Green Product Reviews


In this section, you’ll find reviews of specific products for your toxin-free home. We’ll be adding reviews of organic, non toxic products in the following categories:


  • Non toxic Mattresses
  • Organic Bedding (including organic sheets, organic pillows and comforters, organic mattress toppers and more)
  • Non toxic Furniture
  • Non Toxic Nursery Products (including non toxic crib mattresses, non toxic nursery furniture, organic baby bedding and more)
  • Non toxic cleaning products (including non toxic detergents and cleaners)


We hope that these green product reviews will help you discover new brands and ideas for your non toxic home. If you want to create a non toxic environment for your family, you’ll need to gradually change the sources of formaldehyde and VOCs in your home for their non toxic equivalent. This process may be expensive, so we’ll focus on helping you choose affordable, green brands that will help you save money.


How Do You Know a Brand Is Truly Green?


Choosing non toxic products for your home will help you improve indoor air quality and make your home more eco-friendly. Green brands are often focused on sustainability and protecting the environment. They strive to cut their carbon footprint and create biodegradable and recyclable products that don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Many of these brands have been awarded certificates that attest to their eco-friendliness and nontoxicity. Among many green brands certifications, the most common are:


  • Greenguard GOLD: This certificate shows that a product doesn’t contain any harmful substances
  • GOLS: This certificate is given to organically grown latex
  • GOTS: This certificate is given to organically grown cotton and organic wool
  • Oeko-Tex: This certificate is given to textiles that have not been chemically treated and contain no toxic chemicals
  • Made Safe: This certificate is awarded to products that have no toxic chemicals and are environmentally-friendly.


Most of the products in our reviews have got at least one of the above certificates. Please let us know if there are any green brands that you would like us to review.


green brands reviews


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