best energy-efficient night lights

Best Energy-Efficient Night Light


When shopping for the best night lights, be sure to choose energy-efficient, eco-friendly night lights to save energy and make your home more sustainable.

We´ve chosen nightlights with the best efficiency, from plug in night lights to bedside table lamps, with a variety of uses so you can find an environmentally friendly option that best suits your needs. Take a look at our picks:


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GE Ultrabrite Dimmable Sconce LED Night Light


GE Ultrabrite Sconce LED Night Light
$10.99 $10.07

Adjustable Brightness

Dusk to Dawn light-sensing technology

LED Light

Corded Electric

03/08/2024 03:01 am GMT


The GE Ultrabrite Dimmable Sconce LED Night Light is an energy-saving LED corded light and it’s the best night light for bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways. It has a unique adjustable brightness switch to be able to control exactly how much light you need. Made of plastic, this night light is UL listed and tested for safety.

The night light features a light sensor to automatically turn it off during the day and turn on again at night. This energy-saving LED light is long-lasting and cool to the touch. It saves electricity because the bulb doesn’t need to be replaced as often as regular bulbs.

The light sensor also saves valuable energy by automatically switching off during the day. The Ultrabrite night light is an attractive, neutral color to add to your home decor. It’s been designed to also cover up outlets if you plug it into the bottom receptacle. The light is sufficient for lighting a whole room, or you can use it simply as a dim nightlight. That’s up to you through the use of the easily adjustable switch ranging from 0-100 lumens.


Encore Table Light


Encore Table Light

Dimmable switch on-cord, Made of Gantri Plant Polymer


The Encore Table Light is made in California with innovative, premium materials. Gantri and colorFabb have co-developed the world’s first plant-derived PLA blends. The plant-based polylactic acid, or PLA, is engineered for premium lighting products and safe, sustainable manufacturing.

The Encore Table Light has ditched traditional petroleum-based materials for plant polymers derived from sugarcane, corn, and sugarbeets. They have also gone a step further to choose to only work with farmers committed to non-GMO and sustainable farming practices. All of this makes Encore the best night light for eco-conscious consumers.

Even with its plant-based polymers, the night light is designed to last for years. This night light is truly one of a kind in engineering and design. It was made to explore the emotional effects of curtain lighting. The soft, warm light is projected through carefully designed pleats that are made to give off a rippled effect.

They have chosen a color temperature to suit your home and create a cozy environment. The dimmer switch gives you greater control of the 90+ CRI museum-grade light. In the very structure of this lamp, it’s leading in innovation and energy efficiency.


Vont Aura LED Night Light



The Vont Aura LED Night Light is a plug-in, modern smart night light. The light sensor automatically turns on as the light starts to decrease in an area. It adjusts itself again throughout the night to give the optimal light you need.

Your home will be lit enough to avoid accidents, but still dim and soft with warm light to sleep. The energy-saving night light comes in eco-friendly packaging. Don’t worry about changing the bulb often – this plug in night light has a lifespan of 10,000+ hours.

This plug in LED night light is made 100% with ABS, so it is fire resistant. With a lifetime warranty, you can enjoy the Vont Aura LED Night Light with complete satisfaction. The night light is designed to be compact and minimalist to suit any style and space.

The compact design will also not obstruct another outlet. It feels cool to the touch even after being plugged in for hours. The certified safe night light is free from fire hazards and sleek to cause no obstructions.


Maskor Table Light


Maskor Table Light

Dimmable switch on-cord

Made of Gantri Plant Polymer


The distinctive whirls and concentric circles of this “seashell” designed Maskor Table Light allow light to show from all sides. The modern and timeless design will be a pleasant sight in the day and a comforting glow of 2700K color temperature soft, warm light at night for optimal sleeping.

The adjustable dimmer switch allows for smooth dimming to give you the choice of how much light you want at any given time. This museum-grade quality night light is leading the industry in energy efficiency at 100 lumens/watt. The safety of the Maskor Table Light is secured by its thoughtful design.

