Top 15 Organic Futon Mattresses

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Organic futons are made from natural materials and they contain no chemicals or artificial substances. They provide the ultimate comfort and relaxation while also being eco-friendly.

An organic futon mattress is a great choice if you're looking for an eco-friendly mattress. It is made from natural materials and contains no chemicals or synthetic fillers, which means that it's healthier than other types of mattresses.

Futon mattresses come in all shapes and sizes, so there's sure to be one that suits your needs. This article will discuss different kinds of futon mattresses including foam, latex, wool, cotton and more!

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Best for Guests and Allergies
Best Non-Toxic Budget Option
04/17/2024 03:18 pm GMT

Organic Wool and Kapok Futon by Zafu

Organic Wool and Kapok Futon by Zafu

Materials: Organic Cotton Cover, Wool and Kapok Filling

Organic Wool and Kapok Futon is a perfect balance of comfort. The wool provides natural support, while relieving stress and tension, making sleep easy. Kapok is hypo-allergenic, naturally resistant to dust mites, mold, mildew and other allergens.

It provides ultimate warmth variance that will please just about anyone for the whole year. Our futon has a sleek design with countless thoughtful features, from reinforced stitching to ergonomic handles that help make it into a bed any time of day or night. 

The Organic Wool and Kapok Futon is refreshingly modular. Whether you use it by itself or reconfigure it with a companion futon when your needs change, this product's versatility provides an ideal solution for various lifestyles and living spaces.  

Organic Cotton Shikibuton by FutonTokyo

Organic Cotton Shikibuton by FutonTokyo

Materials: Organic Cotton Cover and Core

The Organic Shikibuton is an all-natural fiber, hypoallergenic futon with a safe GOTS certified cotton core. This cotton futon can be used on the floor as a mattress or you can layer it over your current bedding to add warmth, support and comfort when you are sleeping.

This foldable futon made in Japan is available in a variety of sizes and it can be used as a floor mattress or a guest bed. 

Home of Wool Futon Mattress

Wool Futon Mattress by Home of Wool

Material: Wool filling + Covers Available in Linen, Wool, Cotton

Certificates: Oeko-Tex

The Home of Wool Futon Mattress features a 100% wool construction that will help regulate your body temperature for comfortable, healthy sleep. Unlike many other materials, this mattress is able to adjust its warmth during the seasons by absorbing and retaining heat or releasing moisture.

In turn, this helps maintain a more stable sleeping surface year-round and prevents having too much rigidness on either side of the bed during wintertime, making it perfect for couples!

The Home of Wool Futon Mattress is made by combining these unique materials imported from around the world so that you and your family can enjoy many nights together. You can choose from a range of futon sizes from Twin to California King and different types of Oeko-Tex and GOTS certified covers including linen, cotton and wool. 

Green Cotton and Wool Boulder Dreamton Futon

Green Cotton and Wool Boulder Dreamton Futon

Materials: Wool and Cotton Filling, Cotton cover

The Boulder Dreamton Futon is special because it contains a Green Cotton and Wool layered core which is naturally bed bug resistant. The futon is made of 100% cotton batting, so none of the traditional mattress toxins are released into your environment. It comes in 6-inch thickness or can be upgraded to 8 inches for deep-pocket sheets.

Its surface is flat, firm, and supportive making this a perfect fit for adults who want to experience pressure relief while sleeping on their side.The futons are made in similar styles as those that were used generations ago in countries such as Japan, China and England.

We recommend putting the Boulder Dreamton Full Futon over an organic box-spring set, platform bed or on top of bi-fold or tri-fold frames for maximum support from underneath - when placed over carpeting. A slatted frame is recommended as well, to enhance the futon's air circulation and cushioning properties.

Innerspring Futon Mattress by The Futon Shop

Innerspring Futon Mattress by The Futon Shop

Materials: Egyptian Cotton, Soybean Foam

The Futon Shop has designed this hybrid-foam Spring Foam and Cotton Futon Mattress with renewable, eco-friendly soy foam made from natural products to reduce the number of harmful petrochemicals that are used in conventional spring foam.

The soy base foam is flame-retardant-free and hypoallergenic so you won’t be disturbed by sensations during your sleep. Ideal for those seeking pressure relief, this 8" medium firm futon or bed spring mattress can work wonders for your back and it has a life expectancy between 8 and 12 years (with everyday use!).

