Where to Buy a Non Toxic Body Pillow?

Top 10 Organic Body Pillows

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In this article, we’ll tell you where to buy an organic body pillow. We’ve created a list of companies that sell organic certified body pillows online. You can choose from a wide selection of latex, woolen, and cotton body pillows that don’t contain harsh chemicals, such as formaldehyde, polyurethane, or phthalates.

Whether you’re looking for pillows for pregnancy or back pain relief, you’re bound to find an organic pillow that will meet your needs. Take a look at our list:


PureTree Organic Latex Body Pillow


PureTree Organic Latex Body Pillow

Materials: GOLS certified organic shredded latex and organic cotton casing

Size18 x 54 x 5 inches

03/07/2024 11:46 am GMT


If you’re looking for a comfortable, supportive pillow that helps you sleep through the night, PureTree Organic Latex Body Pillow is an excellent choice. Made from high-quality GOLS-certified organic shredded latex, this pillow offers a medium degree of firmness that allows it to conform closely to your body, providing the support you need for your head and neck.

And thanks to its breathable construction, made with soft organic cotton fabric, this pillow promotes a cool and comfortable sleep. Plus, with its customizable loft and fill options, the PureTree Organic Latex Body Pillow can adapt easily to your shape and sleeping position as you change positions throughout the night.


U-Shaped Organic Body Pillow


Natural & Breathable U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Materials: GOTS certified organic cotton and polyester beads

Size: 63 x 32 x 8 inches (160 x 80 x 20 cm)


This Organic U-Shaped Body Pillow is a great choice for side sleepers and expecting mothers who want a safe and comfortable option. The U-shape design will support your back, hips, and belly, while the organic cotton cover is soft and breathable. The pillow is also filled with hypoallergenic polyester fiber balls that are Oeko-Tex certified.

As a side sleeper, you will appreciate this pillow’s support for your back and hips. The pillow is also great for aligning your joints and preventing pain in your lower back.


The Original Sleeping Bean Body Pillow


The Original Sleeping Bean Body Pillow

Materials: Organic Kapok and Organic Cotton

Size: Adult: 5.5 ft long x 10 inch diameter, Teen: 4.5 ft long x 9 inch diameter


The Original Sleeping Bean Body Pillow is filled with sustainably sourced kapok, a renewable material derived from tree seeds. These trees don’t have to be cut down to obtain kapok, which makes it one of the materials with the lowest ecological impact.

This eco-friendly filling is encased in an organic cotton shell. This non-toxic body pillow is available in two sizes to accommodate adults, teenagers, and children.


Organic Kapok Body Pillows by White Lotus Home


White Lotus Home Kapok Body Pillow

Materials: Organic Kapok and Organic Cotton

Size: 20 x 72


This Organic Kapok Body Pillow by White Lotus Home is made from kapok fiber obtained from the seed of the Kapok trees that grow in the rainforest. This body pillow is quite large, providing total body support and can be used by side sleepers or as a pregnancy pillow.

Kapok fiber has a similar feel and fluffiness to down so it helps you avoid products that involve animal cruelty (if you’re really into down pillows). White Lotus Home pillows use an organic cotton casing.


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Emeryville 100% Organic Cotton Body Pillow by Rawganique


Emeryville 100% Organic Cotton Body Pillow

Material: GOTS Certified Cotton

Sizes: 20" x 72", 20" x 54"


Emeryville 100% Organic Cotton Body Pillow is filled with organic cotton and the cover is made from sustainable GOTS-certified organic sateen cotton, which is hypoallergenic. As this non-toxic body pillow is organic certified and made from 100% natural materials, you can be sure you’re getting a product free from potentially harmful substances.

This organic pregnancy pillow is very comfortable and thanks to its shape it’s easy to find a comfortable position with both your back and belly fully supported.  This chemical-free body pillow is made in the USA and it’s available in two sizes: Junior and Full.


Dream Designs Organic Kapok Body Pillow


Dream Designs Organic Kapok Body Pillow

Material: Organic Cotton Pillow Case and Kapok Filling

Sizes: 12" x 42"


The Dream Design Organic Kapok Body Pillows are perfect for sleepers who prefer thinner pillows. They’re filled with natural kapok fibers, so you can rest easy knowing it’s an organic, vegan option. You can adjust the thickness of this pillow to suit your preference and it comes with a zippered washable pillowcase in a color of your choice.

