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What Are the Best GOTS Certified Duvet Inserts?


In this buyer’s guide, we’ll help you choose the best GOTS-certified duvet inserts for healthy sleep. We’ve put together a list of brands specializing in non-toxic sleep products, including organic comforters and organic duvets made using only non-toxic and natural materials, to help you create a bedroom free from toxins or chemicals for a good night’s sleep.

Our pick is Plushbeds Organic Wool Comforter, this handmade comforter has a certified organic cotton cover and the filling is organic and sustainably sourced wool, take a look:


Best Organic Wool Duvet Inserts


PlushBeds Handmade Organic Wool Comforter

Best Organic Wool Comforter
PlushBeds Handmade Organic Wool Comforter

Features: GOTS Certified Organic, Eco-friendly, Eco-Wool®,

Materials: Organic Cotton, Organic Wool

Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King


PlushBeds’ wool contains no harsh chemicals or dyes so even people with sensitive skin can enjoy the pure softness of natural wool bedding without any allergic reactions.

Wool naturally helps keep away moisture from your body, and it’s a breathable material, which means it will keep you cool during the summer months and warm in winter. This property of wool comforters has been scientifically shown to enhance the quality of sleep, especially the REM phase, allowing you to wake up feeling restored and fresh.

The only downside of PlushBeds Organic Duvet Insert is that it’s not machine washable. If you get stains on the cover, use a clean cloth and cup of water to gently spot clean and leave it to dry.


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Sleep and Beyond Organic Merino Wool Comforter

Sleep & Beyond Organic Merino Wool Comforter

Features: Organic, GOTS-certified, Eco-friendly, USDA-Certified, Woolmark-certified, Hypoallergenic

Materials: Organic Wool, Organic Cotton

Sizes: Crib, Twin, Full, Queen, King

03/07/2024 12:11 pm GMT


Sleep & Beyond Merino Wool Comforter comes with organic Merino wool fill certified by USDA and Woolmark. Its 100% organic cotton shell is GOTS certified, 300 thread count. The unique Merino wool properties will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

This organic comforter is a great option if you have multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) or down allergy, feathers or polyester fibers. This 100% organic cotton comforter will help you follow a more eco-friendly lifestyle as it’s 100% biodegradable and it comes in a biodegradable cotton bag. This product comes with a 5-year warranty.

Where to Buy an Organic Comforter?


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Avocado Organic Alpaca Wool Comforter

Avocado Alpaca Wool Duvet Insert

Features: Organic, Eco-friendly, Thermoregulating

Materials: Organic Cotton, Alpaca Wool

Sizes: Twin, Full/Queen, King/Cal King


Avocado Alpaca Duvet Insert is available in two weights: lightweight for warm months and climates and all-season for colder temperatures. This organic comforter has got a GOTS-certified organic cotton casing and it’s filled with lightweight, thermoregulating, flame-resistant, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic alpaca wool.

All materials used in this GOTS-certified duvet insert are ethically sourced and free from harmful chemicals. This sustainable comforter should only be spot-cleaned, make sure you fluff it regularly and hang it in direct sun from time to time to keep it fresh.


Holy Lamb Organics Wool Comforter


The Holy Lamb Organics Wool Comforter offers a tranquil cocoon of comfort, crafted with integrity and care. Certified organic quilted comforters, they boast GOTS-certified wool snugly encased in GOTS-certified organic cotton sateen, a testament to their commitment to sustainability and quality.

Hand-tufted and stitched along the perimeter, the wool batting remains steadfastly in place, promising enduring coziness. With corner ties thoughtfully included, they secure into your duvet cover, enhancing both functionality and ease of use.

Designed to naturally regulate body temperature, these comforters offer three distinct weights – Light, Perfect, and Extra – ensuring a peaceful slumber regardless of the season, inviting you to embrace nights of unparalleled comfort and restorative rest.


