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20 Tips for Designing a Preppy Coastal Bedroom


Designing a preppy coastal bedroom is all about capturing the essence of coastal living while infusing it with a touch of classic, preppy style.

Whether you’re revamping your current space or starting from scratch, these 20 tips will help you create a fresh, vibrant, and inviting coastal retreat that exudes preppy charm.


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1. Embrace a Coastal Color Palette


Incorporate serene shades of blue, crisp whites, and sandy neutrals into your preppy coastal bedroom design. These colors evoke the calming essence of the seaside, creating a tranquil atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

Consider painting the walls a soft sky blue or opting for white furniture accented with navy blue throw pillows or a sandy-colored area rug.


preppy coastal bedroom

2. Introduce Nautical Elements


Infuse your bedroom with nautical flair by incorporating elements such as rope accents, striped patterns, and maritime artwork. Hang a ship wheel on the wall or adorn your shelves with seashells and driftwood collected from the shore.

Even small details like anchor-shaped drawer pulls or a porthole-inspired mirror can add charm and character to the space.


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3. Opt for Crisp White Bedding


Choose crisp white bedding to evoke the freshness of sea foam and the purity of coastal living. White linens not only create a clean and inviting look but also serve as a versatile canvas for layering colorful accent pillows and throws.

Consider adding a pop of color with throw pillows featuring classic nautical motifs like anchors, sailboats, or seagulls.



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4. Incorporate Natural Textures


Incorporate natural textures like rattan, wicker, and jute to bring warmth and depth to your preppy coastal bedroom. Opt for a rattan headboard or wicker storage baskets to infuse the space with organic charm.

A sisal area rug can anchor the room while adding visual interest and tactile appeal underfoot.


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5. Choose Classic Coastal Furniture


Select furniture pieces that embody the timeless elegance of coastal living. Look for pieces with clean lines, such as a sleek dresser or a timeless canopy bed, to create a sophisticated yet relaxed ambiance.

Consider incorporating elements of traditional coastal design, such as louvered shutters or beadboard paneling, for a touch of authenticity.


Preppy Coastal Bedroom


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6. Layer Textiles for Comfort


Layering textiles is key to creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your preppy coastal bedroom.

Add warmth and softness with plush throw blankets, textured accent pillows, and lightweight cotton curtains that billow gently in the sea breeze. Mix and match patterns and fabrics to add visual interest while maintaining a cohesive look.


preppy coastal bedroom


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7. Bring in Coastal-Inspired Lighting


Illuminate your preppy coastal bedroom with lighting fixtures that reflect the natural beauty of the seaside. Opt for fixtures made from materials like weathered wood, glass, or brushed nickel to evoke the relaxed elegance of coastal living.

Incorporate soft, ambient lighting with table lamps and sconces to create a soothing ambiance reminiscent of a beachside retreat.


coastal bedroom


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8. Create a Relaxing Reading Nook


Designate a cozy corner of your bedroom as a relaxing reading nook where you can unwind with your favorite book or magazine.

Position a comfortable armchair or chaise lounge near a window overlooking the ocean or a stylish floor lamp for reading late into the night. Enhance the space with a small side table to hold your reading essentials and a plush throw blanket for added comfort.


preppy coastal bedroom


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9. Showcase Coastal Artwork


Adorn your walls with coastal artwork that captures the beauty and tranquility of the sea. Hang framed prints of beach scenes, seascapes, or sailboats to infuse your bedroom with coastal charm and personality.

Consider creating a gallery wall featuring a mix of framed photographs, paintings, and vintage nautical maps for a personalized touch that reflects your love of the coast.


Preppy Coastal Bedroom


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10. Incorporate Seaside Accents


Infuse your preppy coastal bedroom with charming seaside accents that add whimsy and character to the space. Display decorative elements like ceramic seagulls, glass bottles filled with sand and seashells, or a collection of vintage maritime flags on shelves or bedside tables.

These playful touches will evoke fond memories of beachcombing adventures and lazy days by the shore.


Preppy Coastal Bedroom


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11. Optimize Storage Solutions


Maximize storage in your preppy coastal bedroom to keep the space clutter-free and organized. Choose furniture pieces with built-in storage, such as a storage bench or a chest of drawers, to stow away extra blankets, pillows, and clothing.

Utilize woven baskets and decorative boxes to corral smaller items like jewelry, accessories, and keepsakes while adding texture and visual interest to the room.


