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Top 8 Latex Contour Pillows

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If you are looking for a latex contour pillow with no harmful chemicals, this article should be an excellent resource. We will present the best latex contour pillows and explain the benefits of using these pillows. If you want to know more about this kind of pillow or what it are used for, read on!


Latex Pillow for Neck Pain by Organic Textiles

Organic Latex Contour Pillow by Organic Textiles
$101.94 $94.95

Materials: GOLS certified organic latex and GOTS certified organic cotton

03/07/2024 08:26 am GMT

This organic latex contour pillow is designed with a curve that adapts to your head, neck and shoulders. It’s great for back sleepers and side sleepers. With the Organic Textiles Latex Pillow, you can benefit from the design and natural foam feel of the pillow.

Reducing neck soreness and stiffness for a more rested sleep could be as simple as purchasing a contour pillow. This pillow is an inexpensive alternative to memory foam pillows before turning to other costly solutions. This pillow uses GOLS-certified organic latex and GOTS-certified organic cover.

Organic Textiles Contour Pillows are available in three different loft and comfort combinations, so it should be easy for you to choose the pillow that best suits your preferences.


PureTree USDA Certified Organic Natural Latex Contour Pillow

PureTree Organic Contour Latex PIllow

Materials: USDA certified organic latex and GOTS certified organic cotton

PureTree Pillow is an ideal pillow for people with back pain, as it will help to maintain the right position while providing a cooling effect with its latex core.

The contour shape helps your spine stay aligned and holds up your neck without a need for adjusting during long hours of sleep. The USDA-certified organic latex offers heat-resistant qualities that absorb moisture more effectively while relieving body odors.

The resilience takes into account pressure points and provides comfort by adapting to the user’s body and sleeping position. With these unique features encased in the GOTS-certified organic cotton zippered pillow case, PureTree Pillow is guaranteed to be worth every penny.


Natural Latex Massage Contour Pillow by Maidele

The Latex Massage Pillow is a one-of-a-kind product and is ergonomically designed to relieve snoring, insomnia, stress or anxiety. It contours your neck for ultimate comfort and support. With different heights on either side of the pillow, you can adjust to whichever side best suits your sleep habits.

This pillow has what it takes to alleviate those stubborn aches in the neck and back without bunching up. Able to help promote sound sleep as well as relieve stress by opening sinuses with its unique design – while still providing optimal support.

The breathable outer cover allows airflow so that you won’t feel overheated during a hot summer night’s sleep, and the inner dust-resistant cover helps prolong the life of the core (which is included!).


Latex Contour Pillow by The Futon Shop

Organic Latex Contour Bed Pillow by The Futon Shop

Materials: GOTS certified Dunlop Latex

The Organic Latex Contour Bed Pillow is not just an ordinary pillow. Unlike traditional cotton bed pillows, which break down and flatten with use, the Latex Contour Pillow by Futon Shop will retain shape while still feeling soft against your skin.

The organic Dunlop latex filling provides conforming neck support for both back and side sleepers to relieve muscle tension on their neck and head.

The GOLS-certified Dunlop latex inside of this neck pillow will support a healthy, restful night’s sleep without dust mites or mildew-causing bacteria growing in it like conventional cotton-filled pillows. Plus it’s hypoallergenic!


Natural Latex Pillow with Massage Particles by Maidele

Maidele Natural Latex Foam Pillow

Materials: Natural latex and cotton

If your sleep has been less than satisfying lately, this Maidele Natural Latex Contour Pillow is the perfect answer. The pillow provides gentle yet firm support and is easy to maintain with its washable cotton cover.

It boasts an ergonomic design that relieves shoulder and neck burden while keeping you cool in summer or comfortably warm during winter thanks to a breathable hole structure as well as high-quality materials used for ultimate comfort.

The massage particles, ergonomically distributed on the whole surface, will help you relax and relieve pressure around your head and neck.


Alpha Latex Contoured Pillow

The Alpha Contoured Latex Pillow is made of renewable and sustainable raw materials harvested from the bountiful rubber trees in Thailand. The latex has been scientifically engineered to provide invincible support for your head, neck, or shoulders while offering a comfortable night’s sleep.

With its double-zippered pillowcase design that provides protection against allergens and dust mites when used together with an inner cover, this pillow also ensures durability, breathability, and increased comfort.


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Shredded Latex Contour Pillow

Pure Latex Pillow with Two-Way Slot

Materials: Natural shredded latex

This Shredded Latex Pillow was designed by experts to help you have a restful, refreshing sleep. It is specially made for back, side and stomach sleepers who are looking for something medium-soft and more malleable than a solid latex pillow.

