Where to Buy an Organic Toddler Pillow

What’s the Best Organic Toddler Pillow?


In this review, we’ll share the best places to buy organic toddler pillows and pure organic kids’ bedding. Take a look at our picks and choose the best organic toddler pillow for your little one:

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Woolino Organic Wool Toddler Pillow

Woolino Organic Wool Toddler Pillow

Materials: Organic cotton and merino wool

Size: 14 x 19 inches

03/07/2024 03:27 pm GMT

Woolino Pillow is a hypoallergenic toddler pillow with Woolmark-certified merino wool filling and Oeko-Tex-certified soft sateen organic cotton shell. As all pillows in this review, it’s free from harmful chemicals commonly found in pesticides and dyes and fire retardant-free.

This hypoallergenic toddler pillow is breathable and wicks away moisture, which makes it a perfect all-year-round toddler pillow.

These pillows can be washed in a washing machine, but it doesn’t need to be washed as often as other fabrics. It’s best to fluff it from time to time and leave it to air in the sun.


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Brentwood Home Sleeping Willow Toddler Pillow

Sleeping Willow Toddler Pillow

Materials: Organic cotton cover and GOTS certified organic kapok filling

Size: 12 x 20 inches

Brentwood Home is a California-based company that offers a selection of organic bedding products for babies, children, and adults. This soft and comfortable Willow Toddler Pillow has a GOTS-certified organic kapok fill and an organic cotton cover.

This organic toddler pillow gives medium-firm support, perfect for your child’s growing body. These non-toxic toddler pillows can be spot cleaned and aired in a sunny spot for natural disinfection.


Mother Sheep Organics Organic Wool Toddler Pillow

Mother Sheep Organics Organic Wool Toddler Pillow

Materials: Certified organic cotton cover and natural wool filling

Size: 18 x 13 x 3 inches

03/07/2024 08:31 am GMT

Mother Sheep Organics Organic Wool Toddler Pillow is filled with organic wool harvested in Argentina from sheep that pastured on grass free from pesticides or herbicides. It’s got a GOTS organic certified cotton shell.

These hypoallergenic toddler pillows are free from synthetic fibers, dyes, and toxic chemicals, such as fire retardants or formaldehyde. The pillows are handmade in Canada and come with a 3-year warranty.

The manufacturer doesn’t recommend washing the pillows, spot cleaning and airing in the sun are more than enough to keep them clean.


Naturepedic Toddler Organic Latex Pillow

Naturepedic Toddler Organic Latex Pillow

Materials: Organic cotton cover with organic shredded latex and non-GMO PLA

Size: 14 x 20 inches

Naturepedic offers a wide range of organic bedding products for adults and children. Their organic latex toddler pillow is GOTS certified, soft, and comfortable. The two-sided organic cotton cover is quilted on one side and smooth on the other side, offering two levels of comfort.

The filling is made of shredded organic latex core and PLA  (fiber made from non-GMO sugar cane) batting in the quilt. The removable encasement can be machine washed, while the core can be aired in a sunny place to naturally disinfect it.


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Where to Buy an Organic Toddler Pillow?

Avocado Organic Toddler Pillow

Avocado Organic Toddler Pillow

Materials: GOTS certified organic cotton cover, GOTS certified organic kapok, GOLS certified organic latex

Size: 12 x 20 inches

Avocado is a Los Angeles-based company that offers high-quality organic mattresses and bedding with a Made Safe certificate.

Avocado Organic Toddler Pillow is filled with 100% GOLS organic certified latex and 100% GOTS organic certified kapok fiber. The cover is made 100% GOTS organic certified and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified cotton.

This Greenguard GOLD certified toddler pillow is completely free from any toxic chemicals found in conventional bedding. This pillow can only be spot cleaned. You can purchase Avocado Mini Pillowcase for additional protection.


Kids Cotton Millet Pillow by Pine Tales

Kids Cotton Millet Pillow by Pine Tales

Material: 100% Cotton and Orgnaic Millt Hulls

Size: 13 x 19 inches

Pine Tales specializes in making eco-friendly pillows filled with buckwheat, millet, and mixed grains. Their Cotton Millet Pillow for Kids features a removable quilted designer unbleached cotton cover and the inner cover is made of 100% cotton as well.

