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Top 5 Hemp Shower Curtains


Hemp shower curtains are a great way to add some natural beauty to your bathroom. Not only are they made from an eco-friendly and renewable material, but they are also stylish, durable, and easy to clean.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of using hemp shower curtains, as well as some tips for looking after them in order to maximize their lifespan. But first, take a look at our list of the best hemp shower curtains for your eco-friendly bathroom:


Bean Products Natural Hemp Shower Curtain

Hemp Shower Curtain by Bean Products

Material: Hemp

Size: 72 x 74", 54 x 74", 36 x 74"


Bean Products Hemp Shower Curtain is made from tightly woven fibers and constructed from 100% raw hemp. This curtain is durable and perfectly suited to handle the heavy demands of daily use.

And because it is made in the USA, you can trust that this shower curtain meets all quality standards while also minimizing your environmental impact.


Dream Designs Organic Hemp Bath Curtain


Dream Designs Hemp Shower Curtains are made from high-quality, organically grown hemp fabric. This durable hemp fabric is naturally water-repellent, making it the perfect choice for keeping your bathroom dry and fresh. Unlike cotton, which tends to lose its softness and absorb moisture over time, hemp stays fresh and clean much longer.

And with a thickness of 7 oz, this heavy canvas fabric is extremely durable and can withstand years of regular use without showing any signs of wear. Handmade in Canada, these premium hemp shower curtains are a great choice for anyone who wants to invest in high-quality fabrics that will last for years to come.


Shoo-Foo Washable Hemp Shower Curtain

Shoo-Foo Organic Hemp Shower Curtain

Material: Hemp

Size72 x 72"


Shoo-Foo Hemp Shower Curtains are carefully crafted using thick and tightly woven hemp canvas in a variety of beautiful pastel colors.

They air-dry quickly in well-ventilated bathrooms and are toxin-free, water-repellent, odor-resistant, durable, and machine-washable. Whether you’re looking for a modern or minimalistic style, Shoo-Foo’s hemp shower curtains have you covered.


Nestwell Hemp and Cotton Bath Curtain

Nestwell Hemp and Cotton Bath Curtain

Material: Hemp 60% and Cotton 40%

Sizes:  72” L x 72” W, 54” W x 80” L, 72” W x 86” L, 72” W x 98” L


Made from a blend of hemp and cotton, this Nestwell Shower Curtain is highly absorbent and provides an extra layer of privacy.

The texture of the curtain is noticeably thicker than that of a hemp-only curtain and closer to linen in quality, giving it a sturdy feel that allows it to stand up well against water.

In addition, there is a wide range of solid color options to choose from, making it easy to find a suitable match for any style or decor.

Plus, the curtain has been tested according to the Certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX , so you can rest assured that it does not contain any harmful toxins or substances that can impact your health.


Rawganique Hemp Shower Curtain

Rawganique Hemp Shower Curtain

Material: Hemp

Size48" x 72" or 72" x 48"


Rawganique Hemp Shower Curtain is made from 100% organic European hemp. This fabric is not only free from harmful chemicals such as PVC and PFAS, but also naturally water-repellant and ideal for resisting stains.

The shower curtain comes in 16 beautiful colors and is handcrafted using natural hemp macramé rings, which provide a durable, rustic look while also holding the curtain securely in place without the need for toxic adhesives. Additionally, the fabric is sturdy yet soft and flexible, making it easy to hang and use daily.


What is a Hemp Shower Curtain?


Hemp shower curtains are a popular choice among health-conscious homeowners. As you may know, hemp is a natural fiber made from the Cannabis Sativa plant, which has been used for centuries to make clothing, rope, and paper. What many people don’t realize, however, is that hemp can also be used as a sustainable material for home goods like towels, sheets, and shower curtains.

These durable and non-toxic shower curtains are ideal for anyone looking for an eco-friendly alternative to their current bathroom products. And unlike some synthetic fabrics that rely on harsh chemical dyes, hemp shower curtains come in a wide range of colors and patterns that are just as vibrant and stylish while being better for the environment.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom into a greener space, be sure to check out the many options available for hemp shower curtains!


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What are the Pros and Cons of Hemp Shower Curtains?