OrganicTextiles Premium Natural Wool Duvet Insert

OrganicTextiles Organic Wool Comforter

Product Details: GOTS certified, Eco-friendly, Biodegradable, Hypoallergenic

Materials: Australian Wool, Organic Cotton

Sizes: Twin, Queen, King, King XL


OrganicTextiles Comforter is filled with 100% natural Australian wool and it’s got a GOTS-certified cotton cover. Wool helps absorb moisture, preventing sweating, and as it’s a breathable material, it’s a great option for hot sleepers.

You can choose between a light and heavy version depending on your preference. This sustainable duvet insert has got small loops on its corners so you can attach it to your organic duvet cover and prevent it from shifting. This organic duvet insert is machine washable in a cold, delicate cycle.


Best Organic Down Comforters


Boll and Branch Down Duvet Insert

Boll and Branch Down Duvet Insert

Product Details: Organic, Eco-friendly, Sustainably Sourced Down

Materials: Down, Organic Cotton

Sizes: Full/Queen, King/Cal King


This organic down duvet insert by Boll and Branch is filled with responsibly sourced down from the US. The cover is 100% organic cotton, and the down has been washed with an environmentally friendly detergent to ensure it’s free from any impurities before it’s placed inside the cover.

This organic down duvet has baffle block construction, preventing down from clumping and moving, so the filling is always evenly distributed throughout the duvet.

This US-made organic comforter is available in two sizes: Full/Queen and King/Cal King.


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Luxor Linens Organic Down and Down Alternative Comforters

Luxor Linens Organic Down Comforters

Features: Organic, Eco-friendly, USDA-Certified, Woolmark-certified, Hypoallergenic

Materials: Organic Cotton, Organic Down

Sizes: Twin, Queen, King


Luxor Linens offers two kinds of down and down alternative comforters: all-season and lightweight duvet for the summer. They’ve got 100% Egyptian Cotton cover, and they’re filled either with the finest rare European white goose down clusters or, if you’re allergic to down, alternative fill with proprietary fibers that mimic the feel of traditional natural down filling.

The baffle box design helps keep the down evenly in place. This organic comforter comes with a double-stitched piping seam.

Luxor Linens is also the best place to buy your organic duvet cover and other organic bedding products made only from natural fibers. If you’re not happy with this lightweight comforter, you can return it within 30 days, it also comes with a lifetime warranty.


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Best Organic Eucalyptus Fiber Comforters


The Breeze Comforter by Buffy

Best Eco-Friendly Comforter
Buffy Breeze Comforter

Product Details: Eco-friendly, Biodegradable, Hypoallergenic

Materials: 100% Eucalyptus Fiber

Sizes: Twin, Queen, King


The Breeze Comforters are filled with breathable 100% eucalyptus fiber covered with eucalyptus fabric (300 single-ply thread count) that’s naturally softer and more environmentally friendly than cotton.

Eucalyptus fibers are biodegradable, and they require less water and land to grow than cotton. Using a eucalyptus fiber-filled comforter also protects 12 geese from being live-plucked.

This sustainable duvet insert is specially designed for people who tend to sweat and overheat at night, it will keep you cool and comfortable thanks to the natural properties of eucalyptus fiber. Buffy Bedding eco comforter is also dust, mite, and mold resistant.

Buffy offers a 7-night trial period, so you have a whole week to decide if this super-soft comforter is the right choice for you. Be sure to also check our Buffy eucalyptus sheets review.


Bearaby Organic Sleeper

Best Organic Weighted Comforter
Bearaby Weighted Comforter

Product Details: Oeko-Tex certified, Eco-friendly, Biodegradable, Hypoallergenic

Materials: Organic Cotton Cover, Organic Eucalyptus Fiber Filling

Sizes: Twin, Queen, King


Bearaby Organic Sleeper is quite different from other conventional comforters. Apart from its organic eucalyptus filling, it’s also filled with glass sand, making it hug and contour your body while you sleep. Studies show that weighted blankets and duvets make your body release high levels of serotonin, which, in turn, provides for better, more restful sleep.

