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Top 6 Japanese Joinery Bed Frames


When it comes to bed frames, few things exude the same sense of timeless craftsmanship and elegance as Japanese joinery. This traditional woodworking technique is renowned for its precision, durability, and exquisite artistry.

Japanese joinery bed frames not only provide an exceptional foundation for a peaceful night’s sleep but also introduce a touch of Japanese culture and craftsmanship to your bedroom.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the finest Japanese-style bed frames available in the market, providing detailed descriptions of each product and exploring the pros and cons of these exceptional pieces of furniture.


03/07/2024 04:11 am GMT


BME Chalipa Bed Frame

Bme Chalipa Bed Frame
$219.99 $170.19
03/07/2024 04:11 am GMT

The BME Chalipa Bed Frame beautifully combines modern design elements with Japanese joinery, resulting in a unique and attractive bed.

With its low-profile silhouette, durable wood construction, and expertly crafted joinery, it is a standout piece in any bedroom.

The BME Chalipa Bed Frame offers customization options, allowing you to choose the wood type and finish that best suits your bedroom’s décor. This versatility ensures that your bed complements your unique style.


City Bed by Avocado

Editor´s Pick
City Bed Frame by Avocado
From $899

Material: FSC certified solid wood

Finish: Zero-VOC wood stain

Warranty: 10 years

Avocado’s City Bed not only incorporates Japanese joinery techniques but also offers an eco-friendly option for environmentally conscious consumers.

Avocado City Bed is made from reclaimed wood, which not only reduces the demand for new timber but also imparts a distinct character to each piece. The unique history and imperfections of reclaimed wood add to the bed frame’s charm, creating a one-of-a-kind piece for your bedroom.

What sets this sustainable bed frame apart is the Greenguard GOLD certificate, ensuring that the chemicals used in its construction are safe for indoor use and pose minimal harm to the environment.


Thuma Bed

Thuma Bed
From $795

Material: Repurposed and upcycled rubberwood

Finish: Natural Oil

Warranty: Lifetime

The Thuma Bed is a masterclass in blending traditional Japanese techniques with contemporary design. This bed frame, crafted from repurposed rubberwood, beautifully exemplifies minimalist aesthetics.

The Thuma Bed‘s design is versatile and adaptable, making it suitable for various bedroom styles. Whether your décor is modern, traditional, or eclectic, this bed will seamlessly fit in, becoming the centerpiece of your bedroom.

It’s renowned for its easy assembly, robust construction, and timeless appeal. On top of that, it uses non-toxic and eco-friendly finishes, making it a perfect choice for conscious consumers.



Raku Japanese Style Tatami Platform Bed by Haiku Designs

For those looking to immerse themselves in a more authentic Japanese experience, the Raku Tatami Platform Bed is an excellent choice.

Made with traditional Tatami mat supports and solid hardwood, this bed is inspired by Japanese culture and designed for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Tatami mats are known for their comfort and durability, offering a unique sleeping experience that promotes relaxation and well-being.

The Raku Tatami Bed Frame‘s design draws from Japanese culture, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the aesthetics and values of Japan. It can create a serene and calming sleeping environment in your bedroom, offering a unique experience.


Scandinavian Birch Platform Bed by The Sapling Studio

The Platform Bed Frame by The Sapling Studio is a testament to the harmonious fusion of Scandinavian and Japanese design principles. With its superior craftsmanship and sleek, low-profile design, this bed provides a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing foundation for your mattress.

The bed’s low-profile design makes it an excellent choice for those who prefer a minimalist look. This design also contributes to the frame’s versatility, allowing it to complement a wide range of bedroom aesthetics.

Birchwood’s natural grain and color add to the bed frame’s beauty. Whether you choose to leave it in its natural state or apply a finish, the Sapling Studio Bed Frame‘s aesthetics can be customized to your liking.


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Japanese Tatami Bed by The Futon Shop

The Tatami Bed by The Futon Shop is another example of a bed frame designed with traditional Japanese aesthetics in mind.