Hemp shower curtains offer many benefits, but there are a few potential drawbacks to consider as well. Here are the pros and cons of hemp shower curtains to help you decide if they’re right for you:




  • Eco-friendly: Hemp is a sustainable crop that requires little water and no pesticides to grow.
  • Durable: Hemp fabric is one of the strongest natural fibers, making it resistant to tearing and stretching.
  • Absorbent: Hemp shower curtains can absorb up to three times their weight in water, making them ideal for wet bathrooms.




  • Not as durable as other materials: While hemp is a strong natural fiber, it may not be as durable as synthetic fibers like polyester.
  • Can be difficult to clean: Hemp shower curtains can be difficult to clean because of their absorbent nature. They may require special care and cleaning products. Check the manufacturer´s instructions to know how to look after them.
  • May be more expensive than other materials: Hemp fabric can be more expensive than other shower curtain materials, such as polyester.




How to make hemp shower curtains last longer?


To make your hemp shower curtains last longer, there are a few key steps that you can take. First, it is important to use a water-resistant wax bar on the top surface of the curtain, as well as a 10-inch strip along the bottom edge of the other side.

Additionally, it is a good idea to apply waterproofing wax to both sides of your curtain in order to provide extra protection against damage caused by water or moisture.

Another important factor is using a zero-VOC shower curtain liner to protect against mildew and mold growth. Finally, it is crucial to keep your bathroom well-ventilated and dry in order to prevent moisture build-up that can lead to problems with your curtains over time.

With these simple tips, you can help ensure that your hemp shower curtains remain beautiful and functional for many years to come!


Is a hemp shower curtain right for me?


Hemp shower curtains offer many benefits, but there are a few potential drawbacks to consider as well. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly and durable shower curtain, hemp may be the right material for you.

However, if you’re concerned about the cost or difficulty of cleaning, you may want to consider another material.


How to Wash Hemp Shower Curtains?


Hemp shower curtains can be washed in the washing machine using lukewarm or cold water and mild detergent. Avoid using bleach or other harsh chemicals, as these can damage the fabric. You may also need to spot-clean stubborn stains.

However, they may require special care to prevent mildew and mold growth because they are absorbent. To avoid this, hang your hemp shower curtain in a well-ventilated area to dry completely after each use.


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Can Hemp Shower Curtains Be Ironed?


Yes, hemp shower curtains can be ironed if necessary. However, because they are made of natural fiber, they may require a lower heat setting to prevent damage. It’s always best to check the care label on your hemp shower curtain before ironing.


Are Hemp Shower Curtains Waterproof?


These curtains are made of hemp, which is a highly absorbent fabric. As a result, they are not waterproof and will require another layer to keep water from seeping through. To make them more waterproof, you can apply wax to the curtain. Remember to reapply the wax after you wash the curtain.


Do Hemp Shower Curtains Need a Liner?


Hemp shower curtains are made of natural fibers that are highly absorbent. As a result, they may require waterproofing wax or a liner to prevent water from seeping through and causing mold or mildew growth.

You can use a nylon shower curtain liner with your hemp shower curtain to protect it from water damage.


How to get mold out of a hemp shower curtain?


If you have a hemp shower curtain that has developed mold, you can use white distilled vinegar to get rid of it. Simply mix one cup of vinegar with a bucket of lukewarm water and pre-soak the curtain for an hour.

You can also add 250ml of vinegar to your washing machine when you wash the curtain. If you’re looking for an alternative to vinegar, you can try using hydrogen peroxide. Simply apply it directly to the moldy areas of the curtain and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it away.


What Are Some Alternatives to Hemp Shower Curtains?


If you’re not interested in using a hemp shower curtain, plenty of other eco-friendly options are available. Some alternatives include:

  • Linen: Linen is a durable natural fiber that is similar to hemp in terms of absorbency and durability.
  • Cotton: Cotton is another natural fiber that is absorbent and durable. It’s also widely available and usually less expensive than hemp.
  • Recycled plastic: Recycled plastic shower curtains are a more sustainable option than traditional plastic shower curtains. They are often made from recycled post-consumer waste, such as water bottles.




Hemp shower curtains are a great way to add some natural style and functionality to your bathroom. Made from 100% hemp fiber, these curtains are durable, absorbent, and machine-washable.

They’re also environmentally friendly and come in a variety of stylish designs. If you’re looking for an easy way to upgrade your bathroom without breaking the bank, consider investing in a hemp shower curtain.

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