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What Are the Best Non-Toxic Bookcases?

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If you want to create an eco-friendly, chemical-free home for your family, non-toxic furniture is a must. Conventional furniture can release toxic chemicals into the air that can have a negative effect on human health.

When choosing a non-toxic bookcase, it’s important to make sure that it’s made from solid wood or eco-MDF and that the piece is either unfinished (so you can paint it yourself with natural oil) or it’s got a non-toxic, water-based finish that will release very low amounts of VOCs and won’t affect the air quality at your home.

Take a look at our review of the best non-toxic bookcases:

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Dulplay Wooden Bookshelf


Dulplay Wooden Bookshelf

Material: Bamboo

Finish: Water-based, eco-friendly paint

Dulplay Wooden Bookshelf is a non-toxic bookshelf made from 100% natural bamboo. According to the manufacturer, the finish is water-based and eco-friendly and doesn’t release a chemical smell. It’s a very versatile bookshelf as the height of the shelves can be adjusted and they can be removed when necessary.

What’s more this chemical-free bookshelf comes in 15 different sizes from 39 x 20 x 10″ to 70 x 31 x 10, so you’re bound to find an affordable non-toxic bookcase that will be perfect for your space.


International Concepts Bookcase


International Concepts Bookcase
$169.99 $144.99

Material: Solid rubberwood

Finish: Unfinished

03/07/2024 10:41 am GMT

International Concepts Bookcase is a solid wood bookcase that is sold unfinished. It’s made from solid rubberwood, which is considered a sustainable and renewable resource. Rubberwood comes from fallen latex-producing trees, and once they stop producing latex, they are replaced with new trees.

This x-sided bookshelf is available with three and four shelves, and you can choose from two heights. What I like about this eco-friendly bookcase is that you can choose a natural wood finish, such as linseed oil or beeswax, so you can be totally sure it won’t release any toxic chemicals or chemical smells


Lavish Home Bookshelf


Lavish Home Bookshelf
$59.99 $39.52

Material: Solid wood

Finish: Unfinished

03/08/2024 02:56 am GMT

Lavish Home Bookshelf will add a touch of rustic style to your home. The solid wood construction makes it a durable piece. It’s lightweight but sturdy. You can use it in any room because of its versatile design. This chemical-free will work well as a ladder shelf for bathroom towels or as a display shelf for your living room.

The company specializes in luxury home items that are made with the help of an interior designer. This ladder shelf is designed with practicality and beauty in mind.



Wallniture Rustic Storage Bin Crates


Wallniture Rustic Storage Bin Crates have a rectangular design that’s capable of standing alone or together as a set. It’s a versatile, functional product that’s useful for decoration or storage. The wood is unfinished, solid birch wood. You can hang them to make a unique storage space to be used vertically or horizontally.

Because they are unfinished, you can choose to paint them with a low or non-VOC paint, a natural finish, or leave them with a natural wood look.  The mounting screws and anchors are included to make for easy, convenient installation.


Sarah Bookcase by Copeland


Sarah Bookcase by Copeland

Material: Solid Wood

Finish: Water-Based Non-Toxic Finish, Greenguard GOLD Certified

Sarah Bookcase is custom manufactured with a classic, simple style. This non-toxic bookcase is made with solid, FSC-certified cherry wood. It’s ideal for home or office settings. The bookcase is Greenguard-certified real wood – no MDF or veneer.

The company works with the SmartWood program of the Rainforest Alliance which means their wood is sustainably sourced, non-GMO, and not threatened. You have a variety of finishes to choose from to get the color that you want. They make water-based finishes available for their products to reduce VOCs in your home.


Currant Leaning Shelf by Greenington


Greenington Currant Leaning Bookshelf

Material: Solid Wood

Finish: Water-Based Non-Toxic Finish, Greenguard GOLD Certified

03/07/2024 03:06 am GMT

Currant Leaning Shelf is a brilliant, non-toxic book storage option for small spaces. You can get it in simple, versatile colors. It’s made with 100% solid bamboo. It’s designed to lean against a wall and store anything you want.

