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What Are the Best Organic Kapok Pillows?

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If you are in the market for a new pillow, it can be difficult to find one that is both comfortable and eco-friendly. Many people do not know what kapok is, or how it differs from other types of pillows.

Organic kapok pillows with organic cotton casing offer many benefits over synthetic options and should be considered if you want to make a sustainable purchase. This article will introduce you to the different types of organic kapok pillows available on the market today and outline some key considerations when choosing between them.


Magnolia Organic Cotton and Kapok Pillow

Magnolia Organics Kapok Pillow

Materials: GOTS Certified Kapok and GOTS Certified Cotton Cover

03/07/2024 04:11 pm GMT

Magnolia Organic Kapok Pillow is eco-friendly, breathable and hypoallergenic, so it will offer you amazing restful sleep. The GOTS-certified kapok filling is also resistant to dust mites, moisture and allergens, making this pillow an excellent choice for allergy sufferers searching for their perfect match.

The GOTS-certified organic cotton casing may require spot cleaning only, as the Kapok Fill should not be machine washed due to its natural structure – it clumps up if soaked in water.


Organic Textiles Kapok Pillow

Organic Textiles Kapok Pillow

Materials: Natural Kapok and GOTS Certified Cotton

The Kapok Pillow from Organic Textiles is filled with 100% natural kapok that feels very cozy to the touch. This cushion has a choice of size (standard, queen and king) and covers made out of GOTS-certified cotton material cover include an easy-to-use zippered closure.

This pillow can be customized by removing some of the filling, so you can make this pillow high or flat, depending on your preferences. The organic pillow comes free from flame retardants or other harmful chemicals, which means it’s a healthy option and eco-friendly too.


Avocado Green Pillow

Avocado Green Pillow

Materials: GOLS certified organic latex, GOTS certified organic kapok, GOTS organic certified cotton cover

The Avocado Green Pillow is certified by Greenguard GOLD as an environmentally preferable product, and it’s filled with two renewable materials: latex and kapok. This provides a healthy sleeping experience without releasing harmful chemicals into your environment, while at the same time offering great support for your head and neck alignment.

The GOTS certified quilted cotton textile cover fits over pillow fill forms a plush layer for comfort and inside there´s an organic jersey liner made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton thread allowing the pillows to be machine washed at home.

Avocado Green Pillow is sold with an extra fill bag, allowing you to customize it to your needs. The fact that this pillow is Greenguard GOLD certified, GOTS certified and Certified Organic means that it is a healthier choice.


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KaPillow by White Lotus

White Lotus Home KaPillow

Materials: GOTS certified organic cotton and kapok

03/07/2024 08:46 am GMT

The KaPillow’s design is simple – a soft, natural GOTS-certified cotton sateen casing filled with all-natural Kapok fiber. This contour kapok pillow has an open seam down the center of it, creating a dip from which to rest your head and a leaving lip on either side to support your neck.

Made in the USA, KaPillow is perfect for anyone who deals with stress on their neck, but in particular, those who like to sleep on their sides or pregnant women – which is why the KaPillow is sold with an extra fill bag, allowing you to customize it from a soft head hugger all-night pillow to a firm, supportive side sleeper pillow. Adjusting the firmness level for your KaPillow is easy: unzip it and add or remove fill as you please!


Lilypad Kids Natural Pillow

Lilypad Kids Natural Pillow

Materials: GOTS certified cotton and kapok

Size: 19" x 26"

The Lilypad Kids Pillow is a hypoallergenic and breathable pillow, created especially for children. The cover is GOTS organic cotton which saves on allergies or asthma.

Not only is it made of high-quality material, but the low profile design of the product (making it a great bedside companion) uses a combination of kapok and latex ribbons that are not just soft to cuddle with but effective in preventing allergies more than traditional pillows.

It also contains no chemical flame retardants, heavy metals, or phthalates and can easily be machine washed according to care instructions.


Natural Kapok Bed Pillow by Futon Shop

Natural Kapok Bed Pillow by Futon Shop

Materials: Organic Cotton and Kapok

Our Natural Kapok Bed Pillow by Futon Shop is made from only the finest fillings, kapok, that’s chemical-free and also vegan. So there are zero worries about allergies with this bed pillow, as it’s also hypoallergenic.

Choose your size based on personal preference but rest easy knowing they are handmade items creating at their factory here in San Francisco by skilled seamstresses.


Organic Kapok Sleep Pillow by Bean Products

Bean Products Standard Organic Kapok Pillow
$79.95 $67.96

Material: Organic Cotton and Kapok

03/08/2024 06:51 am GMT

Bean Products’ Kapok Sleep Pillow offers a 100% natural fiber that is warm in winter and cool in summer. Its lightweight, downy texture makes this organic pillow highly breathable. Kapok can be stretched into any shape, making it tangle-proof and able to withstand severe conditions.

The 100% organic cotton exterior fabric stuffed with untreated kapok fiber makes for the perfect mix of softness and firmness and the optimum head-neck spine support possible.

Choosing Bean Products will help you protect the environment as they don´t use petroleum-based foam or chemicals in their home goods but instead choose non-toxic, planet-friendly options. The Bean Products Kapok Sleep Pillow is made in the USA.


Organic Kapok Pillow by SkinnyPillow

SkinnyPillow Organic Kapok Pillow

Materials: Organic Cotton and Kapok

This Kapok Pillow by SkinnyPillow, made in the USA, was designed to offer peace of mind for those looking to rest easy at night. This organic pillow has got a 100% organic cotton casing that is incredibly breathable yet snug and supportive.

For more neck support than with any other pillow, this all-natural option also has an organically grown kapok filling inside, which is irresistibly soft and provides ultimate comfort without sacrificing firmness.