All Natural Latex and PLA Shikibuton Futon Mattress

All Natural Latex and PLA Shikibuton Futon Mattress

Materials: Plant-derived Fiber (PLA), Latex, Organic Cotton

Certificates: GOTS

This All Natural Latex Shikibuton Futon Mattress is perfect for last-minute guests, camping trips, and kids rooms. Filled with both all-natural Dunlop latex and PLA fibers, this mattress provides the right balance of comfort while still providing support during your sleep time. PLA fibers, derived from potatoes, can breathe and wick away excess moisture while resisting body impressions. 

Lightweight materials are breathable and ideal for anyone who moves a lot in their sleep or experiences night sweats. You can customize your sleeping surface by layering two shikibutons on top of each other to provide a softer feel without sacrificing any comfort whatsoever.

The 7oz GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fabric cover makes this All Natural Latex Shikibuton Futon Mattress a biodegradable product that causes less harm to the environment than synthetic fiber-filled mattresses.

Organic Cotton and Wool Dreamton Futon

Organic Cotton and Wool Dreamton Futon

Materials: Organic Cotton, Wool

Certificates: GOTS

The Organic Cotton and Wool Dreamton Futon Mattress is medium-firm and supportive. Made of 100% GOTS Organic Cotton layers wrapped around a wool core, this futon features no chemical fire retardants and is made of mainly organic cotton, which makes it soft to the touch but firm under pressure.

We recommend adding a set of slats to the underside, so that you can place it on your platform bed or in front of a fireplace.

If you don't have access to such things, no worries! You can use this futon as a floor bed with nothing but some fluffy pillows on top and blanket for comfort while watching TV. You can place a mattress rug underneath to make your futon more breathable and make it last longer.

Back Care Plus Futon Mattress by The Futon Shop

Back Care Plus Futon Mattress by The Futon Shop

Materials: Cotton, Wool, Soy Foam

If you are seeking a futon mattress that is comfortable, affordable, and eco-friendly,  Back Care Plus Organic Wool Futons may be perfect for you. Wool was chosen over synthetic fibers because it provides many amazing benefits and chemical-free compounds to the internal materials.

Along with organic cotton, which is comfort woven into 50% of the fabric, 1 lb of Soy Bean Oil is used in the dense foam padding tufted into this handmade futon mattress hybrid.

This ensures your components do not shift during use as well as maintain a certain temperature. This Back Care Plus Mattress is one of our most popular, medium-firm mattresses for customers seeking pressure relief from their sleeping surface.

This 8-inch mattress is a good occasional-use futon or guest bed mattress as well as an ideal fit for those needing firm cushioning. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on mattresses against defects.

Pure Cotton and Latex Futon Mattress

Pure Cotton and Latex Futon Mattress

Materials: Wool, Dunlop Latex, Organic Cotton

Certificates: GOTS

The Pure Cotton and Latex Futon Mattress provides a comfortable sleep surface. This three-inch thick futon features an innovative latex core that is softer than in other models of this size while also ensuring firm, contouring support and providing great weight redistribution for your body's health.

In addition to the high-quality foam cores, 100% organic cotton layers are placed above and below the natural rubber sheet to provide a medium-firm core of support with wool as soft contact point between you and the futon bed. A standard-size pure cotton and latex futon mattress is 39" x 75", with the width variable due to the design.

Natural latex offers comfort, support and weight redistribution, while offering an excellent feel under your body. This organic futon mattress should be put on a box spring set, platform bed or in a bi-fold or tri-fold frame for best results.

EcoSupport Pure Latex Futon Mattress

EcoSupport Pure Latex Mattress by The Futon Shop

Materials: Latex, Eco-Wool, Organic Cotton, Innerspring

Certificates: GOTS

Our EcoSupport Futon Mattresses are specifically designed for everyday use on both slatted platform bed frames and sofa beds, providing a natural and chemical-free resting experience. This latex mattress is made with GOTS certified organic cotton fabric in addition to other eco-friendly and sustainable materials. 

Made in San Francisco by hand every step of the way with pure latex, individual 4” pocket coils and a 20-30 year lifespan, purely designed for not just comfort but durability as well. The micro-coils provide conforming comfort and also promote temperature regulation, which is vital for sound nights of sleep. 

The latex core balances both softness and support to provide comfortable sleeping without pressure points or bothering pain. This mattress is made with natural materials, there are no synthetic chemical foams that could be triggering sensitivities or allergies that plague many mattresses on the market today.

