket Seat Barstools are counter height and available in a variety and colors. The lightweight high quality steel is double reinforced and weather resistant. You will be able to use this French inspired bar stool for almost any room, nook, or even outside.

Stanley Counter Stool by Gus Modern

Stanley Counter Metal Stool his unique stool has two wooden seats and a brushed stainless steel base. It’s made at the right height for a kitchen counter. It’s a great visual and functional addition for your home to add seating and style. The wood is FSC certified and the stainless steel base is polished to a brushed finish. 

Deja Vu Stool

The Magis Deja Vu Stool is made using D-shaped aluminum steel that is polished to a glossy shine. You can choose this stool in either counter or bar height for ideal indoor or outdoor use. This modern bar stool is designed in a classic way with unusual materials. 

Metal Bookcases

Black 5-Tier Metal Bookshelf

This Metal Bookshelf Rack can either have 3 or 5 tiers. You’ll have ample space on the black painted shelves. They are reinforced with strong bars to give you maximum support and strength. Even though it’s strong, it’s lightweight enough to move around.

Brigade Metal Bookcase 

Brigade Metal Bookshelf is made of steel and it comes with 5 shelves and three color choices. It’s sturdy construction gives it plenty of strength, and the rust-inhibiting finish will protect the metal bookshelf. The shelves are adjustable for your convenience and storage. It meets ANSI/BIFMA and ISTA performance standards. 

Nautical Mart Vintage Aluminium Bookcase 

This Art Deco Vintage Inspired Aluminum Bookshelf is a luxury item to add to your home. With four shelves and four drawers, there is plenty of storage space to add a functional and aesthetic aspect to your home. It’s good for almost any space in the home, from a bedroom to a living room. 

Metal Desks

Gunthery 4-Drawer Desk

 The Gunthery Metal Desk in graphite has 4 drawers for plenty of space. The unique, edgy style gives you an urban streamlined aesthetic. It’s designed by artists and resourceful stylemakers. The repurposed idea is a dominating feature of this desk. You can use this desk for all work purposes while also keeping it in your home as an aesthetic piece due to its beautiful design.


Vito Desk by Four Hands

The Four Hands Vito Desk has a modern industrialized design that’s softened by fine lines and a sleek appearance. There are four distressed iron planks to give you plenty of storage space and an open air look to suit any home, especially one with limited space. It’s made of iron and the feet are capped with brass. 

ACME Brancaster Aluminium Desk

The ACME Brancaster Aluminum Desk is aluminum steel designed in an aviator style. With a drawer and two shelves, it’s practical for fulfilling your storage needs and also useful for creating the look you want. It’s unique curved design will draw attention, not to mention the all-aluminum look! 

Metal Coffee Tables

Modern Basics Round Coffee Table

Modern Basics Coffee Table draws attention as a centerpiece to your living room with two circular tables that can function separately or be stored together by sliding one under the other. The textured bronze finish at the base and the travertine marble top give these coffee tables a winning modern look. 

Nueva Round Coffee Table by Hammary

The Nueva Round Coffee Table was designed to give you a feeling of the desert southwest. The warm, rough look of the hammered, copper finished top inspires a cozy feeling, and the canted metal legs lead to an open base that leaves you with plenty of space. 

Manning Coffee Table in Black Metal and Quartz 

Manning Metal Coffee Table is minimal in design but big in style. It’s beautiful quartz top is simplistic and elegant. The black metal base is sleek and basic to give a refreshing look of modern minimalism. There’s no additional finish needed. It’s as simple as it looks.

Metal TV Consoles

Vito Media Console 

The Four Hands Vito Media Console will give your home a cutting edge look with it’s modern industrialized look. It is spacious and inviting with three open shelves. It’s simple and yet, the sleek lines make the distressed iron look expertly designed. 

Bertolini Metal TV Stand

 The Bertolini Metal TV Stand gives you ample space for a modern TV setup, with plenty of storage space below in the steel cabinets. There’s four doors for hidden storage and the cabinet is made with a full graphite steel construction. It’s finished with a nanotechnology electrostatic coating to give durability and corrosion resistance. 

Metal Dining Tables

Flash Furniture Metal Dining Table

Flash Furniture Metal DiningTable

Material: Metal

Finish: Powder-Coated

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05/06/2021 07:05 pm GMT

 This modern, industrial-style dining table is available in many lively colors, including yellow, mint green, and orange. Flash Furniture Dining Table is made of metal and powder-coated, which makes it a great choice for people with chemical sensitivities and those looking for an affordable non-toxic dining table. This table can be used indoors or outdoors and it's got protective rubber feet to prevent damage to your flooring.

Zenith Claire Metal Dining Table

The Zenith Claire Dining Table has a faux marble top floating elegantly on top of a brushed steel base. It’s modern and sophisticated to suit any dining room or kitchen. The long, slender design is functional for every day use and stylish for entertaining. 

Jamie Young Farmhouse Dining Table

Jamie Young Farmhouse Dining Table is a rustic dining table that can add farmhouse charm to your home with it’s hand-worked and waxed natural wood top and hammered antique iron legs. The natural color of the wood is suitable for almost any home style and the metal legs give a modern twist to the rustic wooden top.


Is Metal Furniture Toxic? 

Metal furniture is not toxic by nature. It can be finished with a toxic coating though. So, although metal is clean and usually safe, you still need to be mindful of the supplier and their choices of nontoxic vs. toxic coatings to finish it. Some powder coatings, for instance, are highly toxic. Painted metal can be painted with a non-toxic option or finished by polishing. Metal furniture does have many benefits compared to other materials, besides being easily non-toxic: 

  • It’s durable
  • It’s usually less expensive
  • It’s generally easy to clean
  • It’s longlasting, if it was well sealed and finished
  • It can help to fight pests in your home more than other furniture materials, such as wood
  • Easy customization through painting. You can also choose a style because it’s easy to mold metal into the shape you want. 


Metal furniture may give you the style you’re looking for in your home. It’s an affordable, non-toxic choice to make for adding almost any kind of furniture to your home. Metal is so versatile and you can choose from many respectable suppliers to get a safe piece of furniture. If you're interested to learn more about non-toxic and sustainable furniture, check our articles about organic bed frames, solid wood dining tables and eco-friendly recycled plastic garden furniture

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