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Top 12 Organic Travel Pillows


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Traveling can be exhausting. Between long lines, delays, and the cramped space of an airplane or bus, it’s no wonder that people are always looking for ways to make their journeys more comfortable.

One way is with a travel pillow. We recommend organic travel pillows because they’re made from natural materials like buckwheat, latex, and organic cotton instead of synthetic materials, which can cause skin irritation and allergies.


Edomi Buckwheat Neck Pillow

Edomi Buckwheat Neck Pillow

Filling: Buckwheat

Cover: Cotton

03/07/2024 12:06 am GMT

The Edomi Buckwheat Neck Pillow is the perfect lightweight yet supportive pillow for those who want to get a good night’s rest while traveling. It comes with a 100% cotton cover and natural high-quality buckwheat hulls filling that can be adjusted thanks to its zippered cover.

It will keep your neck cozy while supporting you at just the right angle. The shape of this organic travel pillow makes it a perfect choice not only for traveling but also for sleeping on your recliner or taking a nap wherever you are.

It can also be used by stroke patients and people with partial paralysis to support their neck and head. It’s a firm pillow, so while it may be a perfect choice for some users, others may find it too rigid and unpliable.

Do not wash your buckwheat hulls, put them in the freezer to freshen up instead! Also, remove your cover and liner before washing and do it by hand with normal machine settings or use a delicate cycle temperature.


Pine Tales Buckwheat Travel Pillow

Pine Tales Buckwheat Travel Pillow

Filling: Buckwheat

Cover: Bamboo

The Pine Tales Buckwheat Pillow is a perfect pillow for traveling. It has a removable, washable, super soft, and smooth Matrix Design Bamboo Pillowcase. Made to be durable, the zippers on both the inner pillowcase and bamboo case allow you to easily remove or add filling as needed to achieve your ideal comfort level.

Good for all sleeping positions, this organic buckwheat husk pillow also offers lumbar support in vehicles or at home (use it in your car, airplanes, etc.). Handcrafted in Phoenix, Arizona, from 100% organic buckwheat hulls that promote airflow. It weighs about 1,7 lbs, so it’s compact enough for simple travel.


Leewadee Thai Travel Pillow

The Leewadee Thai Travel Pillow is fabricated with natural plant materials (kapok and cotton) to support the neck, back, and spine comfortably. Perfect for long-distance plane commuters or as a travel pillow, this breathable cushion is easily adjustable to suit your needs.

The cotton cover features a traditional Thai design that’s sure to delight even the most discerning traveler. Sustainable handcrafting ensures a high-quality product from skilled artisans without breaking the bank.

This is a very firm neck pillow and some people may find it too rigid. If you’re looking for something softer, keep reading! 


Bean Products Kapok Pillow

Bean Products Kapok Pillow

Filling: Kapok

Cover: Cotton

Give your head, neck and body a break from dirt, dust mites as well as allergens. This truly breathable 100% Kapok fiber pillow, composed of natural organic fibers, gives you outstanding air flow that prevents overheating while sleeping. Its silky lightweight downy fill, enclosed in a cotton shell, is very similar to down yet firm enough not to bottom out – providing great head and neck support.

This eco-friendly hypoallergenic cushion is filled with completely renewable kapok fibers humanely harvested for a sustainable supply. Bean Products Kapok Travel Pillows are vegan-friendly, meaning they don’t contain any animal products cruelty, and, unlike conventional travel pillows, they’re also chemical-free.


WheatDreamz Organic Millet Hull Pillows

WheatDreamz Organic Millet Hull Pillow

Filling: Millet Hull

Cover: Cotton

WheatDreamz Organic Millet Hull Pillows with organic cotton outer cover make for a comfortable and cool sleeping experience, free from toxic chemicals. Travel with comfort, use these pillows to give you the proper neck support while you sleep in unfamiliar places, uncomfortable seats or airplanes.

WheatDreamz Organic Millet Hull Pillows not only make for perfect parallel spine alignment but they also give you a comfortable pillow that conforms to your unique head and neck contours as no two people are created equal hence giving proper cervical curve support.