It means that there’s no need for a pillowcase, as the removable cover is machine washable. The fill is made of 100% organic millet hulls. Millet hull pillows are very comfortable as they provide even head and neck support.


Bean Products Chemical-Free Toddler Pillows

Bean Products Chemical-Free Toddler Pillows
From $36.95

Material: GOTS- certified organic cotton, latex, kapok, buckwheat, millet

Size: 13 x 18 inches

Bean Products offers dust mite-proof GOTS certified organic cotton pillows in a variety of sizes, available with four types of organic pillow fillings: organic latex, organic kapok, organic buckwheat, and organic millet (provides slightly softer support than buckwheat).

These US-made organic toddler pillows will keep away dust, bed bugs, dust mites, and allergens providing a healthy sleeping environment for your kids. The cotton removable covers in these non-toxic toddler pillows are machine washable.


White Lotus Home Organic Cotton Toddler Pillows

White Lotus Home Organic Cotton Toddler Pillows
From $28

Material: 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Size: 12 x 16 inches

White Lotus Home offers chemical-free toddler pillows hand stuffed with GOTS-certified organic cotton. The cover is made of smooth sateen cotton.

These organic toddler pillows are completely vegan, natural, biodegradable, free from pesticides and other toxic chemicals, which makes them a perfect choice for your child’s sensitive skin.

The zippered case allows you to easily adjust the amount of fill to find the perfect level of firmness.  These organic cotton toddler pillows should only be spot cleaned with a solution of vinegar and water.


How to Choose a Non-Toxic Toddler Pillow?


The most important thing when choosing a nontoxic organic toddler pillow are certificates. Make sure that the pillow you pick for your child has got at least one of the following certificates:

  • GOTS
  • Greenguard GOLD

These certificates are given to products that meet strict standards regarding using chemicals during the cultivation and manufacturing process. These products are free from harmful substances such as dyes, heavy metals, and pesticides.

The second thing you need to take into consideration are the materials used. The pillow should only contain natural materials such as cotton, wool, down, or natural latex. Pillows that contain polyurethane and memory foam may release toxic chemicals while your child sleeps, so it’s best to avoid them.


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Although synthetic pillow producers try to convince us that only their products are hypoallergenic, organic pillows with organic fill such as wool, cotton, or kapok are naturally resistant to allergy-causing dust and mites so they are a great choice for children who suffer from allergies.


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What Are the Benefits of Using Organic Toddler Pillows?


  • Organic toddler pillows contain no toxic chemicals and they don’t off-gas. It’s because the natural materials used in these pillows are not treated with potentially harmful substances and no pesticides are used during their cultivation. You can be sure that it won’t release toxic gases while your child is asleep.
  • Organic toddler pillows are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.
  • Organic toddler pillows filled with buckwheat, millet or latex provide excellent, even support for your child’s growing neck and head and they’re very comfortable


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Are There any Drawbacks to Organic Toddler Pillows?


  • As the materials used in organic pillows are more expensive than synthetic materials, organic pillows may be more costly than their synthetic equivalents.
  • Usually, organic pillows are not machine washable and you can only spot-clean and air dry them when they get soiled.
  • Organic pillows filled with wool or cotton can clump over time. They should be aired and fluffed on regular basis. Other types of fillings, such as buckwheat or kapok will last much longer without changing shape and level of comfort.




If you’re looking for the best organic toddler pillow, choose Willow Toddler Pillow. With its GOTS certified organic cotton cover and hypoallergenic kapok fill, it’s one of the safest, non toxic toddler pillows on the market.

Using organic bedding will help you protect your child from exposure to harmful chemicals. Creating a healthy sleep environment is indispensable for your toddler’s growth and development. In order to create a non toxic bedroom for your child, apart from a nontoxic toddler pillow, you’ll also need:

All these items can release toxic chemicals making the air in your child’s bedroom unhealthy. Making sure that you buy only pure organic, non toxic products with appropriate certifications, such as GOTS and Greenguard GOLD, you’ll protect your child from the harmful effects of VOCs, formaldehyde, and phthalates.


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