The weighted base helps to prevent tipping while the flat plug is designed to sit right against the wall. The night light is made with plant-derived polylactic acid, or PLA, blends. This innovative material is based on sugar crops such as corn, sugarcane, and sugarbeets, unlike conventional lights that use petroleum-based plastics.

The material was co-developed by Gantri and colorFabb to offer a safe and sustainable alternative. The raw crop suppliers must be non-GMO and use sustainable farming practices. This plant polymer plastic is now leading the way with a lower impact on the environment by producing 75% less CO2 per kilo. Not to mention, who wouldn’t want a beautiful, modern night light that’s also non-toxic!


Govee LED Night Light


Govee LED Night Light

Battery Powered

Motion Sensor

Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor


The Govee LED Night Light is battery-powered and yet, energy-efficient. Using only 0.2W, it can illuminate over 10,000 times with AAA batteries. This makes it energy-efficient and cost-effective. This motion-activated night light uses a dusk-to-dawn sensor to save electricity too.

It only detects motion in the dark, and after 15 seconds of no movement, it will automatically switch off. The soft glow is glare-free and pointed downwards to give off a comfortable 15-lumen of warm white light.

The motion-activated sensor has a wide range, meaning you will not need to try to find the light switch in the middle of the night. But, be sure to keep the night lights at least 5 feet apart or these wide-range sensors will pick up each other and it will interfere with the automatic light adjustments.

The night light has easy-mounting adhesives or holes for screws if you want extra security. This plug in night light is perfect for night trips without the need for bright, glaring lights.


FAYERXL Moon Lamp Night Light


FAYERXL Engraved 3D Moon Night Light


Made of non-toxic, odorless food grade eco-friendly PLA material 

4 Colors

03/07/2024 08:16 am GMT


The FAYERXL Moon Lamp Night Light is engraved for a personalized and cute gift. The built-in rechargeable battery will give you 8-12 hours of light with only 2 hours of charging time. It utilizes a standard USB port for charging making the cordless light convenient for outdoor or home use.

There are 4 gradient colors to switch between at the touch of a button. To switch the color, you have to touch the control switch on the bottom of the night light for one second.

Then if you touch it for more than one second, it will adjust the brightness. This environmentally friendly night light is made of non-toxic, food-grade PLA material extracted from maize straw. Thanks to the nontoxic material, this night light is odorless. The LED light is energy-saving and flicker-free.

This energy-efficient night light saves your last brightness setting for your convenience. Customers were happy with the night light when it was switched on, but many said it looked cheap and ugly when it was switched off.


Ausaye Flower Night Light


Ausaye Flower Night Light
$29.99 $14.99 ($7.50 / Count)

Built-in sensitive light sensor

7 Colors

03/07/2024 09:41 pm GMT


Ausaye Flower LED Night Light comes in a 2 pack with an automatic light sensor. The decorative flowers only use 1kWh a year. This night light only lights up when the environment is dark. The lights have 7 color changes that will occur automatically.

The top middle bulb and the bulb in the bottle are the color-changing ones. You can use this plug in night light through an outlet in the wall. It’s so compact and minimal that it fits easily in the palm of your hand. You can bend the wires of the decorative flowers, mushrooms, and leaves to suit your needs.

This night light has a soft enough glow to be used in any room as a source of light without the main light bulbs being switched on. The plastic and silicone night light uses only 0.5W making it an energy-efficient decorative option.

The automatic light sensor is on the bottom of the night light. Some customers enjoyed the variety of colors and the cute decor element while most people found them to be poor quality and cheap.


LOHAS Amber Night Light


LOHAS Amber Night Light
$13.99 ($7.00 / Count)

No blue Light Emitting


Dusk to Dawn Sensor

03/07/2024 11:01 am GMT


The LOHAS Amber Night Light is a dimmable plug-in LED night light. The yellow hue makes it appropriate for children’s rooms.

You can avoid blue light completely with these because they are aware of the damage it can cause to your sleep cycles. The company, therefore, has carefully designed the night light to only emit a yellow-amber hue.

