Top 12 Organic Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are supposed to be functional for keeping you warm, but perhaps the most desirable quality they have is the ability to make a room so cozy and comforting. Everyone wants a soft blanket that fits their style and non-toxic lifestyle needs. An organic weighted blanket will do just that.

Organic weighted blankets, such as Bearaby Blankets, are made with natural fibers and no chemical intervention whatsoever. From the pesticide-free farming or harvesting of the fibers to the manufacturing process, an organic weighted blanket will remain free from toxins. In order for a blanket to be truly organic, it must be certified.

Look out for some well-known certifications of the blankets listed in this article, such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) or Greenguard GOLD. Take a look at our review of the best weighted blankets made of organic materials:


The Cotton Napper by Bearaby Review


The Cotton Napper by Bearaby
From $199

Material: 95% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex

Certificates: GOTS

Weight Range: 10 lbs, 15 lbs, 20 lbs, 25 lbs


The Cotton Napper by Bearaby is made with layer upon layer of breathable knitted organic cotton in a variety of colors. The Napper has eliminated the need for noisy, artificial filler by creating an organic cotton weighted blanket through the hand-knitted layers instead.

Bearaby believes that sleeping under a blanket that evenly disperses weight on top of you while you sleep can have big positive effects, such as reducing the stress hormone, cortisol, and increasing the sleep hormone, melatonin, for a deeper sleep cycle.

The repeated message with thousands of happy customers is that this non-toxic weighted blanket is beautiful, has excellent airflow for temperature regulation, and improves their sleep.

If you’re looking for an organic weighted blanket for kids, be sure to check Nappling, a smaller version of Cotton Napper designed especially for children. If you’re still in doubt, check our Napper Blanket review for more details.


Organic Weighted Blanket by Sweet ZZZ


Organic Weighted Blanket by Sweet ZZZ
From $77.35

Material: Organic Cotton and Bamboo

Certificates: GOTS

Weight Range: 7 lbs, 10 lbs, 15 lbs, 20 lbs


The SweetZZZ Weighted Blanket is 100% organic cotton and bamboo. The non-toxic weighted blanket is Oeko Tex Class 1 certified and the company is proudly a member of the “1% for the planet” organization. This environmentally-friendly company makes their organic weighted blanket with GOTS-certified organic cotton free from toxic chemicals.

These non-toxic and eco-friendly weighted blankets are made with all-natural glass beads for the filling and 7 patented layers designed to help with anxiety, insomnia, stress, etc.

The SweetZZZ Weighted Blanket is also made with temperature regulation in mind, so it won’t sleep hot. Many customers have claimed how much the blanket helped their anxiety and insomnia issues and praised its exceptional durability. This organic bamboo and cotton weighted blanket is designed to last – they are so sure of it, there’s a 5-year warranty on the blankets.


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truHugs Organic Hemp and Cotton Weighted Blankets


truHugs Organic Hemp and Cotton Weighted Blanket

Material: 70% Organic Cotton, 30% Organic Hemp

Certificates: GOTS

Weight Range: 23 lbs, 35 lbs


The truHugs Organic Hemp and Cotton Weighted Blanket is made with 30% organic hemp and 70% organic cotton. The chemical-free weighted blanket is filled with soybeans that are placed in the blanket through an automated system.

The truHugs organic hemp and cotton adult weighted blanket is unique in this process from most other competitors who hand-fill their blankets, leaving room for error in sizing and the amount of beads in each pocket. They offer various sizes to suit your needs.

The appropriate weight can add pressure to balance your autonomic nervous system. This natural weighted blanket is GOTS-certified organic and it has the Global Recycled Standard certification.


5 Stars United Weighted Blankets


5 Stars United Weighted Blanket

Material: Organic Cotton

Certificates: GOTS

Weight Range: 15 lbs, 20 lbs, 25 lbs


The 5 Stars United Weighted Blanket for adults has durable premium stitching to prevent any filling leakage through the 7 layers. The inner layer contains hypoallergenic glass beads, while the outer layers offer a quilted, padded soft fabric covering. The non-toxic blanket is made with cotton and polyester to be suitable for both winter and summer months.