Greenington only uses mature bamboo for its products. Bamboo takes only 5 years to reach maturation, making it a great renewable source for the shelf.

The adhesive used to bond the bamboo together into strips is low in formaldehyde to meet OSHA and California standards. The factory producing this sustainable bookcase is located near the source of bamboo minimizing the carbon footprint. This shelf is a stylish, modern way to use space effectively.


Magnolia Shelf by Greenington


Magnolia Shelf by Greenington

Material: Bamboo

Finish: Low-VOC Finish

Magnolia Shelf by Greenington is an exotic bookshelf that gives an air of elegance and style to any area. It’s perfect for a bathroom, bedroom, or entryway. The shelf can be used for storage or putting your home decor on display.

It’s crafted with 100% solid Moso bamboo making for a sturdy, but not heavy shelf. They guarantee that there is no particleboard, MDF, or plywood involved.

Made with bamboo, these sustainable bookshelves are made of renewable resources. The factories are located in China to be near the source of lumber to reduce their carbon footprint. They are strictly regulated by quality control guidelines to ensure you get the finest shelf possible.


Masaya & Co. Apanas Organic Bookshelf


Masaya & Co. Apanas Bookshelf

Material: Sustainably Sourced Royal Mahogany

Finish: Water-based, low-VOC poly finish

Masaya & Co. Apanas Bookshelf is made with sustainably harvested Royal Mahogany. Then it’s finished with a water-based, low-VOC poly finish. There are 100 trees planted for each product sold. The shelf is handmade for a modern, mid-century look.

Once you place your order, it’s made for you within 8-12 weeks unless it’s in stock, then you’ll receive it in a week. You can choose between a front door or white glove delivery. It’s useful in a home or boutique environment because the shelf is able to display your special home items or showcase items for sale.


Modern Wood Cocktail Cubes by Alabama Sawyer


Rainbow City Cubes by Alabama Sawyer

Material: Reclaimed Solid Wood

Finish: Natural Oil

Alabama Sawyer Cocktail Cubes are multi-functional, modern-style cubes that can be a great non-toxic book storage solution. They can be used as a low room divider if you stack them on the floor or as a wall decoration for book storage space.

You can get them in one color or choose multiple colors, including a simple natural wood. The cubes have brass pins making them elegant and bright.

This non-toxic cube storage is finished with hand-rubbed oil. The company uses reclaimed wood, meaning they give a second life to wood that would otherwise end up in a landfill. The wood then undergoes a strictly controlled milling and drying process through the hands of skilled craftsmen to give you a high-quality product in the end.


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How to Choose a Non-Toxic Bookcase?


If you’re looking for a high-quality, but low-VOC bookcase, there are options. It’s possible to find a nontoxic bookcase, you just need to look around and know what you’re looking for. Here are a few things to look at when you consider a non-toxic bookcase:




Every shelf and bookcase is composed of separate parts that need to be joined together to form a useful piece of furniture. The key to making sure your bookcase is safe and nontoxic is looking at the means of assembly used in it.

Was it bonded with toxic glue or adhesive? Did they use joints without glue at all? You need to be sure that the shelf was built with non-toxic glues.




This is exactly what it sounds like – the finishing touch. It not only can change the way your bookcase or shelf looks, but it also aids in protecting it against elements and general wear and tear.

The important factor is finding a safe, non-toxic finish. There are many ways to protect the product without using harmful finishes.




What materials is your bookcase or shelf made out of? Are they synthetically produced like MDF or naturally occurring like solid wood? The preferable choice is to buy solid wood furniture so as to avoid the adhesives or chemical exposure of artificially produced wood.


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There are many beautiful nontoxic bookcases and shelves available to decorate your home and store items. It just shows that even your storage space counts when making your home toxin-free. Just about every piece of furniture can be safe and free from harmful chemicals.

On our website, you can find out more about keeping your home toxin-free in every room – from your bedroom (who knew mattresses could be a source of VOCs!) to your sofa and dining table.


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