These malleable, soft pillows are a great choice for side sleepers, as they’re easy to adjust even to the shape of your ears, helping you prevent ear pain.

These naturally breathable pillows come pretty full, so most users will prefer to remove a bit of the filling for optimal support and comfort.


KaPillow Travel Contour Pillow

KaPillow Travel Contour Pillow

Filling: Kapok

Cover: GOTS Certified Sateen Cotton

The KaPillow Travel Contour Pillow is a luxurious travel companion with all the features to make carrying your favorite pillow know no bounds. The luxury GOTS-certified organic sateen cotton cover feels soft and smooth against the skin, and it’s so durable that you can easily wash it up in your washing machine.

This travel-size contour pillow saves space when compressed, but still provides extra support for long-haul flights or train rides! This super soft hypoallergenic kapok-filled contour pillow is a practical choice when you need just a little more comfort on those train or plane journeys.


Sachi Organics Buckwheat Cylinder Neck Pillow

Sachi Organics Buckwheat Cylinder Neck Pillow

Filling: Buckwheat

Cover: Organic Cotton Canvas

03/07/2024 12:06 pm GMT

The Sachi Buckwheat Pillow’s cylindrical shape easily contours around your neck and shoulders so you can get comfortable quickly in any position. Settling down for a nap has never been easier!

Set it up just how you like it by removing or adding hulls to change the loft. The fact that air circulates easily through the pillow is one reason why they’re so popular for people with allergies who need firm support; another is because they’re well-known for being firm and supportive.

While many people will find it a perfect fit, some complain that this non toxic neck pillow is too hard and noisy. If you prefer something softer, try a kapok or millet pillow instead. These pillows are made in America from organic cotton.


Kapok Dreams Cervical Cushion

Kapok Dreams Cervical Cushion is the perfect travel accessory, very durable and sustainable. Kapok is a light, hypoallergenic type of filling that provides cushioning support in any position needed, under legs and arms or neck pillow as well!

It insulates your body from both external heat and cold and joins those two relaxing qualities together with absorbency – not to mention its environmental friendliness for choosing natural materials over manmade ones. This travel pillow weighs less than 1 lb so it’ll be easy to store in your suitcase.

Kapok Dreams Cervical Cushion has a major drawback: It’s not machine-washable. If it gets stained, you can spot clean it, but never try to hand wash it or put it into a washing machine.

The OTOP project ensures that all products are made by their village collectives with fair trade practices, so you can rest assured to be getting high-quality goods every time.


Copper Comfort CottonX Copper Infused Travel Pillow

Copper Comfort CottonX Copper Infused Travel Pillow

Filling: Cotton, Buckwheat+wool, Wool or Organic Wool

Cover: Copper Infused Cotton

CottonX Copper Infused Travel Pillow is designed to be both a cozy and supportive travel companion. It’s made of cotton fabric with copper infused in the thread, providing antimicrobial properties. You can choose from a range of pillow filling types, including wool, buckwheat or organic wool, for allergy-friendly alternatives, so it’ll go perfectly with your stylish eco-conscious lifestyle.

The team of seamstresses who hand sew this pillow take great pride and joy in their workmanship and will send you handmade quality products straight out of San Francisco! The hand-stitched detail on this Copper Infused Travel Pillow helps prolong its lifespan, as well as ensure maximum comfort when you’re on the move.


Avocado Organic Mini Pillow

Avocado Organic Mini Pillow

Filling: Kapok and Latex

Cover: GOTS Certified Organic

Protect your little corner of the world and bring it with you wherever you go. This organic latex travel pillow is a super-soft, breathable pillow that’s made entirely from natural and sustainable materials: GOTS-certified cotton, kapok and GOLS-certified resilient organic latex.

Organic Mini Pillow by Avocado is perfect for airplanes or camping trips, so you’ll always have fresh sleep coziness with you. The material guarantees safe sleeping too – the organic cotton stitching is gentle on the skin, and there’s no heavy metal zipper to scratch the sensitive part of your neck.