It is made with 100% organic cotton and an effective weave to increase durability and resist pilling or fading. Many customers talk about how it helped them not only fall asleep quicker but stay asleep longer. The weight also helped them feel calmer. Some people said it was not as soft as they expected, but organic cotton may need a few washes to become softer.


Organic Cotton Weighted Blanket by Mosaic


Organic Cotton Weighted Blanket by Mosaic

Material: Organic Cotton

Certificates: GOTS

Weight Range: 20 lbs, 25 lbs


The Mosaic Organic Cotton Weighted Blanket combines luxury and therapy. The non-toxic weighted blanket uses deep touch pressure to lower your cortisol levels and raise your body’s serotonin and melatonin levels, allowing for restful sleep.

Unlike other organic blankets that include glass beads as the filling, this organic cotton weighted blanket uses BPA-free, hypoallergenic, FDA-compliant plastic pellets to be 100% safe from any lead traces in glass beads. This non-toxic weighted blanket is machine washable.

Some customers have complained about the size and weight being insufficient, so be sure to buy the appropriate size to get the effect you want. But many people claim that this organic weighted blanket made in the USA has helped them sleep better than ever!


The Original Bamboo by Weighted Evolution


Weighted Evolution Cooling Weighted Blanket

Material: Bamboo

Weight Range: 12 lbs, 15 lbs, 20 lbs, 25 lbs


The Original Bamboo Weighted Blanket is hypoallergenic, breathable, and temperature regulating, perfect choice for hot sleepers. The natural weighted blanket is made with small, diamond-shaped pockets to distribute the weight evenly. The filling for this eco-friendly weighted blanket is hypoallergenic beads to employ deep touch pressure therapy.

The Original Bamboo weighted blanket is made with the highest quality organic bamboo material. You can choose the appropriate weight for you, but do keep in mind that some customers complained about the small size of the blanket.

Be sure to buy the appropriate size and weight considering your age and height. Many people were sleeping better immediately with their new organic bamboo weighted blanket.


GnO Premium Weighted Blanket & Removable Bamboo Cover 


GnO Premium Weighted Blanket & Removable Bamboo Cover


The GnO Premium Adult Weighted Blanket with a removable cover comes in a large variety of weights and sizes so you can find the ideal blanket for you. The organic weighted blanket is made of natural materials: 100% organic Oeko-Tex certified cotton free from harmful chemicals, while the duvet cover is made with bamboo. This natural weighted blanket has 7 layers for extra durability and strength.

The filling consists of eco-friendly micro glass beads. When you purchase the organic cotton weighted blanket, you’ll find an easy-to-use sizing chart to make the best choice.

Customers say the blanket was comfortable, flexible for all seasons and matched the weight they needed. But others claim that the beads would not be evenly distributed over their body, and they could sometimes feel the individual beads.


Saatva Organic Weighted Blanket


Organic Weighted Blanket by Saatva

Material: Organic Cotton Velvet

Certificates: GOTS

Weight Range: 12 lbs, 20 lbs


The Saatva Organic Weighted Blanket is a luxurious organic cotton velvet designed in a quilted pattern. The organic cotton velvet is GOTS certified and it’s got no harmful chemicals. The non-toxic weighted blanket uses all-natural glass beads to give a gentle, even weight distribution that is meant to be calming and soothing. The effect is known as deep pressure stimulation to encourage relaxation and better sleep.

Saatva’s organic weighted blanket is made in a Fair Trade Certified factory, so each sale directly benefits those who made the handcrafted, chemical-free blanket. Saatva claims that their weighted blanket is organic from start (the cotton harvest) to finish (the manufacturing and crafting).


CARMA Warm Weighted Blankets


CARMA Warm Weighted Blanket

Material: Bamboo Viscose

Weight Range: 20 lbs


The CARMA Weighted Blanket is ultra-soft and cooling with 7 layers. The natural weighted blanket is made with 100% organic bamboo for durability and flexibility. This warm weighted blanket uses premium nano glass beads for the filling and weight. They offer a warranty on the blanket and include easy washing instructions. The organic bamboo weighted blanket has a cooling technique for dealing with night sweats.