Non-Organic Futon Mattresses for Small Budgets

While sleeping on an organic futon mattress provides a healthy and comfortable sleeping experience, it may be quite expensive. If you need a more affordable futon mattress, take a look at our recommendations:

Alberta Futon by Cotton Cloud Beds

The Alberta Futon offers an excellent budget-friendly alternative to organic futons while maintaining quality and comfort. Made with 100% natural cotton fiber and Certipur-US certified foam, it ensures a cozy and eco-conscious sleeping experience. 

Its 6-inch thickness provides ample support for a restful night's sleep.  Handcrafted in the USA, it reflects attention to detail and craftsmanship. 

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DHP Non Toxic Memory Foam Futon Mattress

DHP Non Toxic Memory Foam Futon Mattress

Materials: Polyester, High-Density Foam

Certificates: Certi-Pur US

This DHP Memory Foam Futon Mattress is made with quality in mind. If you want a futon mattress that has the perfect combination of comfort, support and safety—this might be the right choice for you!

This futon mattress was designed to provide your mattress with any one of its flagship features: Restful nights, Essential Support or Heat-Free Comfort. The DHP futon mattresses are CertiPUR-US Certified, which means they are non toxic and durable as well as eco-friendly!

Give your futon sofa a luxury upgrade with our DHP Memory Foam Futon Mattress. The innerspring design helps this futon feel more like a luxury mattress than a sofa, and the coil system provides support while the foam-encased top offers great comfort.

This bed might be small-scale, but don't let that fool you: it still has all of the same benefits as your regular bedroom mattress at night or for lounging on during a restful afternoon break.

Breathable Foam Futon Mattress by YQ

Breathable Foam Futon Mattress by YQ

Materials: Polyester

03/07/2024 08:16 pm GMT

Breathable Foam Futon Mattresses are durable, light and foldable. They can be used as a lightweight mattress or futon on the floor for sleeping with ease.

With the perfect thickness of one-inch single, two-inch twin/full, and three-inch queen size, these futons are just right to offer you convenience in lying down but not too thick that they become inconvenient to store.

Made from quality polyester fiber fillings, these soft foam mattresses will be perfect to rest your weary body before you go out and conquer life once more! With layering up the mat, it can support more than 2 people at a time and provide you with real comfort. We recommend this foam futon mattresses as an excellent alternative if you are allergic to wool or latex.

Emoor Foldable Futon Mattress

Emoor Foldable Futon Mattress

Materials: Cotton, Polyester

03/07/2024 03:26 am GMT

Simply put, the Emoor Japanese Futon is a mattress that has been designed to be comfortable and supportive of those who are using it in different situations.

When it's set up on the frame, this futon’s breathable design provides comfort for any sleep position and should make sleeping overnight something to look forward to. But whenever you need it, you can fold it and tuck it away to save space.

This mattress can also be used on any hard surface - whether at home or while camping outdoors - as it provides comfort when lying down flat or sitting. The Emoor Foldable Futon Mattress is made of 3 mm thick, polyester fill and the cover is 100% cotton.

What Is an Organic Futon Mattress?

An organic futon mattress is used as a bed, couch or sofa. Unlike a conventional futon filled with polyurethane foam and synthetic fabric, an organic one is made from natural materials inside and out and contains no toxic chemicals or artificial substances, which makes it a sustainable and eco-friendly mattress. 

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What Types of Futons Are There?

There are a few main types of futons. The first is a traditional Japanese style, which consists mainly of cotton and wool or silk fabrics that are sewn together to form the mattress cover with padding on top for comfort purposes (usually made up by filling in between two layers). As Japanese-style futons use only natural materials, often with organic certificates, they tend to be quite expensive.

The second type of futon mattress is a Western-style futon, which is made up of a cotton or polyester fabric cover with padding often made of memory foam, polyester foam or natural fibers.

Synthetic materials such as polyester batting tend not to last very long because they wear down over time due to their lack durability when compared to natural fibers like those found within organic products.

Due to the quality of the materials used, Western-style futons are more affordable than the Japanese style ones. However, the synthetic materials in polyester futons may release toxic chemicals, putting you at risk of developing allergies, if you've got chemical sensitivities, or respiratory problems. That's why we always recommend using mattresses with organic certified materials

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If you want to create a chemical-free home and you're looking for a futon, be sure to choose an organic futon mattress filled with cotton, wool or latex. If you want to use it with a futon frame, pick one of the solid wood futons from our review.

Using organic mattresses and non-toxic furniture will help you drastically reduce the amount of VOCs and harmful chemicals in your indoor air. Clean indoor air means fewer health problems, especially those related to the respiratory system and allergies. 

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