The height of the pillow adjusts automatically according to your personal sleeping style and keeps it at the most comfortable part of your neck so you’ll breathe freely without snoring. The construction supports your neck while keeping muscles relaxed, resulting in better sleep and improved spinal alignment.

As it’s filled with shredded latex, this pillow is very breathable and will not overheat at night. It’s a great transition pillow between a traditional bed pillow and a contour pillow.


Side Sleeper Pillow for Neck & Shoulders by Sleep Artisan

Side Sleeper Pillow by Sleep Artisan

Materials: Shredded latex, microfiber silk, organic cotton, hemp, polyester

03/07/2024 07:26 pm GMT

The Side Sleeper Pillow by Sleep Artisan is made with latex and microfiber poly silk. Made in California in an entirely green building, the only waste produced when making the pillows is from raw materials that are recycled to be used again.

The adjustable zippered cover, made of a blend of certified organic cotton, hemp and polyester, allows you to personalize your head positioning for optimum spine alignment, neck relief and even shoulder comfort by removing or adding more filling.

Unlike dense memory foam-filled pillows, which trap heat while you sleep, this pillow’s natural latex helps ensure a cool, comfortable night’s rest without overheating. The ergonomic design eliminates pressure points so neck muscles can also remain relaxed all day!


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Who Should Use Latex Contoured Pillows?


Contour Pillows are designed for people who have neck pain, shoulder pain or stiffness, cervical nerve impingement and other joint conditions. They are also a good choice for anyone who is experiencing headaches, ear pain or teeth grinding. The main benefits of using this type of pillow are:

  • Softens pressure points such as the base of your skull, shoulders, hips and tailbone, relieving tension headaches. The weightless sensation that comes from sinking into its foam also helps with reducing stress levels
  • Customizes to different types of sleepers by adapting to their posture through support – it can be used by people who are tall or short (or anywhere in between), those who prefer hugging pillows tightly versus loosely around them, those preferring regular bed temperatures or those who prefer cool bed temperatures, and people with sensitive skin.
  • Helps to prevent snoring by keeping your airways open
  • Keeps the spine aligned while supporting it in order to protect against back pain. It also helps distribute weight evenly, reduce pressure on any area of the body, and reduce tension headaches that come from a stiff neck.
  • Good for people who have allergies to synthetic materials or dust mites. Memory foam pillows can retain heat, and natural latex pillows do not readily absorb the body’s heat.
  • While both memory foam and organic latex pillow brands offer odor-free options, organic latex is less likely to emit an unpleasant smell over time than a memory foam pillow, because it does not contain any chemicals that might off-gas into your bedroom environment. To make your bedroom more eco-friendly, consider buying organic bedding and organic pillow protectors.
  • Natural latex contour pillows last longer – they’re resilient enough even when used daily, whereas memory foam will deteriorate much faster if you use it every day (and typically has a shorter lifespan).


latex contour pillow

What Is the Correct Way to Sleep on a Contour Pillow?


The softer side of your contour pillow should be placed under your head and neck, and then use the firmer side as support for your back. This gives you more spinal alignment while sleeping and better air circulation to avoid excessive sweating or overheating at night.


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How to Choose the Right Shape of a Contour Pillow?


Contour pillows come in many shapes and forms. The best shape of a pillow will depend on your needs and preferences, but some shapes are better than others.

The horseshoe-shaped pillow is often used to cradle the head while giving support at the neck and shoulders for those who sleep with their heads turned one way or another.

Some people prefer other shapes, such as an oblong pillow which looks like an elongated U-shape in cross-section, also called orthopedic pillows, that can be wrapped around either from front to back or left to the right side.

Latex contour pillows come in many different forms too (e.g., long rectangular), so it really depends on your need and preference what size you want when choosing this type of product.


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What Certificates Should My Latex Pillows Have?


The best quality latex pillows come with organic latex filling and an organic cotton cover. When choosing your pillow, check the label for the following certificates:

GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard): This certificate will let you know that the latex is free from any harmful substances, like heavy metals and petrochemicals.

USDA Organic: This will let you know that latex and cotton are organic, with no pesticides or chemicals used in their production process.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard): The certificate allows for third-party certification of materials used to produce it, such as dyes and finishes on textiles. It also requires compliance with additional environmental regulations, including labor conditions at factories where these certifications are administered.

OekoTex Standard 100: OEKO-TEX® STANDARD100 means that all raw material components have been tested separately according to stringent chemical tests – without exception! These certificates allow one to feel more confident about their purchase when buying a product marked with the seal.


latex contour pillow



We hope that our review has helped you pick the best latex contour pillow. This kind of pillow can help you immensely if you suffer from neck or back pain. There are lots of different factors to consider when choosing a latex pillow and there is no one best option for every person.

It is important to think about your own needs and the pros and cons of different options before you make a decision. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments section below.


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