Featuring Tatami mat support and a low profile, this bed is perfect for creating a serene and calming sleeping environment.

The bed frame’s low-profile design aligns with minimalism, creating an uncluttered and calming atmosphere in your bedroom. It’s an excellent choice for those who appreciate simplicity.

The Japanese Tatami Bed can be customized, allowing you to select the wood type and finish that best complements your bedroom’s style, you can also order a natural wood headboard separately. This flexibility ensures that your bed is tailored to your preferences.


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Japanese Joinery: Craftsmanship Unveiled


Japanese joinery, often referred to as “kigumi” in Japanese, is a woodworking technique rooted in centuries of tradition and precision. This technique involves fitting together wooden pieces without the use of nails, screws, or adhesives.

Instead, craftsmen create interlocking joints that are not only incredibly strong but also artistically pleasing. This technique has been passed down through generations and remains a testament to the mastery of woodworking.

Various types of joints are employed in Japanese carpentry, each serving a specific purpose and offering unique benefits. Here are some of the common joint types:

  • Mortise and Tenon Joint: This joint consists of a protruding tenon that fits into a corresponding mortise or slot. It is known for its exceptional strength and stability.
  • Dovetail Joint: Dovetail joints feature trapezoidal pins that interlock with corresponding tails. These joints are often used in drawers and corners of cabinets due to their resistance to pulling forces.
  • Half Lap Joint: In this joint, two pieces of wood have material removed from their faces so that they overlap and interlock. It is commonly used for joining beams and rafters.
  • Dado Joint: The dado joint is created by cutting a groove into one piece of wood, which allows another piece to fit into it, creating a secure connection.
  • Rabbet Joint: Rabbet joints involve removing material from the edge of a piece of wood, creating a step-like groove that allows another piece to fit into it. These joints are often used for making bookshelves and cabinets.

The intricate craftsmanship and precision of Japanese carpentry create not only exceptionally strong and durable structures but also visually stunning works of art.

Each joint is carefully planned and executed, resulting in a seamless connection between pieces of wood. Japanese joinery is often seen as an art form in itself, showcasing the skills and dedication of the craftsmen.


best japanese joinery bed frames


Pros of Japanese Joinery Bed Frames


  • Durability: These bed frames are renowned for their exceptional durability. The interlocking joints create a robust structure that can withstand the test of time. With proper care, these beds can last for generations.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The precise and intricate joinery work in these beds adds a touch of timeless beauty to your bedroom. The craftsmanship is often showcased, making the bed frame a work of art in addition to being functional.
  • Eco-Friendly: Many Japanese-style beds are crafted from sustainably sourced wood or reclaimed materials, aligning with eco-conscious values. Using such materials not only reduces the environmental impact but also contributes to the unique character of each piece.
  • Minimalist Design: Japanese joinery bed frames often feature a minimalist design. The clean lines and uncluttered appearance are perfect for modern and minimalist interior styles, allowing the bed to blend seamlessly into various bedroom decors.


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Cons of Japanese Joinery Bed Frames


  • Price: Authentic Japanese joinery bed frames can be more expensive than mass-produced alternatives due to the craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials. While the initial cost may be higher, the durability and longevity of these frames can offset this expense over time.
  • Weight: These beds can be heavy due to their solid wood construction. This can make them less suitable for frequent relocation. However, the weight contributes to their stability and sturdiness.


japanese bed frame




Japanese joinery bed frames are more than just pieces of furniture; they are a testament to the art of craftsmanship, precision, and tradition. These beds not only offer exceptional support for a good night’s sleep but also bring a touch of Japanese culture and artistry into your bedroom.

The choices presented in this article cater to various design preferences and eco-conscious values, ensuring that there is a hich-quality bed frame for every discerning homeowner.

Whether you choose the sleek and modern Thuma Bed or the serene sanctuary of the Tatami Bed by The Futon Shop, you are embracing the beauty and longevity of traditional Japanese carpentry. These beds are not just pieces of furniture; they are expressions of art and craftsmanship that will enhance your bedroom and your daily life for years to come.


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