The sewing method uses tight needle spacing to lock in the glass beads and keep them from moving around or falling out of the blanket.  The customers often mention just how impressive the cooling effect is compared to other natural weighted blankets. This organic weighted blanket is truly ideal and appropriate for all seasons.


Beauty Kate Weighted Blanket


Beauty Kate Weighted Blanket

Material: Cotton, Polyester

Certificates: Oeko-Tex

Weight Range: 20 lbs


The Beauty Kate Weighted Blanket is a calm, comforting, heavy blanket to improve your sleep – organically! Customers have said that the sizing runs a bit small so if you purchase a queen-sized blanket, don’t expect to have an extra blanket running over the sides of your queen-sized bed. The all-natural cotton weighted blanket has heavy, food-grade glass beads for the filling.

The Beauty Kate weighted blanket is made to be breathable and give even weight distribution. The 7-layer design gives deep touch pressure. These 7 layers include 100% Oeko-Tex certified cotton, polyester layers, and lead-free, hypoallergenic glass beads, all combined to relieve stress and improve sleep.


Bedextra Weighted Blanket


Bedextra Weighted Blanket

Material: Organic Cotton, Polyester

Certificates: GOTS

Weight Range: 20 lbs


The Bedextra Weighted Blanket gives even weight distribution by using smaller pockets for the filling. This also allows for a quieter shift of the organic weighted blanket. The organic cotton fabric is breathable, odorless, and moisture-resistant to be flexible for all seasons.

There is a dual-layer polyester padding made without glues, to add elasticity and warmth. This eco friendly weighted blanket is made of GOTS certified organic cotton with no harmful chemicals. The filling is composed of non-toxic, hypoallergenic, odorless quartz microspheres.

Many customers were happy with the difference this non-toxic weighted blanket made to their sleeping habits. Some mentioned that they would usually toss and turn at night which disturbed their sleep but this blanket helped them stay still enough to sleep through a longer period of time. This gave them deeper, more satisfying sleep.


Nirvana Universe Organic Weighted Blanket



The Nirvana Universe Organic Weighted Blanket was designed by a physical therapist to be ultra-soft and breathable. The non-toxic blanket is made with GOTS-certified organic cotton, premium BPA, and lead-free glass beads. The organic weighted blanket offers deep pressure stimulation by being wrapped under the weight of the non-toxic filling.

You’ll find 7 layers of organic cotton fiber, polyester protective layers, and glass beads. Because the blanket is made in China, the sizing may differ from what you expected, according to some customers. Many customers were very happy with the small, 4-inch pocket sizes for even weight distribution.


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What Is a Weighted Blanket?


To make a weighted blanket, two layers of fabric (with some soft material in between) are sewn along one side. Small beads made of plastic or glass, are then sewn into the openings on that side before the fabric is flipped over and the two sides are sewn together again.

A weighted blanket is a specially designed and manufactured type of blanket that can be used to give people with certain mental health or sleep disorders soothing comfort. It’s also used by children who have difficulty sleeping because it makes them feel like they are being held, lightly weighing on their chest as if someone were sitting there.

Weighted blankets made of natural materials are more breathable and eco-friendly than synthetic blankets made of polyester or microfiber. They also don’t contain any harmful chemicals typically found in synthetic materials.


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Who Is a Weighted Blanket For?


A weighted blanket can be good for anyone. The positive effects are helpful for anyone, old or young (but it’s not recommended for anyone under the age of two). The weighted blanket can be used in a medical setting or in the comfort of your own home. Thus, it’s flexible and available to anyone.

You just need to follow the precautions for choosing the correct weight. It’s especially therapeutic for people suffering from mental illnesses, chronic pain, or conditions relating to the nervous system. If you suffer from any of the following conditions, then a weighted blanket may be for you:

  • ADHD
  • Depression, anxiety, and stress
  • Insomnia
  • PTSD
  • Autism
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Restless Leg Syndrome


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Weighted Blanket Benefits


Originally, weighted blankets were a therapeutic tool to aid in special needs treatments, however, the many benefits have become increasingly popular with the general public. People are more willing to try it for themselves privately and reap the benefits of using an organic weighted blanket. Here are a few of the benefits of non-toxic weighted blankets:

