Best Organic Cleaning Products for Your Home


If you want to improve air quality in your home and reduce the amount of toxic chemicals, switching to organic cleaning products will help you achieve it.

We’ve prepared a list of companies dedicated to making non-toxic, organic cleaners. These companies are on a mission to make the world cleaner and free from toxins and waste.

Apart from using natural ingredients, they don’t test their product on animals and they make sure that the packaging they use is either fully recyclable or they offer reusable glass bottles to help you make your home more sustainable and eco-friendly. Check our list of the best organic cleaning products:

Non-Toxic House All-Purpose Cleaners


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Method All-Purpose Cleaner Spray
$44.38 $39.48 ($0.18 / Fl Oz)
03/07/2024 05:26 pm GMT

Method is a company dedicated to creating powerful disinfecting cleaners that are made from plant-based ingredients. All their cleaning products are non-toxic, planet-friendly, and compostable. You can be sure they won’t leave a toxic smell or residue on cleaned surfaces.

Their range of non-toxic cleaners includes: all-purpose non-toxic cleaners for all kinds of surfaces, including glass, non-toxic cleaning wipes, antibacterial cleaners, bathroom, and floor cleaners, as well as specialty surface cleaners for wood, granite, and stainless steel.

Method cleaning products are hypoallergenic, so they are unlikely to cause allergic reactions and irritations, so they are great for people with chemical sensitivities. The bottles are made from recycled plastic and are fully recyclable, making these cleaners 100% eco-friendly.



03/07/2024 05:41 pm GMT

Puracy specializes in creating hypoallergenic, organic house cleaners with ingredients derived from plants and minerals. They sell non-toxic multi-surface cleaners, laundry detergents, carpet and upholstery shampoo, and dish soap. They’ve also got a special line dedicated to households with children and babies designed for even the most sensitive skin.

All these award-winning cleaning products have not been tested on animals, they’re completely biodegradable and free from petroleum-based ingredients, animal by-products, and toxic chemicals.

The packaging is made from recyclable PET plastic, and you can also buy reusable glass spray bottles on their website to cut the use of plastic.


Aunt Fannie’s

Aunt Fannie’s offers a wide selection of green cleaning products, including probiotic cleaners and soaps, vinegar cleaners and wipes for different types of surfaces, as well as non-toxic pest solutions and mosquito repellents.

The vinegar cleaners line doesn’t leave a vinegary smell as vinegar quickly dissipates from surfaces, you’ll only smell natural essential oils after cleaning.

The probiotic cleaners are made with ingredients used in beauty products with a pH aligned with your skin, so you don’t need to use gloves. These products will leave your house spotless and your skin hydrated and supple.



ATTITUDE Multipurpose Cleaner
$7.99 ($0.29 / Fl Oz)
03/07/2024 03:11 pm GMT

Attitude specializes in non-toxic cleaners, including non-toxic dish soap, non-toxic detergents, stain removers, multi-purpose cleaners, and personal care and baby care products.

These cleaning products are made from plant-derived ingredients, free from synthetic fragrances, ammonia, dyes, parabens, formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol, SLS and SLES, phthalates, triclosan, and chlorine bleach.

These products are hypoallergenic and they’re designed to leave no chemical residue that could be irritating and allergy-triggering. Attitude cleaning products are certified by EOLOGO as a sustainable, biodegradable, and low aquatic toxicity products.


Better Life

Better Life Natural Tub and Tile Cleaner
$15.99 $12.68 ($0.20 / Fl Oz)
03/07/2024 03:17 pm GMT

Better Life makes a selection of green cleaners, including their award-winning cleaning product: Non Toxic Nursery Cleaner. Their natural cleaners are never tested on animals and their recyclable packages are made using solar energy, they also break down in the environment 2 to 5 times faster than other natural cleaning products.

The cleaners contain plant-derived cleaning compounds based on coconut, corn, and soap bark and natural scents from botanical extracts.

On their website, you’ll find natural home cleaners for different surfaces, laundry detergents, dish soap, as well as safe body care products.



03/07/2024 03:21 pm GMT

Sapadilla offers biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning products with natural essential oil blends. These products have no artificial smell or color, they leave no toxic residue and they’re certified by USDA.

Their product range includes natural all-purpose cleaners, countertop cleaners, dish soap, laundry detergents, and hand wash.

All these cleaners are available with three different natural scents: grapefruit and bergamot, rosemary and peppermint, sweet lavender and lime. What I love about this brand is that they use few ingredients and they’re very transparent about what ingredients they use and why they use them. These eco-cleaners are made in the USA and the packaging is made from recyclable materials.


Universal Stone

Universal Stone sells eco-friendly, biodegradable, multi-purpose, cleaning and polishing stone that can be used on many surfaces, including stainless steel, granite, and ceramic.

You can use it to clean your kitchen, bathroom, garage and remove stubborn stains around your house.

This cleaning stone doesn’t contain any toxic substances and acid, so it can be safely used around children and pets.

The main ingredients include Soap flakes, green soap, vegetable oils, glycerine, clay, and natural lemon oils. This universal stone comes with a sponge included. To use it, saturate the sponge, swirl in the stone, squeeze and start cleaning.



