Organic Bedding for Your Non Toxic Bedroom


In this section, you’ll find out how to create a non toxic bedroom with the best organic bedding products on the market. Our organic bedding buyer’s guides will help you find the best non toxic pillows, sheets, comforters, etc. without any harmful substances that could affect your health.

We’ve found organic bedding products made from certified organic, natural materials such as organic cotton, organic wool or organic latex. The organic certificates include OekoTex, GOTS, and GOLS. We’ve also included bedding products that use non toxic memory foam with CertiPur certificate. Take a look at our guide to organic bedding products:


best organic bedding brands (8)

Best Organic Bedding Brands

Organic Pillows


In this section, you’ll find buyer’s guides to organic pillows filled with organic wool, organic latex, kapok and organic cotton. We’ve also included non toxic memory foam pillows certified by CertiPur, a certificate given to products that follow strict non-toxicity standards. Check our articles:


eucalyptus sheetsTop 10 Eucalyptus Sheets for Your Home


Organic Mattress Toppers


If you want to add extra comfort to your mattress, make it feel firmer or softer, a mattress topper can be a game-changer. It allows you to change the comfort level of your mattress without having to buy a new mattress. If you consider buying a mattress topper, it’s best to choose an organic mattress topper made from natural materials, such as organic cotton, organic wool, and GOLS-certified latex. In the following articles, you’ll find out how to choose an organic mattress topper:


Best Organic Mattress Toppers


Best Organic Mattress Toppers

Other Organic Bedding Products and Tips


In this section, you’ll find information about other products that will help you create a non-toxic bedroom. Here, we’ve included organic comforters, organic blankets, and organic mattress protectors. These products will help you a healthy sleep environment free from pesticides, toxic dyes, heavy metals and other toxic chemicals that could irritate your skin and cause other health issues. Check our articles here:



Stay tuned for more articles about non-toxic bedding for healthy sleep!

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