  • Increases the production of melatonin and serotonin for better, happier, sleep. Melatonin and serotonin are both essential, natural products of the body to aid sleep. It helps you fall asleep easier and experience deeper sleep cycles during the night. Thus, creating a healthy sleep routine that leaves you feeling more rested in the morning.
  • Pain relief. This could mean relief from pain due to mental conditions like anxiety. The effects would include relief from symptoms such as body aches or the tension anxiety causes. Or this could also refer to physical pain relief, such as pressure application on sore joints. An organic weighted blanket can give pain relief because of the even, thoughtful weight distribution.
  • Improves your mood. This is a result of the hormones the deep pressure stimulation causes your body to release. Serotonin is the key hormone that’s responsible for your mood and feelings of well-being. Once you have produced more serotonin, you may notice an improvement in your overall mood. Plus, who doesn’t feel better after a great night of sleep!
  • Reduces cortisol in your system. This hormone is responsible for the stress levels you experience. Reducing the cortisol levels in your body by using a weighted blanket to ground your body at night can directly impact the effects of stress on your body. You’ll notice an immediate change for the better.
  • Increases focus. An organic weighted blanket, for instance, can ground a child with autism in a school setting to allow for better focus. When your mind is calm, you can learn and retain information easier.
  • Can make traveling less stressful. The frantic pace, the crowds, the confined space of a car or plane. These are all things that can make travel stressful. An organic weighted blanket can reduce these effects by giving you deep pressure stimulation on the go and keeping you calm. If you use a non-toxic weighted blanket at home, using something familiar in a hotel room or airport will be helpful.
  • Decreases the physical effects of anxiety. Your body can be in control of your mind and vice versa. A weighted blanket can help you take charge of those effects. If you want to understand more about stress and anxiety’s effects on your body, and how the deep pressure stimulation of a weighted blanket can help, read here.


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How to Choose a Weighted Blanket?


You need to consider a few things when choosing the right weighted blanket for you:

  • Size: How big is your bed; does it need to cover it?  Is it going to be big enough to share?
  • Weight: The recommended weight ratio is that the weighted blanket needs to be about 8-10% of your body weight. Any heavier and you could be risking suffocation or causing more pain rather than relieving it. This rule is especially important to follow when you’re buying a weighted blanket for a child.
  • Filling: You can choose between a few types of filling. There’s polyester fiberfill for a warmer feel. There are also glass beads, which tend to be the smallest filling option as opposed to plastic pellets, which usually result in a chunkier blanket.
  • Cover: Some brands sell the weighted blanket with a cover. This makes cleaning much easier. But if your blanket does not come with a cover, you need to think about the next section.
  • Cleaning: Not all eco-friendly weighted blankets are machine washable. Many of them highly recommend hand washing and drying on a flat surface. This can be a tedious task, so if you aren’t willing to go through those steps, consider buying a cover for your blanket. Or, purchase a blanket that’s more compatible with a machine washer.


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Are Weighted Blankets Safe?


Yes, they are perfectly safe, if you buy the correct weight. Follow the recommended guidelines of purchasing a weighted blanket 8-10% of your body weight to know that you are not in danger.

To be on the safe side, there are a few precautions you can take. Don’t buy a weighted blanket for a child under the age of two. Also, avoid using a weighted blanket if you suffer from claustrophobia, asthma, or obstructive sleep apnea.


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How to Use a Weighted Blanket?


A weighted blanket will be beneficial if used correctly. The weight ratio needs to be correct to be sure you don’t buy a blanket that’s too heavy for you.

Never use a weighted blanket over your face and try to buy a weighted blanket that fits your bed size, rather than one that is too big. This will allow you to use the weighted blanket comfortably and calmly.

Your organic weighted blanket can be the key to better sleep and healthier life. If you want to find more ways to improve your sleep naturally and use non-toxic bedding, read here.


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We hope our review has helped you find the best organic weighted blanket for your needs. Eco-friendly weighted blankets are a great choice for people who have difficulty falling asleep, children, and anyone who wants to achieve restful sleep.

The best-quality weighted blankets are made of organic and sustainable textiles such as GOTS-certified cotton, Oeko-Tex-certified wool, and bamboo to avoid unnecessary exposure to harmful substances and protect the environment.


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