Best Eco-Friendly Bean Bag Chairs


If you’re looking for a bean bag chair for adults or children, it’s best to find one that is not only comfortable but also made from natural, non-toxic materials. In this article, we’ll show you eco-friendly bean bags with organic cotton or hemp covers filled with Certi-Pur certified shredded foam or natural latex fill. Take a look at our picks:


ComfyBean Family Natural Bean Bag Loveseat


ComfyBean Family Bean Bag Loveseat
From $289.95

Cover: Hemp, Organic Cotton, or Polyester

Fillings: Recycled polystyrene beads mixed with natural latex rubber, Certi-Pur certified foam, or polystyrene beads


ComfyBean Family Bean Bag Loveseat is an extra-large bean bag chair that can comfortably seat up to two adults. It’s got a zippered hemp cover, easy to remove and wash using cold/low setting whenever needed. Other cover materials include organic cotton and polyester, available in a selection of colors, these two types of covers come at no additional cost.

This eco-friendly bean bag chair has got not only a natural cover but also an environmentally-friendly filling, called Eco-Fill, made of recycled polystyrene beads mixed with natural latex rubber. You can also choose two other fillings, Certi-Pur certified foam that will not release any harmful chemicals, and Superfill made of polystyrene beads, this one comes at no extra cost. To add a personal touch to this eco-friendly bean bag, you can order it with embroidery, available in eight different fonts.

If you order this natural bean bag with latex foam and hemp or cotton cover, you’ll get a fully biodegradable bean bag that will not harm the environment or take years to decompose, releasing toxic chemicals into the soil and water for years to come. Also, check their selection of organic floor pillows to create comfy and chemical-free spaces.


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Cozy Sac Bean Bag Chair


Cozy Sack Bean Bag Chair
$262.36 $184.40

Cover: Microsuede 

Filling: Certi-Pur Certified Foam

10/07/2022 12:08 am GMT


Cozy Sac Bean Bag Chair, made in the USA, is filled with Certi-PUR certified foam free from formaldehyde, phthalates, PBDEs, TDCPP, TCEP, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. The foam has got long smooth strands designed to make your bead bag chair comfortable and durable.

The cover is made of microsuede fabric available in 15 colors! This cover is easy to remove and machine-washable. Underneath it, there’s a liner to keep the filling in place when you remove the cover. These non-toxic bean bag chairs are available in 6 sizes, from 3 feet to 8 feet.

Although this natural bean bag is low in toxic chemicals, it’s not really biodegradable or truly eco-friendly.


ComfyBean Adult Bean Bag Lounger


ComfyBean Adult Bean Bag Lounger 
From $169.95

Cover: Cotton

Fillings: Recycled eco-polystyrene beads, Pre-consumer recycled shredded foam, Natural latex foam, Certi-Pur certified non-toxic foam


ComfyBean Adult Bean Bag Lounger is a classically designed bean bag chair available with different fillings, from recycled eco-polystyrene beads, pre-consumer recycled shredded foam, natural latex foam to Certi-Pur certified non-toxic foam. The cover is made of high-quality cotton with double-needle welted lapped seams to make these bean bag chairs beautiful and durable.

This beanbag chair is available in an impressive selection of 19 colors making this bean bag a very versatile, customizable piece that will last for many years to come. To personalize this item, you can order it with embroidery! The size is  36″ deep, 36″ wide, and 40″ high.

These bean bags are an eco-friendly choice as long as you pick natural latex foam filling. The recycled fillings help to reduce waste and remove discarded plastic from the environment, but it’s not biodegradable.


ComfyBean Kid’s Bean Bag Chair


ComfyBean Kid's Bean Bag Chair
From $129.95

Cover: Organic Cotton

Fillings: Recycled eco-polystyrene beads, Pre-consumer recycled shredded foam, Natural latex foam, Certi-Pur certified non-toxic foam


ComfyBean Kid’s Bean Bag Chair is a kid-sized bean bag filled with a blend of recycled polystyrene beads and shredded foam, Certi-Pur certified non-toxic foam or natural Dunlop latex foam. The cover is made of organic cotton, double-stitched for durability and comfort.

You can order this bean bag with your kid’s name embroidered to make it extra-special. These organic kids’ bean bag chairs are available in 8 different colors, so you’re bound to find the one that matches your kid’s bedroom. The size is 30″ deep, 30″ wide, and 34″ high.


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How to Make a Cheap Eco-Friendly Bean Bag?


Eco-friendly bean bags are a great choice for eco-conscious people who want to make their homes greener and more sustainable. However, this kind of bean bag can be quite expensive. One great option is to make your own bean bag. You can purchase a hemp or cotton cover and fill it with natural, biodegradable filling such as:

  • dry rice
  • dry beans
  • dry peas
  • buckwheat hulls

This sort of DIY bean bag will be durable, as long as you buy a quality cover or quality fabric to make your own cover if you’re good at sewing. It offers so much flexibility, as you can add or remove as much filling as you need to make your natural bean bag more comfortable without much additional cost. Remember to fluff your bean bag from time to time to make it as comfy as possible.




An eco-friendly bean bag is a great addition to a sustainable home for extra comfort and versatility it offers. Make sure to pay attention to the fabric the cover is made of, aiming for organic cotton or hemp and the filling. The best filling is natural latex, buckwheat hulks or dry beans, peas, rice.

To make your family home even more sustainable and chemical-free, consider buying non-toxic furniture, chemical-free bed frames, and organic mattresses. Let us know if you’ve got any questions in the comment section below.



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