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12. Incorporate Fresh Greenery


Bring the outdoors inside by incorporating fresh greenery into your preppy coastal bedroom design. Place potted plants like palms, ferns, or succulents on windowsills, dressers, or nightstands to add a touch of natural beauty and vitality to the space.

Not only do plants purify the air and promote relaxation, but they also enhance the coastal ambiance with their lush foliage and vibrant hues.


preppy coastal bedroom


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13. Create a Coastal Gallery Wall


Design a coastal gallery wall as a focal point in your bedroom, showcasing a curated collection of artwork, photographs, and mementos that celebrate your love of the sea.

Mix and match framed prints depicting beach scenes, seashells, and marine life with decorative objects like driftwood, coral, and vintage brass compasses for visual interest and dimension.

Experiment with different arrangements and frame styles to create a personalized gallery wall that reflects your unique coastal style.


preppy coastal bedroom wall


14. Invest in Quality Bedding


Invest in high-quality bedding made from natural fibers like cotton or linen for a luxurious night’s sleep in your preppy coastal bedroom. Choose bedding with a high thread count for softness and durability, ensuring long-lasting comfort and style.

Layer crisp white sheets with a lightweight duvet or quilt for versatility, allowing you to adjust your bedding according to the season or temperature.


preppy coastal bedroom


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15. Incorporate Reflective Surfaces


Incorporate reflective surfaces like mirrors and glass accents to amplify natural light and create a sense of spaciousness in your preppy coastal bedroom. Hang a large mirror above the dresser or vanity to bounce light around the room and visually expand the space.

Decorate with glass vases, mirrored trays, and metallic accents to add shimmer and shine, enhancing the coastal ambiance with a touch of glamour.


preppy coastal bedroom


16. Add a Touch of Luxury with Velvet


Infuse your preppy coastal bedroom with a touch of luxury and sophistication by incorporating sumptuous velvet accents.

Opt for velvet throw pillows, upholstered ottomans, or a tufted velvet headboard in rich jewel tones like emerald green or sapphire blue to add depth and opulence to the space.

The tactile richness of velvet adds a sense of indulgence and comfort, elevating your coastal retreat to new heights of style and elegance.


preppy coastal bedroom

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17. Incorporate Vintage Finds


Add character and charm to your preppy coastal bedroom with vintage finds that tell a story and evoke nostalgia.

Scout flea markets, antique shops, and thrift stores for unique pieces like weathered wood furniture, vintage brass lamps, and decorative accessories with patina and history.

Incorporate these treasures into your decor to infuse your bedroom with soulful warmth and timeless appeal, creating a space that feels both curated and lived-in.


preppy coastal bedroom


18. Create a Coastal-Inspired Headboard


Make a statement in your preppy coastal bedroom with a custom-made headboard inspired by the sea. Consider crafting a headboard from reclaimed wood salvaged from old fishing boats or driftwood collected from the beach for a rustic, weathered look.

Alternatively, upholster a headboard in nautical stripes or a playful seashell print to add whimsy and personality to the space. Your unique headboard will serve as a focal point and conversation starter, infusing your bedroom with coastal charm and creativity.


preppy coastal bedroom


19. Incorporate Seating for Relaxing


Create a cozy seating area in your preppy coastal bedroom where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy quiet moments of solitude. Arrange a pair of upholstered armchairs or a plush loveseat near a window with a view of the ocean or a cozy corner bathed in natural light.

Enhance the seating area with a soft area rug, a side table for books and beverages, and a floor lamp for reading or ambiance.

Whether you’re sipping morning coffee or curling up with a good book, your designated seating area will become a favorite retreat within your coastal oasis.


preppy coastal bedroom

20. Personalize with Sentimental Touches


Infuse your preppy coastal bedroom with personal touches and cherished mementos that reflect your individual style and personality. Display framed photographs of seaside vacations, family beach outings, or beloved coastal destinations on bedside tables or floating shelves.

Incorporate meaningful objects like seashells collected from your favorite beaches, vintage postcards, or handmade crafts that evoke memories of special moments by the sea.

By infusing your bedroom with sentimental touches, you’ll create a space that feels uniquely yours and radiates warmth, love, and nostalgia.


preppy coastal bedroom



Designing a preppy coastal bedroom is an opportunity to blend timeless elegance with the laid-back charm of coastal living. By incorporating these 20 tips, you can create a serene sanctuary that reflects your personal style while capturing the effortless allure of life by the sea.

From embracing a fresh color palette to infusing whimsical details, let your creativity guide you as you design the coastal bedroom of your dreams.

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