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Top 12 Natural Headboards

A headboard may not seem like a likely source of VOCs in your home, but between the potentially toxic finishes, materials and even adhesives, it can be harmful if you don’t choose carefully. After all, even though you don’t sleep on it, you sleep right next to it night after night.

You need a headboard to combine “practical”, “pretty”, and “natural”. This review will help you find a natural headboard that is safe for you and your family and will beautifully complement your non toxic bed frame. Take a look at our picks:

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Rustic Farmhouse Natural Wood Headboard

Rustic Farmhouse Headboard$429.00 Reclaimed wood headboard with non-toxic stain and finish Sizes: Twin: 48H x 41W, Full: 48H x 56W, Queen: 48H x 62W, King: 48H x 78W Rustic Farmhouse HeadboardBuy Now03/07/2024 04:31 pm GMT

You’ll add rustic, farmhouse chic to your bedroom with this cozy Rustic Farmhouse Headboard. It’s made with 100% solid reclaimed wood finished with an eco-friendly wood stain and finish.

The handcrafted piece is built to last and made in the USA, all wood is locally sourced helping to cut the carbon footprint to provide for eco-conscious customers.

You can experience a personal, non-toxic, and rustic touch with this natural wood headboard because each headboard will be unique in its grain and density. Customers were happy with its easy assembly and naturally beautiful look.

Java Rattan Headboard by The Citizenry

Java Rattan Headboard by The Citizenry$595 Natural rattan headbord made in Indonesia Size: Full/Queen - 62"W x 21.5"H x 2"D, King/Cali King - 77"W x 21.5"H x 2"D Java Rattan Headboard by The CitizenryBuy Now

This handcrafted rattan headboard is a great way to naturally achieve a laid-back, Bohemian vibe in your bedroom. The lightweight Manau rattan is surprisingly sturdy and durable.

You can clean the Java Rattan Headboard with a damp cloth or dry microfiber cloth. This sustainable headboard is handcrafted in Cirebon, Indonesia by master artisans to be stunning, easy to install and functional.

Customers have been surprised over and over by it’s lightweight, easy installation and it’s natural color that brings a touch of calming nature to your bedroom. There’s no need for fancy design, finished materials or extra colors when you see this simple, yet beautiful natural headboard.

South Shore Lilak Rattan Headboard

South Shore Lilak Headboard$320.00$282.21 Handwoven rattan headboard with wooden legs South Shore Lilak HeadboardBuy Now03/08/2024 12:31 am GMT

This rattan headboard  may give you the feeling of being at the ocean. It’s simple rattan with a clear finish to keep your bedroom naturally coastal and graceful.

The earthy elegance is all achieved without the need for assembly. You’ll find this wicker headboard is just what you need to relax and sleep in without the worry of toxins.

Thos Rattan Headboard is a simple and practical choice for those who want that natural, coastal look in their bedroom without spending too much money or time on it.

Natural Wood Headboard by Ourhood

Natural Wood Headboard by Ourhood$269 Solid wood headboard with natural oil finish Natural Wood Headboard by OurhoodView on Etsy

Made from a single piece of European walnut, this Natural Wood Headboard has a beautiful warm texture that will make your bed look cozy and inviting. It's finished with bio oils and hand-rubbed beeswax for a smooth, durable finish.

Plus, the legs feature metal inserts at the joints which greatly improve durability and practicality. So if you're looking for a good-looking and practical headboard, our natural wood headboard is the perfect choice!

Atlantic Furniture Mission Headboard

Atlantic Furniture Mission Headboard$157.99 Solid wood headboard with non-toxic finish Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen King Atlantic Furniture Mission HeadboardBuy Now03/07/2024 12:46 am GMT

This natural headboard will give your bedroom a contemporary, rugged feel. It’s a traditional mission slat design made with sustainably sourced solid hardwood. This wood has a durable, non-toxic finish.

Atlantic Furniture Mission Headboard is designed for a metal bed frame. You could add this solid wood headboard to your non-toxic bedroom furniture to finish off the simple, contemporary look.

Many customers complained about the poor quality and difficult assembly despite the fact that it matched their bedroom style so well. They claimed that it did come with mismatching or misaligned assembly holes. Others said their headboard arrived with scratches or cracks.

Hetch Bamboo Headboard by Medley Home

Hetch Bamboo Headboard by Medley Home$1299 Bamboo headboard with low-VOC water-based finish Sizes: Length60" / 72" / 84" / 96", Depth3", Height48" Hetch Bamboo Headboard by Medley HomeView on Medley Home

You can customize the size of this Hetch Bamboo Headboard to fit your bed. It’s perfect if you already have a bed base, they can simply cut it to the size you need. Medley can even make it with a mounting board if you need it. This modern headboard will also look great with a floating bed frame.

The bamboo material has a smooth, clean look with a unique grain to each product. The bamboo is rapidly renewable and durable and finished with a water-based, low-VOC protective matte clear coat. You can be sure there are no harsh chemicals or fire retardants in this product.

