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Where to Buy a Solid Wood Futon Frame?

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In this article, I’ll tell you where to buy a solid wood futon frame. When choosing a futon frame, it’s important to make sure that it hasn’t been treated with high-VOC chemicals and other toxic substances. These chemicals will be released into the air you breathe for years to come and may have a negative effect on your health.

So, in the following list, you’ll only find solid wood futon frames that have not been treated with any chemicals or those that have been treated with natural products, such as oils or low-VOC wood stains. Take a look and find the best futon frame for your needs and budget:


Cornerstone Wood Amish Classic Futon Frame Maple


Cornerstone Wood Amish Classic Futon Frame

Material: Solid Wood

Finish: Natural Linseed Oil


Cornerstone Wood Amish Classic Futon Frame is an Amish-crafted non-toxic futon frame made from sustainably grown solid maple wood. The finish is 100% natural linseed oil and water-based glues so you can be sure that this natural futon frame is free from VOCs and other toxic chemicals.

The solid construction and high-quality wood make this piece sturdy and durable and come with a lifetime warranty. Couple it with an organic futon to create a truly non-toxic guest bed or sleeper sofa.


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Bi-fold Hardwood Futon Frame


Bi-fold Hardwood Futon Frame

Material: Solid Wood

Finish: Unfinished


Bi-fold Hardwood Futon Frame by World of Futons is made from solid unfinished poplar wood. You can choose the finish you like, just make sure it’s a non-toxic wood finish such as linseed oil or a low VOC water-based finish.

The sofa’s back angle can be adjusted to four different positions and it easily converts into a full-size bed. This armless futon frame is made in the USA and it comes with a five-year warranty.


Cornerstone Wood Amish Armless Futon Frame Cherry


Cornerstone Wood Amish Armless Futon Frame

Material: Solid Wood

Finish: Natural Linseed Oil


This Amish Armless Futon Frame is made from sustainably grown solid American cherry wood sourced following responsible forestry standards. This folding futon frame has got mortise and tenon construction to ensure that this futon frame is very durable and sturdy.

This non-toxic futon frame uses natural linseed oil as a finish as well as water-based, non-toxic glue. This frame is easy to open and close, making an excellent chemical-free sleeper sofa or guest bed.


Domino Love Seat Wall Hugger in Black Walnut Finish


Domino Love Seat Wall Hugger

Material: Solid Wood

Finish: Low-VOC Wood Stain


Domino Love Seat is another wall-hugger type of futon frame that offers versatility and can be used in small spaces as well as places in the center of the room. It’s made from imported hardwood that has been sustainably sourced according to sustainable forest management standards.

It opens and closes without moving away from the wall so it’s a great space-saving sleeper sofa that can be used in many ways. The finish is low-VOC and thanks to its contemporary design, it will look great in most interiors.


Adriana White Wall Hugger


Adriana White Wall Hugger

Material: Solid Wood

Finish: Low VOC Paint


Adriana White Wall Hugger is a futon frame that can convert into a sofa bed without moving away from the wall. It means that this solid wood futon sofa can be used in many spaces and it’s especially recommended for small rooms.

This modern futon frame has got a low VOC finish and it’s made of high-quality hardwood. This futon frame was designed to open and close smoothly for easy daily use.

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Forest Park Natural Chemical Free Wood Daybed


Forest Park Natural Wood Daybed

Material: Solid Wood

Finish: Natural Linseed Oil


Forest Park Natural Daybed is made of sustainable American hardwood (oak or maple) and it’s available in five sizes: twin, full double, queen, California king, and Eastern king. This chemical-free futon frame can be converted into a bed simply by removing the cushions.

It can be used as a super-comfy sleeper sofa, quest bed, or kids’ bed. It is finished with natural linseed oil, and it contains no toxic glues, heavy metals, or formaldehyde. 


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The Dappled Path Natural Daybed Oak


The Dappled Path Natural Daybed

Material: Solid Wood

Finish: Natural Linseed Oil


The Dappled Path Natural Daybed is available in four different sizes, unfinished or with a natural linseed oil finish. This solid wood futon frame is made from sustainably sourced American hardwood without the use of toxic chemicals, such as formaldehyde, petroleum, or heavy metals.

There’s no need to open it or close it to quickly convert it into a bed or back into a comfy, natural sofa. 


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Tips for Buying a Solid Wood Futon Frame:



  • Choosing a solid futon frame made from responsibly sourced wood is important. Wood sourced sustainably does not cause ecosystem and forest damage. When old trees are cut, new trees are planted immediately, which means that in responsibly managed forests, you won’t see patches of bare areas.


  • If you want to create a truly toxin-free house, invest in an organic futon mattress for your solid wood futon frame. This kind of chemical-free futon mattress contains only natural materials such as organic cotton, wool and latex and you can be sure it won’t off-gas like traditional mattresses that release toxic substances for many months after purchase.


solid wood futon frames



Solid wood furniture finished with non-toxic wood stains and oils is not only a healthy choice for you and your family, it’s also an eco-friendly choice if you choose furniture made from sustainably sourced wood.

A hardwood futon frame combined with an organic futon mattress is a great versatile piece that can convert into a bed in no time and as it’s free from toxic chemicals, it helps improve air quality in your home by reducing your exposure to substances that could make you feel tired or cause other health problems.

If you want to create a home free from toxic chemicals, consider buying a non-toxic bed frame, bedroom furniture and dressers. Consider buying organic bedding and organic mattresses to reduce your exposure to harmful gases and substances.


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