The adjustable slide switch allows you to change the light strength according to your needs ranging from 5lm to 80lm. The dusk to dawn sensor will automatically turn on the night light when there is not enough light in the environment, eliminating the need for manually turning it on.

The sensor will pick up the light from another night light if you place them too close together, so be sure to have at least 1m between the night lights to avoid interference.

This plug in night light is energy efficient by using only 1W at maximum power consumption. You can not only save some cash on your electricity bill, but also save electricity for the environment.

This durable night light promises over 30,000 working hours to give a long lifespan. The minimal design is space-saving and compact to allow your outlets to be useful with the night light in as well.


MaoJia Bedside Table Lamp


MaoJia Bedside Table Lamp

Solid wood base and hand-woven rattan lampshade

Corded Electric

03/08/2024 04:21 am GMT


The MaoJia Bedside Table Lamp has a unique, beautiful wooden design to add to the decor of your home. You can regulate and adjust the strength of the light through a switch. The UL plug allows the on and off switch to regulate power consumption to save energy. The night light has a solid wood base and a bamboo, hand-woven rattan style lampshade.

It’s durable and the neutral, natural wooden color will blend in with almost any decor style. It brings a little bit of subtle glow without a harsh glare.

This energy-saving night light has a low power consumption making it environmentally friendly at only 4W. The minimalist night light has two styles – warm white and blue. The unique circular shape may be less compact than other designs, but it is beautiful for decor purposes.

The soft, elegant look of the lamp is attractive and useful. Customers find that the lamp fits their style and home very well. Others also commented on the good light glow and quality.


LORVIES Watercolors Trees Night Light


LORVIES Watercolors Trees Night Light
$19.99 ($10.00 / Count)

Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor

Decorative light with a calming scene of trees 

03/08/2024 03:26 am GMT


LORVIES Watercolors Trees Night Light is a plug-in LED night light with an automatic sensor. The illumination is just enough to be useful and safe, but not too much to wake others up. The LED night light is energy efficient and cheap to operate at just under 0.25 cents a year. It’s been rated to have over 100,000 hours of light or about 10 years!

This beautiful, decorative night light is able to adjust to give ambient light automatically when the surroundings are dark. It’s cool to the touch and easy to use.

To avoid a risk of fire hazard and electric shock, it’s recommended to use the device in a ventilated wall outlet and out of contact with bed coverings or curtains. In the interest of safety, the night light is more suitable for adults than children.

The picture is a calming scene of trees and attractive colors to suit most home decor styles. This decorative night light is also a great gift for friends and family.


WRalwaysLX Table Lamp


WRalwaysLX Table Lamp

Motion Sensor

Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor

Lightweight and portable

03/07/2024 08:36 am GMT


WRalwaysLX Table Lamp has got a sleek, modern design suitable for anyone. For a table lamp that is also motion activated, this lamp still remains energy efficient because of the LEDs and the automatic switch off. The motion sensor saves the battery life by only activating in darkness.

The batteries are not included in the purchase, but it’s recommended to use alkaline batteries for longer life. The base is silver and the light glows either warm white or orange light. The wireless lamp remains portable for easy use indoor or outdoor.

There are three modes, but the remote control is not included in your purchase. The lamp will not come on when there’s enough light in the surroundings.

However, the sensor has a wide range of 6ft, so if something passes in front of it, it will automatically switch on, eliminating the need for a remote or searching for a light switch. The light will switch off after 15-20 seconds to save energy.


CUS-DES Night Light


CUS-DES Night Light

Dusk to dawn sensor

Available with a vintage floral or tree image


Cus-Des Night Light is a vintage floral style night light that uses plug-in LED lights with dawn-to-dusk sensors. Your purchase will include a pack of two energy-saving light bulbs that use under 0.5W. This bright light is energy efficient and will turn off automatically during the day.

It’s suitable for any room in your home and portable for travel. You can use these night lights to illuminate hallways at night to enhance safety for everyone.