03/07/2024 06:26 pm GMT

Naeterra sells an aromatherapy cleaning concentrate that contains essential oils, such as clove, lemon and eucalyptus, and other natural, eco-friendly ingredients, including sodium chlorite and vegetable glycerine, that clean effectively without exposing you to toxic substances.

This high-performance cleaning concentrate is an economical option for families seeking to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in their homes by introducing natural, non toxic cleaners.


Non Toxic Detergents



Meliora Lavender Laundry Powder
$22.99 ($0.18 / Load)
03/07/2024 10:56 pm GMT

Meliora offers environmentally-friendly cleaning products made with ingredients that are safe for people and the planet, most of them sold in plastic-free packages. Their cleaning products with carefully chosen ingredients include detergents, dish soap, all-purpose home cleaners, and cleaning scrubs.

What makes this company very trustworthy is that it’s certified by Made Safe and B Corp, organizations dedicated to promoting manufacturers that make non toxic products and meet their strict ethical and sustainability criteria.

They also partner with 1% for the Planet, so you can be sure that 2% of their annual profits go to charities that promote non-toxic and sustainable product initiatives around the world.


Seventh Generation

03/07/2024 10:56 pm GMT

Seventh Generation specializes in non toxic laundry detergents and fabric softeners, but they also sell home cleaning products made from plant-based ingredients with scents made from essential oils and botanical ingredients.

These natural cleaners contain no synthetic fragrances or dyes and the packaging is made from recycled materials and it’s fully recyclable. On their website, you’ll find non-toxic disinfecting cleaners, laundry detergents, dish liquid, and non-toxic handwash and personal care products.

Seventh Generation is a highly trusted brand certified by Clean Well, Rainforest Alliance, Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO) and USDA. It’s also certified B Corporation, which means that it is committed to balancing purpose and profit, looking after its employees, community, and the environment.


Molly’s Suds

03/07/2024 10:51 pm GMT

Molly’s Suds offers natural laundry detergents (with only 5 ingredients!) and house cleaning products with few powerful ingredients and recyclable packaging. Their products are made in the US and they contain plant-based ingredients.

These cleaners don’t leave a toxic residue and smell, they’re free from VOCs and toxic chemicals, which makes them perfectly safe to use around children and pets.

In their selection of products, you’ll find natural laundry detergents, all-purpose natural cleaners, natural stain removers and more. Mollys Suds products are vegan and certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny. They also offer reusable glass spray bottles and all-natural cleaning accessories such as brushes and scrubbers.


Non Toxic Pest Control Products


Safe Solutions

03/07/2024 10:26 pm GMT

Safe Solutions provides non-toxic pest control solutions for your home as well as a multi-purpose eco-friendly enzyme cleaner. Their pest control products are based on natural formulas, they kill insects on contact, but at the same time, they’re safe for everyone else.

Safe Solutions cleaning and pest control products are gentle on your skin, don’t cause any irritation, and are very effective and powerful.

The main ingredients include an anionic/nonionic surfactant blend, glycerin, enzymes, peppermint oil, cedar oil, sodium borate, and sodium lauryl sulfate. You’ll also find non-toxic pet care and lawn and garden products on their website.

Thanks to the lack of toxic chemicals and gentle formula, Safe Solutions products are used in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)-certified green buildings to promote Indoor Environmental Quality.


My Cleaning Products

My Cleaning Products offers powerful, effective, non-toxic pest control products with organic formula. They specialize in non-toxic bedbug, roach, flea, and mite killers. In their range of products, you can find organic degreasers, appliance cleaners, floor cleaners, and special tile and grout cleaners, bath and shower cleaners, glass cleaners, and hypoallergenic detergents.

The toxin-free formulas of My Cleaning Products are based on natural ingredients with healing and wellness qualities from ancient cultures around the world. They are the fruit of thorough research and testing to ensure their effectiveness and non-toxicity, which has been certified by Green Gov Challenge, Air Quality Management District (AQMD), and Greening Government.


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Non Toxic Furniture and Floor Restorers



03/07/2024 11:01 pm GMT

Rejuvenate offers natural cleaning products for all types of surfaces and their most popular product is a non-toxic floor restorer and other home restoration products. On their website, you’ll find a wide selection of natural floor cleaners for wood, tiles, and carpets.

Apart from multi-purpose cleaners and detergents, they also offer natural odor eliminators, stain removers, and leather care products.

All Rejuvenate products contain a proprietary blend of natural cleaning agents, they’re residue- and streak-free and made in the USA.




We hope that our list has helped you find the best organic cleaning products for your home. Reducing the amount of toxic substances in your household can help you improve your family’s health and well-being.

Studies show that chemicals found in conventional cleaning products can cause skin irritation, allergies, and respiratory issues. They are also not recommended for people with chemical sensitivities and asthma.

If you want to create a greener home and start living more sustainably, natural cleaning products will help you achieve it. Make sure you choose products that come in reusable bottles to further cut plastic waste.

If you wish to try out a different non-toxic cleaner brand, order a subscription box, it usually comes full of eco-friendly products for the home, including cleaners.


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