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Best Organic Baby Swaddles and Sleep Sacks

In this review, we reveal the best organic swaddles and sleep bags for your baby. Most of the chemical-free swaddlers and sleep sacks in our review are made from GOTS certified material that is the safest option for your baby, free from toxic chemicals, breathable and soft.

Take a look at our list of organic baby sleep sacks and swaddles:

Burt's Bees Baby Wearable Blanket

Burt's Bees Organic Sleep Sack

Material: GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

03/07/2024 12:36 am GMT

Burt's Bees Baby Sleep Sack is made of GOTS certified cotton. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, many of them gender-neutral, and it's got a front zip for easy diaper changes. Free from toxic chemicals, the organic cotton in this baby sleep sack is perfect for your baby's sensitive skin and it prevents overheating. 

To make sure that your baby is adequately covered at night, you can choose from lightweight and medium-weight fabric for warmer and cooler months and it's available in small, medium, and large size.

Natemia Organic Cotton Baby Sleep Bag

Natemia Sleeping Bag is made of GOTS certified cotton, the material is airy and light, which prevents your child from overheating and makes this non-toxic sleeping bag a good choice for warm months and climates.

It's spacious enough for your baby to kick and wiggle, which allows for healthy growth and correct hip development. It's got a zipper at the front for easy diaper changes. This sleep sack can be machine washed and dried.

Cambria Baby Organic Swaddler

Cambria Baby Organic Cotton Swaddle Blanket

Material: GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

03/07/2024 11:06 pm GMT

Cambria Baby Organic Swaddler is a machine-washable GOTS certified cotton swaddler made in India. It's been preshrunk to ensure the right fit and perfectly mimics the feeling of being held in the womb. 

This organic swaddler has got hook and loop fasteners to your baby gently but firmly and the wide lower pockets for the baby’s legs will allow you to easily change diapers.

These chemical-three swaddlers come in sts of three and you can choose from three different color and pattern sets. The size is 0-3, so they should be perfect for your newborn.

Muslin Bamboo Swaddle Blankets by Natemia

Muslin Bamboo Swaddle Blankets by Natemia are made from soft, high-quality rayon from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, making it a very lightweight and breathable swaddler perfect for warm months and climates.  

These bamboo swaddle blankets are quite large (47" x 47"), so you can use them in different ways as your child grows. Apart from being a great swaddling blanket, it can be used as a burping cloth, stroller cover or a nursing cover. These eco-friendly swaddlers are machine-washable, hypoallergenic and odor-resistant.


Dolly Llama Kids Organic Swaddler Blanket

03/07/2024 07:01 pm GMT

Dolly Llama Kids Organic Swaddle Blanket is made of GOTS certified cotton muslin. What makes it stand out are beautiful prints with illustrations and quotes, making a perfect baby shower gift. These lightweight, breathable swaddling blankets will work well in warmer climates and thanks to their softness, they´ll be gentle on your baby´s skin. 

The generous size (47" x 47") of these non-toxic swaddling blankets makes them very versatile as they can be used as a nursing cover, stroller cover or a light blanket in warmer months.

MioRico Organic Swaddlers

Organic Baby Swaddle Blanket by MioRico

Material: GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

MioRico Organic Swaddle Blankets are made from GOTS certified cotton free from pesticides and other harsh chemicals that could irritate your baby's skin. These organic swaddlers have got an adjustable hook & loop fastener that will allow you to easily wrap your baby as tightly as you need. 

These machine-washable swaddlers are available in two sizes (Small from 0 to 3 months, and Medium from three to six months.

Mezoome Organic Baby Sleep Sacks

Mezoome Organic Sleep Sack

Material: Organic Cotton

Mezoome Sleep Sack is machine washable and made of 100% cotton fabric. It's got a solid color on the back and a fun pattern in the front. The warm lining makes this wearable blanket a perfect baby sleep sack for colder months. 

It's got snaps at the shoulders and it comes with a zipper on the side and bottom of the sack which makes it easy to use. This baby sleep sack is designed for babies from 0 to 6 months old and it's available in three colors and patterns: coral, turquoise and gray.

This sleeping sack will keep your baby warm and snug and at the same time allow the baby to move his legs around. Made with snaps at the shoulders and a long zipper along the side and bottom of the sack for easy use.

Touched by Nature Organic Long Sleeve Baby Sleep Sack

Touched by Nature Baby Wearable Sleeping Bag

Material: GOTS Organic Cotton

03/07/2024 07:01 pm GMT

Touched by Nature Baby Sleep Sack is made from GOTS cotton. These eco-friendly sleep sacks come in a variety of beautiful patterns and they've got a zip at the front. They come in sets of two and you can choose from sizes varying from 0 to 9 months. 

Thanks to the long sleeves, these wearable blankets are perfect for cold months. It's very soft and cozy and it can be machine-washed. Some parents claim that the sleeves are a bit too long and had to roll them up,  but these sleeping bags are bound to keep your baby warm throughout the night without the risk of overheating.

HALO Organic Baby Sleep Sack

HALO Organic Wearable Blanket

Material: Organic Cotton

03/07/2024 01:41 am GMT

Halo Organic Wearable Blanket is made from 100% organic cotton interlock fabric. It's made in India and it's available in one size: from 0 to 6 months. Thanks to its roomy design, this wearable blanket is considered hip-healthy by International Hip Dysplasia Institute as it allows your baby to move his/her legs freely without kicking the blanket off. 

This sleeveless organic sleep sack has got a zip at the front, so you can easily change the diaper at night. Halo Sleepsack is available in five different sizes and there're many different patterns and colors to choose from. This chemical-free and flame retardant-free sleep sack is designed for cool months and climates.

Dolly Llama Kids Dip Dyed Organic Swaddler Blanket

Dolly Llama Kids Dip Dyed Organic Swaddle Blanket

Material: GOTS Certified Organic Cotton 

Dolly Llama Kids Dip Dyed Organic Swaddle Blanket is a dip dyed GOTS certified cotton swaddler blanket perfect for warmer months and climates thanks to its lightweight, breathable and thin material. 

These organic swaddlers can have a variety of uses thanks to their generous size (47" x 47") so when your baby grows out of swaddling, you can use them as a stroller cover or blanket. It's available in two pastel colors: grey and pink.

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An organic baby swaddler will help your baby fall asleep as it creates a womb-like environment where your baby feels safe and snuggled.

When choosing a swaddler, make sure it's made from pure cotton as it's free from toxic chemicals and pesticides, making it a much healthier choice for your baby compared to conventional swaddlers. 

To create a chemical-free nursery for your child consider buying organic baby bedding, chemical-free crib mattress, organic crib mattress pads and a non-toxic crib

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