What Are The Best Non-Toxic Bunk Beds?


If you’re looking for a safe bunk bed for your children, one of the most important things to consider are the chemicals that were used to make it. Furniture can off-gas releasing toxic chemicals for months or years after purchase, which can have a negative effect on your children’s health. In this review, we present the best non-toxic bunk beds that you can buy online, take a look:


Max & Lily Non Toxic Solid Wood Bunk Bed


Max & Lily Bunk Bed

MaterialSolid pine wood

Finish: Non-toxic, low VOC

Certificates: -

Dimensions81.5 x 57.75 x 50 inches

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05/05/2021 07:05 pm GMT


Max and Lily Bunk Bed has got a floor level lower bed, which makes it especially convenient for a toddler. The mattress is placed 2” above ground to ensure air circulation. Its design is lower than conventional bunk beds, it’s only 50 inches high, so even the upper bed is not very high, so it’s a great choice for young children. Max and Lily specialize in non-toxic kids’ furniture. Their bunk beds are made from solid New Zealand Pine wood and low-VOC finish. Combined with a non-toxic twin mattress, they’ll help you create a chemical-free bedroom for your children.

Thanks to its minimalistic design and a great selection of neutral color, it will look good in any kind of interior.  This natural bunk bed comes with a three-step ladder with grooved steps to prevent your child from slipping. The upper bed has a safety rail and the bed has 400-pound weight capacity thanks to its sturdy construction and durable materials. This bunk bed is also available with a slide, for added fun and safety.


Babyletto Tiptoe Greenguard GOLD Certified Bunk Bed


Babyletto Tiptoe Bunk Bed

Material: Spruce wood, CARB II TSCA compliant MDF, CARB II TSCA compliant plywood and rubberwood

Finish: Lead and phthalate safe, non-toxic

Certificates: Greenguard GOLD, ASTM, CPSC

Dimensions: 81.6"L x 43.1"W x 67.6"H

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Tiptoe Bunk Bed is a Greenguard GOLD certified bunk bed which means that it meets very strict criteria regarding the use of chemicals. When buying Greenguard GOLD certified furniture, you can be sure that it contains no harmful VOCs and other chemicals. This non toxic bunk bed is made of Spruce wood, CARB II TSCA compliant MDF and plywood, and rubberwood and the finish is non-toxic. CARB II TSCA certificate means that the composite wood used in this bed meets strict formaldehyde emissions standards.

It can be easily split into two twin-sized beds whenever you need it. Additionally, this bunk bed meets ASTM international and U.S. CPSC safety standards. Paired with a non-toxic bunk bed mattress, this bunk bed is one of the safest, chemical-free options on the market.


MaxTrixKids Twin Over Full Bunk Bed


MaxTrixKids Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

MaterialSolid wood

Finish: Non-toxic, low VOC

Certificates: ASTM, EN71 and CPSIA

DimensionsL: 84" x D: 57.5" x H: 66.25"

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MaxTrixKids offers a Non Toxic Twin Over Full Bunk Bed made from solid, knot-free Maple, Birch, and Aspen with non-toxic, low-VOC finish. It comes with a ladder that can be attached to either left or right side of the bed, offering plenty of flexibility. This bunk bed can hold up to 800 lbs and you can separate it into two beds whenever necessary.

It’s available in three colors: white, natural and chestnut and you can buy a trundle bed separately to use this bed for guests and sleepovers. What I like about twin over full bunk beds is that they offer a comfortable space for snuggling and storytime and they can also be used by siblings with a large age difference.


Oeuf Zero-VOC Perch Bunk Bed


Oeuf Perch Bunk Bed

MaterialFSC certified eco-MDF

FinishLead and phthalate safe, non-toxic

Certificates: FSC, CPSC, Greenguard GOLD

DimensionsW 42.25 x L 77.785 x H 62 inches

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05/06/2021 10:03 am GMT


Oeuf Perch Bunk Bed is a beautiful, eco-friendly bunk bed with a minimalistic design. This Greenguard Gold certified bunk bed is made from Baltic birch plywood and eco-MDF and the finish is zero-VOC and water-based. This sturdy frame comes with a 250 lbs weight limit and it can be easily separated into a twin bed and a twin loft bed, and the ladder with safety tread can be attached to either side of the bed, so it offers a lot of versatility.

