How to Store a Latex Mattress?

A latex mattress is heavy, often bulky, and dense. This can make it tricky to store properly. You have to be sure you preserve the long lifespan it can have by taking care of it through the preparation for storage and storage time.

While your mattress is usually in your bedroom and used daily, under some circumstances you’ll need to store it. You need to take careful steps to properly store any mattress without damage or distortion.

If you have a latex mattress though, there are a few extra things to consider too. We’ll help you through the process to make sure you store your mattress for later - good as new. 

5 Tips for Storing Latex Mattresses:

In order to store your mattress properly, follow these tips:

Take Off Any Bedding

You can’t store your mattress with anything on it, so go ahead and strip it of all pillows and bedding. You will be using a plastic protector later on so you don’t need to keep a sheet on it for protection; go ahead and take the sheet off too. 

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Clean the Mattress


Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda evenly on the mattress and leave it to soak up any lingering odors. We recommend leaving it for up to 8 hours to maximize effectiveness.

Vacuum the mattress to remove the baking soda and any surface dirt or debris. This will also rid the mattress of unseen things like dandruff or animal dander.

Once you’re done with the dry cleaning, it’s time to spot clean the mattress with a clean rag and a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and liquid dishwashing soap in a spray bottle for easy application directly to the stubborn stains.

After leaving it to act for a few hours, blot dry with another clean rag. Your mattress should not be excessively wet after this, but nonetheless, the next step of drying is essential no matter how wet the mattress is. 

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Dry It 

It’s best to dry your mattress in a well ventilated room with the windows open, if the weather is humid, a blow dryer and a dehumidifier can work too. Be sure to set it on low heat though so you don’t damage the mattress fibers.

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Protect It 

Once you’re 100% certain the mattress is dry, you can start looking at long-term storage options. There are many places to buy a plastic storage bag for the mattress online or in person so go ahead and locate one. Make sure that it is waterproof and the correct size for your mattress.

The protective plastic storage bag can’t be too small. The storage bag will protect the mattress against dust, mites, mildew, mold, and dirt from transportation and storage.

Buying a reusable mattress bag is a more sustainable choice, you can find one of those in many online stores, including Amazon. Alternatively, you can use a plastic cover or a plastic wrap sealed with duct tape.

Store It 

Your mattress is now clean, dry, and wrapped up. Now you need to find a good spot to store it. The ideal storage location is your attic, a climate-controlled storage facility, or spare bedroom. If you are going to store it in one of these places, be sure to follow these guidelines.

Don’t store it on its side or else it can lose its shape and start to sag. To avoid this, store it flat on a raised frame or cushion. This will prevent any dips or uneven edges from developing over time.

If you have to store your mattress in a tight space with other items, try to store it on top of other things instead of underneath. If you place anything on top of it in storage you could distort it and cause bumps and indents that may not correct themselves.

The last thing you need to be aware of when choosing an appropriate storage location is temperature control. The temperature needs to be stable and low enough to prevent moisture buildup and mold.

This is why it’s not a good idea to store a natural latex mattress in your garage or basement. The environment tends to be warmer and wetter than other locations which can promote the growth of bacteria and mold in your mattress.

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Factors to Consider Based on Mattress Type 

Innerspring or Hybrid Latex Mattresses

If you have an innerspring or hybrid latex mattress, your mattress is very dense and heavy. Keeping in mind that you likely have a layer of individually wrapped coils or springs in the middle of your mattress, you need to take extra precautions when storing it.

The mattress absolutely cannot be stored on its side or the coils will be displaced and out of order. This will render the mattress useless as it will no longer provide the correct support and a comfortable feeling. 

All-latex mattresses

All-latex mattresses are made of layers of latex of different densities (Talaly and Dunlop latex) to achieve a desired comfort level.

Latex is naturally heavy so the mattress is likely to bend under its own weight when you store it for a long time. This means it’s especially important to store flat in the ideal natural position to help it maintain its shape. 


How Long Can I Store My Mattresses?

This does depend on how and where you’re storing it. If you have it in a temperature-controlled storage unit and in a good position, you can store it for several months and even up to a year without any damage.

If you’re storing it at home and the temperature is not regulated, a good rule of thumb is the shorter the better. A shorter storage time will mean there’s less time for moisture fluctuations that can cause mold to develop. Latex mattresses can typically last 10-20 years out of storage.

This means if you store it properly for short periods of time, you can preserve its lifespan in storage just as normal. Some people recommend that if you’re storing your mattress for a year at a time, try to air it out a couple of times a year to prevent any buildup. 

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Is It Important to Store Your Mattress Properly?

As mentioned previously, your mattress could lose its shape and properties if you store it improperly. This is the best-case scenario if you just have a few bumps and dips in the mattress from storing it improperly. Unfortunately,  you run a very high risk of completely ruining your mattress if you store it wrong.

The mattress is likely to be ruined from mildew and mold if you don’t take careful measures during the storage steps. It’s important to be diligent in the process of storage so you can keep it in good condition and enjoy the mattress for years to come. 

How To Find A Storage Unit For Your Mattress

If you can afford a luxury storage facility for your mattress with all the bells and whistles, go ahead! But if not, try to find a storage unit that ticks as many of these boxes as possible:

  • Clean
  • Airy
  • Temperature controlled (or at least cool)
  • An area of low humidity 

A storage unit facility is usually easy to find in any larger city. Storage units do range from basic to fancy so make sure you know what you’re choosing when you pick a unit. If you cannot have a temperature-controlled unit, try to run a dehumidifier in the unit you have to keep the moisture under control.

The high humidity of a storage unit is your mattress's worst nightmare in storage. Even if the temperature is fluctuating, with a dehumidifier you should be safe from mold or mildew when you store it for short periods of time. 

Can a Latex Mattress Get Bed Bugs While in Storage?

Bed bugs will not choose to live somewhere unless there is a host there to feed on. Gross, right? So, unless your mattress was infested, to begin with (which is unlikely because of the density of a latex mattress), it will not get bed bugs while in storage.

If there is something else in storage that’s infested, they may move around to try to find a host but as mentioned above, they won’t stick around if there is no food. The bed bugs will not survive just hanging around in your mattress.

The storage unit needs to be as clean as possible to prevent an infestation but once you’re certain the unit is clean and free, there is very little cause for worry that bed bugs will choose your bed in storage.


Now that you know how to store a latex mattress, you can keep it in good condition for many years. Just follow our simple tips and your mattress will remain comfortable and durable.

If you want to learn more about natural mattresses, check our articles about pros and cons of latex as well as the most affordable natural latex mattresses.

If you have any questions about storing your mattress, don't hesitate to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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