You can also buy this pillow with a body pillow protector made of organic cotton to make your pillow more durable and protect it from spills and sweat.


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Organic Body and Pregnancy Pillow by Holy Lamb


Organic Wool Body Pillow by Holy Lamb Organic

Material: GOTS certified wool and cotton

Sizes: 17" x 53", 9" x 42"


This Organic Body Pillow by Holy Lamb is filled with sustainably sourced organic wool that has not been chemically treated. It has an organic cotton casing, but zippered organic body pillow covers are sold separately. You can choose between a large wool body pillow and a small one.

The large wool pillow is especially useful for side sleepers who need more support for their legs and neck, as well as pregnant women. The smaller version may be just enough if you only require neck support while sleeping on your side.


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Organic Textiles Latex Body Pillow


OrganicTextiles Natural Latex Body Pillow

Material: Natural Latex

Size: 48 x 8"

03/07/2024 05:36 pm GMT


This Organic Latex body Pillow by Organic Textiles is GOTS and GOLS certified which means that it’s 100% natural (contains only natural latex) and contains no harmful chemicals found in flame retardants and dyes. This body pillow provides medium to firm support and it’s especially recommended for pregnant women and side sleepers.

This body pillow is best if you sleep on your side and need support for your head and knees. To prolong the life of your pillow, use an organic pillow protector.

Where to Buy a Non Toxic Body Pillow?


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Organic Body Pillow by Futon Shop


Organic Cotton Body Pillow by Futon Shop

Material: Organic Cotton

Size: 9 x 42", 17 x 53"


This Organic Cotton Body Pillow by Futon Shop has a GOTS-certified cover made from cotton sateen and USDA-certified organic cotton batting. This non-toxic body pillow contains no flame retardants or other toxic chemicals found in synthetic pillows. Thanks to its shape and firmness, this organic cotton body pillow can be used as a pregnancy pillow.


Home of Wool Body Pillow


Custom Wool Body Pillow by Home of Wool

Materials: Choose from Oeko-Tex certified wool, GOTS-certified organic wool fill, Oeko-Tex certified cotton linen casing or Oeko-Tex virgin wool casing

Size: Customizeable


Looking for the ultimate in comfort and customization? Look no further than the Home of Wool Body Pillow. Made from springy, natural wool fibers, this pillow regulates your temperature to keep you cool and comfortable in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter. Its unique wicking properties draw moisture away from your skin, helping to keep you dry and comfortable all night long.

And with options like a customizable pillow case made from knit fabric or pure virgin wool, as well as a variety of sizes, you can easily find a wool body pillow that perfectly fits your needs. Whether you prefer GOTS-certified organic wool fill for its natural purity or Oeko-Tex-certified wool, there’s a wool body pillow that’s right for you.


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Where to Buy a Non Toxic Body Pillow?


Who Should Use a Body Pillow?


Everyone can use organic certified body pillows for extra comfort in bed, but they are especially recommended for:

  • Pregnant women
  • Side Sleepers
  • Sleep apnea sufferers
  • People who snore

As natural body pillows conform to the shape of your body, they help improve your spine alignment while you sleep on your side. By providing extra support, they help relieve back pain and make you feel more relaxed. As a consequence, your breathing will improve and so will your blood circulation.

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Natural body pillows can make a great difference if you’re looking for extra comfort while sleeping. Non toxic body pillows for pregnancy will help you maintain a healthy posture during your sleep and improve blood circulation. They will support your growing belly, making you feel lighter and more relaxed.

If you’re a side sleeper, a natural body pillow will allow you to find a perfect position where your spine is aligned and your knees are supported.

Certified organic body pillows don’t release toxic gases into the air you breathe, helping you prevent respiratory and nervous system diseases. If you’re pregnant, protect your growing baby from harmful substances exposure. If you need a replacement cover, check our body pillow cover reviews. If you want to know how to care for your pillow, check our tips for washing body pillows.


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