It only comes on when the ambient light becomes insufficient. These are so energy efficient because they last 100,000 hours without needing to replace the bulbs.

The bulbs stay cool to the touch and remain low in cost to maintain. The light can plug into an outlet and yet leave the other outlet open for other appliance plugs. The customers were happy with the vibrant colors and dim light with high quality.


Mubarek Dog-Shaped Kids Night Light


Mubarek Dog-Shaped Kids Night Light
$17.99 $12.98


7 Colors


03/07/2024 07:21 am GMT


Mubarek Dog-Shaped Night Light is especially meant for children and babies. The shade material is made of ABS and BPA-free washable silicone. The LED light is battery-powered and portable. This adorable dog-shaped night light turns on at the tap of a button.

Then you can tap another to switch between a standard warm light mode and a 7 color rotating mode to choose to stop on a color you want. These durable lights are portable for use for up to 10 hours.

You may find the light to be assisting in nighttime feedings or diaper changes. The built-in 1200mAh lithium battery is rechargeable by USB for up to 15 hours of usage after a full charge. You can use the dog nose to adjust the brightness.

You have an optional timer mode to choose to have an automatic shutdown time. The convenient handheld size is perfect for children to take to the bathroom or down the hallway at night, or provide glowing light to keep the monsters away from your child’s bedroom.


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Deeplite Night Light


DEEPLITE Night Light
$24.99 $19.99 ($10.00 / Count)

Motion Sensor

Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor

Battery operated, cordless

03/07/2024 04:26 pm GMT


The Deeplite Night Light is battery-powered and motion-activated. The cordless design makes it portable and easy to bring anywhere you need it. The night light has an auto sensor that detects movement up to 10ft away.

The automatic motion sensor makes this night light energy efficient by only switching on when it is dark enough and then switching off again when there has been no motion for 15-20 seconds.

This not only saves energy but also saves you money on electricity bills. The small and modern design makes this plug-in night light suitable for any room in the house, and the design will suit most styles. There are three modes to choose from – Auto, On, or Off.

The soft glow of the LED light will not disturb anyone but will provide enough light for nighttime feedings with a baby or a trip to the bathroom.

The light shines upward and gives off the optimal amount of light for most needs at 45 lumens. Customers were very happy with the look and quality of this plug-in LED night light for any room in the home.


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Modern Plug In LED Night Light


Modern Night Light Lamp
$15.99 $9.99

Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor

Available in three colors: Yellow, Red, Blue

03/07/2024 05:21 pm GMT


Night Light Lamp with Dusk to Dawn Sensor is a value pack of 4 night lights that all plug in. The dusk to dawn sensors will cause it to automatically shut off when there is ambient light, and turn on again at dusk. The blue LED uses less electricity and gives a soft glow for lighting a room enough to get around.

There is a 2-year warranty and free exchange and replacement policy for them. This is a UL, RoHS compliant LED night light with a long lifespan of up to 30,000 hours of light without bulb replacement.

It’s compact enough to plug into an outlet and leave space for the other outlet to be used too. It’s energy-efficient because it uses so little electricity, 0.2W to be exact.

The plastic product does not get hot to the touch. Customers said it stayed at room temperature. They also said that they enjoyed the curved, modern design. The light was not too bright for even a small room.


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What Are the Benefits of Using Night Lights?


Night lights are a common feature in homes with little kids. However, night lights are not just for kids. Although they do often help to comfort a child and provide some “protection” against nightmares and monsters, a night light is beneficial for many more reasons.

Energy-efficient night lights make midnight trips to the bathroom easier, not to mention safer, because you are less likely to trip when you can see where you are going.

Night lights can assist in “mood lighting” to make the room aura seem calm and dim. Your body will have time to wind down and relax before you sleep, giving you a better night of rest.

If you struggle with a fear of the dark, you might be sleeping with the lights or a lamp on, however, that amount of light will inhibit you from entering a deep sleep. A night light is a great way to wean off of using large amounts of light at night.


best energy efficient night lights

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