For increased safety, this bunk bed is lower than conventional bunk beds (6.4 in) but the upper bed is recommended for children over 6 years old, you can also buy safety rails for the lower bed separately. To make this bed more eco-friendly, Oeuf is using recycled cardboard packaging and it recycles waste responsibly through licensed recycling facilities.


Atlantic Furniture Columbia Bunk Bed with 2 Raised Panel Bed Drawers


Columbia Bunk Bed

Material: Sustainably-sourced hardwood

Finish: Non-toxic

Certificates: -

Dimensions8 1/8" x 35 1/4" x 19"

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Columbia Bunk Bed is made from sustainably sourced solid wood and it uses mortis-and-tenon construction to make sure that the bed is durable and sturdy. You can choose from two non toxic finishes, caramel latte and white, and there it’s got two large underbed storage drawers, you can also choose an option with a trundle bed. The design also allows you to choose which side of the bed you want the ladder to be attached to and you can easily convert this bunk bed into two twin beds.

For your children’s security, the upper bed comes with a safety rail to make sure they don’t fall out in their sleep. Atlantic Furniture also offers Columbia Staircase Bunk Bed with additional storage drawers in the stairs and a more convenient and safer way to climb to the upper bed.


Non-Toxic Triple Bunk Bed by MaxTrixKids


MaxTrixKids Non-Toxic Triple Bunk Bed

MaterialSolid wood

Finish: Non-toxic, low VOC

CertificatesASTM, EN71 and CPSIA

Dimensions: L: 122" x D: 80" x H: 66.25"

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This Non-Toxic Triple Bunk Bed offers so much flexibility. It’s actually a loft bunk bed as it allows you to place a desk, sofa, or additional storage under one of the upper twin-size bunks. It’s also got a full bed at the bottom for an older child, guests, sleepovers, or a comfy storytime with your children. This space-saving triple bunk bed is made from solid wood and it’s got a non-toxic finish.

You can choose from three colors (white, natural, and walnut) and the headboards are also available in three different styles. To create even more space for guests or sleepovers, you can buy a trundle bed and attach it to the lower bunk.


Camaflexi Santa Fe Bunk Bed


Camaflexi Santa Fe Bunk Bed

MaterialSolid Wood

Finish: Non-toxic

Certificates: ASTM, CPSC

Dimensions: 81 x 44.5 x 70 inches

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Camaflexi Santa Fe Bunk Bed is an affordable non toxic bunk bed made from solid wood, free from MDF and particleboard. It uses a clear, non toxic finish which is easy to clean with a damp cloth. You can convert it into two separate twin beds whenever you need it, and the ladder can be attached on either side of the bed. Its two underbed storage drawers can be used to store bedding or clothes. This non toxic bunk bed is a safe choice for your children as it’s certified by CPSC and ASTM. This chemical-free bunk bed offers great value for money and versatility thanks to its simplicity and flexible design and it’s available in two colors: natural and white.


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What to Look for When Choosing a Non-Toxic Bunk Bed?


  • Material: The best materials for a non-toxic bunk bed is always solid wood. It’s a natural material made without using any harsh chemicals. On the other hand, MDF and particle boards can contain glues full of toxic chemicals. Some companies, such as Oeuf, offer eco-MDF and non toxic plywood that use only non-toxic glues certified by Greenguard Gold certificates, so these options are worth considering as well.


  • Certificates: The best chemical-free bunk beds are Greenguard GOLD certifies, which means that they meet very strict requirements regarding the use of chemicals. Apart from that, make sure that the bunk bed you choose is certified by CPSC and ASTMto guarantee that the products meets high safety standards.


  • Safety features: If one of your children is a toddler, the lower bed should be as low as possible or there should be an option to purchase a safety rail separately. If the bed comes with a ladder, it should have grooved steps to prevent your children from slipping. Moreover, if you’ve got young children it’s best to for look for low height design to prevent serious injuries should your child fall out.


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