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Nobildonna Organic Latex Travel Pillow

Nobildonna Latex Travel Neck Pillow

Filling: Natural Latex

Cover: Modal Cotton

Comfortably rest your head and neck while you fly with this latex travel neck pillow. Squeeze it gently to change the shape of the air chamber for more or less support, take out some filling if desired. The zippered cover, made from modal cotton, can conveniently be removed when needed for cleaning.

Nobildonna Latex Travel Neck Pillow allows you to rest comfortably in airplanes, buses, trains and automobiles and it naturally alleviates neck pain. It’s made from natural latex without any chemical smell nor toxic substances.  It’s a good choice for people looking for a softer pillow, that is very malleable but still provides plenty of support.




Are Travel Pillows Worth the Investment?


If you often find yourself on the go, a travel pillow could be worth your investment. Travel pillows are typically designed to provide maximum comfort and support for long hours of sitting or sleeping while traveling. They come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can customize the one that is right for you.

Travel pillows are specially designed for long hours of sitting or sleeping while traveling, so they’re different than standard bed pillows. They’re much more effective in making you as comfortable as possible when sleeping in a sitting position.

On the other hand, some people find them uncomfortable because they don’t pack well, but it’s worth giving it a try if you travel for long hours on long-haul flights or lengthy train and coach journeys.

organic travel pillows

How to Choose the Best Travel Pillow?


The best way to choose a neck pillow is by finding one that matches your needs. Take a look at our tips on choosing the right travel pillow:

  • Consider how you’re going to pack the pillow for your journey. While a small rectangular pillow or a cervical pillow may be easier to put in your suitcase, a neck pillow can be attached to your backpack to be easily accessible at all times.
  • A rectangular neck pillow offers a different kind of support than a traditional U-shaped one and it’s easier to position under your head if you can sleep in a horizontal position. A neck or cervical pillow may work better if you’re sitting while sleeping.
  • A cervical pillow is a good choice for travelers who have neck problems because it provides firmer support.


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Should I Choose a Firm or Soft Travel Pillow?


The best travel pillows are soft and supportive at the same time. While you want something that is firm enough to provide neck support, it shouldn’t be too stiff because, in some people, it can cause neck pain after a few hours of sleep.

An organic pillow with latex, buckwheat or millet hulls filling in its cover can offer both comfort and stability! Kapok filling is also a great choice, but if it’s tightly packed, it can make your pillow very hard, and while the firm comfort level a the best choice for many, some people may find them too rigid and uncomfortable.


Why Choose an Organic Travel Pillow?


When buying a travel pillow, your best bet is to go organic. Synthetic fillers like polyester and foam are often found in the construction of popular travel pillows, but research has shown these materials to be quite unhealthy.

Foam can off-gas toxins such as formaldehyde while raising concerns about flame retardants that may not meet safety standards. Polyesters have been linked with allergies, asthma, and skin sensitivities.

An organic buckwheat or latex filling is a better choice for those with sensitive skin, which has been shown to resist dust mites and regulate temperature well. Eco-friendly travel pillows use cotton on their covers, which is a much better choice for those with allergies since cotton naturally resists allergens.

These pillows are also more eco-friendly because they require less energy to produce, and have a much lower carbon footprint. They’re also completely biodegradable, so they won’t become a permanent part of our landfills.


organic travel pillow



We all know that when you travel, the last thing you want to worry about is getting a stiff neck. And if there’s one type of pillow we recommend over any other for alleviating this problem, it’s an organic travel pillow. Organic pillows are made from natural materials and free from toxic chemicals like polyurethane foam or formaldehyde, which can be found in synthetic pillows.

This means they’re safe for both your health and the environment! If you find yourself with a stiff neck next time you hit the road, try using an organic cotton filled travel pillow instead of its synthetic counterpart – because who doesn’t need more reasons to avoid chemicals?

Sleeping while traveling can be rough, but there are various options to help make it more comfortable. A neck pillow is one option that has been gaining popularity over recent years as more people are choosing eco-friendly comfort for sustainable living.

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