Apart from enhancing sleep, Bearaby’s weighted organic comforter with an Oeko-Tex-certified cotton cover is breathable, preventing sweating and overheating. When you order the duvet, you’ll be prompted to provide your weight, so the duvet weight will be customized to your needs.

If you order a queen-size or king-size sleeper, it will be customized to your and your partner’s weight, and it comes with a zip in the middle so each of you can have a separate duvet whenever you like.


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Best Certified Organic Cotton Duvet Inserts


Organic Duvet Insert by Rawganique

Rawganique Organic Cotton Duvet Insert

Materials: 100% certified organic USA cotton

Sizes: Toddler, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King


Rawganique Organic Cotton comforter has certified organic cotton fill. The organic cotton is quilted to prevent the filling from clumping.

This is an all-year-round comforter that sleeps cool, so if you live in a very cold area, it’s better to use another comforter on top of it, or a blanket, you can also opt for an organic wool comforter. This vegan comforter is made in the US.


Coyuchi Organic Cotton and Natural Down Comforters

Coyuchi Organic Cotton Comforter

Product Details: Organic, Eco-friendly, GOTS-Certified

Materials: Organic Cotton

Sizes: Twin, Queen, King


Coyuchi Organic Comforters provide lightweight warmth. It can be used on its own as a quilt or as a duvet insert. You can layer it with organic blankets or place it over your down duvet to create a comfy nest. Thanks to organic cotton fibers, this sustainable comforter is heavier and cooler than down. The feeling is more comparable to a synthetic comforter, but it’s made of 100% cotton inside and out.

This cotton duvet is made from GOTS organic certified cotton and cotton shell sourced and woven in India. This lightweight and soft comforter is finished with box stitching to distribute the fill evenly. Coyuchi organic cotton quilt is machine washable, but make sure you use non-chlorine bleach detergent and tumble dry low or line dry.


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Why is Organic Bedding Necessary for Healthy Sleep?


Organic bedding is free from potentially toxic chemicals that can irritate your skin, and cause allergic reactions, headaches, and respiratory issues. These chemicals include:

  • synthetic dyes,
  • phthalates,
  • pesticides,
  • and formaldehyde.

If you want to create a healthy environment in your bedroom,  make sure that it’s free from items that could contain those toxins. Certificates such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) are given to products that meet strict manufacturing standards.

Many of the products on our list are GOTS-certified. GOTS certifies that the fabric and fibers used in your comforter:

  • Have at least 95% organic natural fibers
  • Have not been treated with bleach, formaldehyde, or any other toxic chemicals
  • Are colored with non-toxic dyes
  • They were manufactured in places that follow strict fair trade and social and environmental standards, respecting their employees’ rights and the environment.

Buying green comforters, duvets, and blankets is not only safer for your family, but they also help the environment. The comforters we found, use sustainably sourced, biodegradable materials for your non-toxic and eco-friendly home.

Apart from GOTS-certified duvet inserts and bed linen, it’s worth investing in Greenguard-certified furniture, which is free from VOCs that could also have a devastating effect on your health.

best organic duvet insert



Buying an organic duvet insert mat be a confusing task, there are so many organic bedding products to choose from! In this review, we picked the best products that follow strict production and ethical standards to help you make your choice easier and our number one pick is Plushbeds Organic Wool Comforter.

Remember that buying an organic duvet and cover is not enough to eliminate toxins from your bedroom. Check our reviews of the best organic mattresses, Greenguard-certified furniture, and bed linens.

To create a 100% non-toxic bedroom, check our reviews of organic mattresses, organic mattress toppers, and low-VOC furniture. Find out the best GOTS-certified and Greenguard-certified bedding items and start enjoying healthy sleep in a toxin-free environment.


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All these products will help you lower your home’s VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions and reduce your contact with potentially toxic chemicals to a minimum.

With organic home products, the air quality in your home will drastically improve and you’ll notice that you’ll feel better and more energetic in the morning.


Where to Buy an Organic Comforter?

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