Your spine will thank you as this non-allergenic flat-filled design caters to sensitive sleepers with its thin profile while also providing ample loft without being overly hard or clunky.


Sachi Organics Kapok Bed Pillow

Sachi Organics Kapok Bed Pillow

Materials: Organic cotton and kapok

03/08/2024 02:31 am GMT

The Kapok Pillow by Sachi Organics is an earthy and organic way to get a good night’s sleep. The exterior of this eco-friendly pillow is crafted with GOTS certified 100% organic cotton, while the inside is composed of real, safe, and sturdy Kapok filling that offers you support at all times.

Kapok also makes these pillows more comfortable through added softness and fluffiness. With a handcrafted touch and made in the USA. If you’re looking for a healthy, sustainable option, look no further than these pillows!


Everpillow by Infinitemoon

Everpillow by Infinitemoon

Materials: Organic cotton and kapok

Next on our list is Everpillow by Infinitemoon. This unique curved Infinite pillow is designed to provide the utmost comfort while sleeping. The elements of this pillow are natural and organic and contain no artificial fills or materials, making it hypoallergenic, non-toxic and antimicrobial: an all-around safer option for a good night’s sleep.

It also helps boost blood circulation by improving head and neck alignment during rest time. Thanks to the organic cotton zippered cover, the amount of Kapok filling can be customized to suit your needs and preferences, with a wide range of proportions that can be mixed as desired.


Layla Kapok Pillow

Layla Kapok Pillow

Materials: Polyester, Viscose, Certi-Pur Certified Memory Foam, Kapok

Although this kapok pillow is not organic, we decided to include it in our review due to its unique qualities. The Layla Kapok Pillow is a truly special combination of Kapok fibers and reactive Certi-Pur certified memory foam fill that contours better than most pillows.

The breathable fabric cover is made from polyester/viscose with the natural cleaning abilities of CuTEC® performance copper plus fibers woven into it to keep this product cleaner and cooler. Research shows that copper-infused pillow covers can help to reduce the release of allergens and other particles that can cause allergies.

Lying on Kapok is like being enveloped in a cloud—it’s softer, airier, and sleeps cooler than cotton or wool, so you get even loftier support for a better night’s sleep. The Layla Kapok Pillow is a little more expensive than the other pillows on this list, but it will last you for years of use.




What is Kapok?


Kapok is a natural pillow fill made from the fiber of a type or species called Ceiba pentandra, which is usually found in tropical regions. It’s harvested by opening the seed pods and removing the woolly fibers, which are processed into a filling for pillows.

It’s used as an insulation material and filler due to its weightlessness but still provides great warmth when needed with thermal properties similar to those seen in down feathers (though not quite so luxurious). Kapok was originally harvested mainly in Madagascar until it became endangered there because demand exceeded supply.

Today, most kapoks are grown at farms near Thailand instead, where they’re being managed carefully without endangering any other plant life around them. So, today you can rest assured that the kapok in your pillow is sustainably sourced and made responsibly.

organic kapok pillow

What are the benefits of using an organic kapok pillow?


The benefits of using kapok pillows are numerous. For one thing, they’re hypoallergenic and perfect for those with sensitive skin or allergies because the tree bark that kapok pillows are made from is natural so there’s no chance of any chemical reactions to occur in your body like you might experience if using synthetic materials such as polyester-filled cushions where dust mites can easily accumulate.

Kapok also has great heat insulation properties–better than down feathers–so this means better temperature control during winter months.

Another benefit of kapok is that it is mold- and mildew resistant, so it’s perfect for those living in humid climates where mold can easily grow on your cushion.

Lastly, kapok pillows are softer than their counterparts, meaning they will make you feel more at ease while sleeping because of how comfortable these cushions are!


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Do kapok pillows have any disadvantages?


Kapok pillows may seem like the perfect solution, but there are some disadvantages to these pillows as well. First and foremost, they can be expensive compared with other organic alternatives, though kapok prices vary depending on where you purchase it from.

Another disadvantage of using pillows filled with kapok is that they are not as durable when compared to other types of pillows, so you may have to change them more often.

It’s also important to remember that kapok should not come to contact with water, so a kapok pillow may be difficult to keep clean unless you remove the cover to wash it separately.


organic kapok pillow


How to care for a kapok pillow?


To keep your kapok pillow clean and healthy, you will need to wash it with a sponge and water. You may also use soap, but only if the pillow is not made of natural and organic materials (since these products often contain detergents that can be harmful).

If your kapok cushion doesn’t have an inner cover or casing, take care when washing as this kind has more chances for damage during cleaning than fully covered ones!

To dry out any liquid left inside after using soapy cloths on them, make sure they’re well dried up in order to stop mold from forming within their surface area before putting them into cold storage until next time, otherwise, place over some absorbent paper towels first while drying off excess moisture by gently patting down its sides.


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We hope that we’ve helped you find your perfect organic kapok pillow with organic cotton casing. If you’re looking for a non-toxic pillow, you should buy an organic pillow if it is not too expensive or difficult for your budget, and even then only when you’re sure the product is chemical-free.

When choosing your perfect kapok pillow, consider what you want and need in a pillow. How thick should it be? What would be the right size? What’s your favorite sleeping position? Taking into consideration all your preferences and needs will help you find exactly what you need.

If you’re interested in a kapok body pillow, check out our review of the best organic body pillows. A body pillow is a great choice for pregnant women and side sleepers, it can prove much more comfortable than a standard pillow. These organic pillows also come with organic cotton casing and a range of natural fills, such as wool, latex, and kapok.

If you’re interested in buying organic bedding, check our articles about organic comforters and GOTS-certified sheets.

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