Atlantic Furniture Madison Headboard

Atlantic Furniture Madison Headboard$193.07$160.40 Headboard made from sustainably sourced solid wood with a non-toxic finish Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King Atlantic Furniture Madison HeadboardBuy Now03/07/2024 05:11 pm GMT

The clean lines of this panelled headboard give the traditional design a modern take. The classic design is made with sustainably-sourced solid hardwood and a non-toxic, durable finish. You can use it with a metal bed frame to complete your bedroom set.

Customers complained about the poor quality control of Atlantic Furniture Madison Headboards. Although the headboards fit the specifications they hoped for, they often arrived with scratches, cracks, or misaligned holes. The assembly was also more complicated than most customers expected.

Lakon Cane Headboard by The Citizenry

Lakon Rattan and Cane Headboard$595 Natural rattan and cane headboard made in Indonesia Size: Full/Queen - 62"W x 21.5"H x 2"D, King/Cali King - 77"W x 21.5"H x 2"D Lakon Rattan and Cane HeadboardView on The Citizenry

This modern headboard is an organic combination of rattan and cane handcrafted in Indonesia by master artisans. Rattan and cane are renewable and eco-friendly materials.

Lakon Cane Headboard by The Citizenry is handwoven in a fair trade environment in Indonesia. You’ll add a warm tone to your bedroom with this unique, thoughtful headboard.

The light, natural color is hard to miss, and yet, it’s also not too “in your face”. This organic headboard is easy to clean, simply wipe it down with a damp or microfiber cloth.

Ceremony Headboard by Medley Home

Ceremony Headboard by Medley Home$535.50 Non toxic upholstered headboard with natural latex padding Sizes: Length60" / 72" / 84" / 96", Width36" / 48", Height5" Ceremony Headboard by Medley HomeView on Medley Home

The Ceremony Headboard can come with a mounting board if you need it. You have a large selection of fabric choices to find your perfect look. Medley can also cut this non-toxic upholstered headboard to any size to fit your existing bed frame.

Made with absolutely no harsh chemicals or flame retardants, this organic tufted headboard will be safe for your bedroom.

This chemical-free upholstered headboard is padded with luxurious natural latex filling and can either be covered in natural or organic fabric, such as organic cotton and organic linen. You can choose a solid or quilted appearance to suit whatever style you want in your bedroom.

Hanging Leather Headboard by The Citizenry

Hanging Leather Headboard by The Citizenry$795 Hanging headboard made of vegetable-tanned leather with a canvas back, made in Portugal Sizes: Full/Queen - 62"L x 28"H x 1.5"D, King/Cali King - 77"L x 28"H x 1.5"D Hanging Leather Headboard by The CitizenryView on The Citizenry

The minimal, masculine design of this Hanging Leather Headboard makes it stand out from the rest. The clean look of the headboard will suit most bedroom styles. It is made by handcrafted cow leather that is ethically sourced in Portugal.

The vegetable-tanned hues give a rich appearance to this luxe leather. It will require professional care for cleaning. This leather headboard is easy to install and lightweight for practical functionality.

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Organic Headboard by Cottoned Shop

Organic Cotton Headboard CushionFrom $225

Organic cotton filled tufted headboard with cotton, linen or velvet cover Organic Cotton Headboard CushionView on Etsy

This organic headboard is a great way to add a natural and stylish touch to your bedroom while also protecting your family from harmful VOCs. The headboard is made with GOTS certified organic cotton filling and a cotton or linen cover, and it is fully customizable to the size and shape you need.

Organic Headboard by Cottoned Shop is available with three tuft finish options, so you can choose the one that best fits your style. Plus, the tufting helps to keep the filling in place, preventing it from shifting or bunching up. This ensures that you'll always have a comfortable and supportive headboard.

LAX Series King Headboard Cabinet by MASHstudios

LAX Series King Headboard Cabinet by MASHstudios$1595LAX Series King Headboard Cabinet by MASHstudiosView on 2Modern

Mash Studios has made a wall-mounted headboard that eliminates the need for additional nightstands. If you have a small space, this two sided panel nontoxic headboard with sliding panels can provide all the storage you’ll need. The solid English walnut frame is finished with a VOC-free natural oil and free from formaldehyde glue or other toxins.

The white powder-coated metal fronts that cover the sliding panels give this LAX Series King Headboard Cabinet a modern touch while the solid wood construction keeps it rustic and durable. You can care for this natural wood headboard easily with just a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

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Your modern bedroom can be natural and non-toxic with these beautiful, functional headboards. To complete your non-toxic bedroom, you’ll have to consider the other chemical-free pieces of furniture.

For instance, if you don’t have a natural bed frame or mattress yet, you can look at some of our suggestions here to make the switch to a safer bedroom. In fact, why stop at the bedroom set, you can have non-toxic furniture in every room! Just look at some of these options for non-toxic bookcases, natural wood dining tables, or chemical-free desks.

Creating a chemical-free bedroom involves carefully choosing the materials and the furniture. You don’t have to sacrifice beauty and functionality, you can just use natural safe materials that won't off-gas toxic chemicals into the air your breath when sleeping.

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