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Best Non-Toxic Nursery Rocking Chairs


This review will present the best nursery gliders and rockers without harmful chemicals. This piece of furniture completes any part of the home, whether that be the baby’s room or living room. As great as rocking chairs are, they can still be a source of chemicals in your home. It’s important to choose safe, non-toxic ones.

Most of the gliders and rockers you’ll read about in this review have the Greenguard GOLD certificate. This guarantees that products have a low emission rate, thus improving indoor air quality.

If you’re looking for a versatile nursery swivel with a Greenguard GOLD certificate, we recommend DaVinci Owen Swivel Glider and Ottoman

Take a look at our list of the best nursery gliders and rocking chairs:


DaVinci Owen Swivel Glider and Ottoman

Our Pick
DaVinci Owen Upholstered Swivel Glider


Greenguard GOLD Certificates

360 degree swivel motion

Forward and backward gliding motion

DaVinci Owen Swivel Glider is a Greenguard GOLD-certified upholstered glider. Your purchase will include the glider, an ottoman, and a lumbar pillow for optimal back support. This ottoman has a handy surprise because it also functions as a storage compartment.

The setup is easy, there’s no assembly required! The upholstery is baby-friendly and free from flame retardants. DaVinci also offers chemical-free cribs and toddler beds.

What makes it stand out?

The glider has a gentle 360-degree swivel motion and forward and backward gliding motion for extra comfort. DaVinci Swivel Glider and Ottoman are specifically designed to help parents with those (hopefully) quiet, calm moments when putting babies to sleep. As the parent, you can still be comfortable in this nursery glider because it’s designed with you in mind.


Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Recliner 

Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Recliner


Swivels 270 degrees

Glides back and forth

Greenguard GOLD Certified

Built-in USB charging point

03/07/2024 07:16 am GMT

Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Recliner is a wingback-style, electric recliner that allows you to lean back and put your feet up at the touch of a button. The quiet control panel is hidden away to maintain a flawless, uninterrupted design.

It swivels 270 degrees and glides back and forth. This non-toxic nursery glider is Greenguard GOLD certified, free from chemical flame retardants, PBDEs, and formaldehyde. But it still meets all the required flame resistance requirements.

What makes it stand out?

It has a built-in USB charging point. So while you rest and recharge in it, your electronic devices can be too. It’s been constructed and upholstered by hand and features a quiet, smooth recline that lowers the headrest and raises the footrest.


Babyletto Tuba Nursery Glider

Babyletto Tuba Glider


Greenguard GOLD Certified

360-degree motion

Its large size makes it a perfect choice for feeding twins

03/08/2024 12:21 am GMT

Babyletto Tuba Glider has a stainless steel swivel base with 360-degree motion. The modern, fine fabrics and spacious size make it a beautiful and functional addition to any organic nursery.

This Greenguard GOLD-certified glider is constructed and upholstered by hand without harmful chemical flame retardants.

This chemical-free nursery glider is also free from PBDEs and formaldehyde. You can add the Tuba Gliding Ottoman to your order to make the perfect set.

What makes it stand out?

Extra room means extra comfort with this nursery glider. Because it’s so big, it’s even suitable for feeding twins. It truly accommodates any need you’ll have for space and comfort.


Babyletto Toco Swivel Glider and Ottoman

Babyletto Toco Swivel Glider


Greenguard GOLD Certified

360-degree swivel motion

Glides back and forth

03/07/2024 09:11 am GMT

Babyletto Toco Swivel Glider comes with a stationary ottoman. The wingback design shows a contemporary style with all the practicality you need in your nursery.

This non-toxic glider features a 360-degree swivel motion and glides back and forth. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to have this luxurious glider in your home. You can choose three neutral, classy colors to match your style and preferences.

What makes it stand out?

You can have this trendy, functional glider and ottoman without worrying about bringing chemicals into your nursery.

The swivel glider and ottoman are hand-constructed and upholstered without chemical flame retardants, PBDEs, or formaldehyde and they’re Greenguard GOLD certified.


DaVinci Piper Recliner

DaVinci Piper Recliner


Greenguard GOLD Certified

360-degree motion

Forward and backward glide

Lumbar Pillow

03/07/2024 11:31 am GMT

DaVinci Piper Recliner was designed to last long after its nursery days. It’s a valuable piece of furniture in any room with its soft and durable construction. It comes with a lumbar pillow to give you extra back support.

Its metal base allows for smooth 360-degree motion and a forward and backward glide. This non-toxic recliner is Greenguard GOLD certified, and the upholstery and filling are free from chemical flame retardants, PBDEs, and formaldehyde.

What makes it stand out?

They have the Greenguard GOLD certification. They’ve also kept you as the parent in mind in their design by constructing the recliner with a plush pop-up leg rest and a high back headrest for maximum comfort during feedings or long nights with the little ones.


Nursery Works Sleepytime Rocking Chair

Nursery Works Sleepytime Rocker


Free from PBDEs and formaldehyde

A variety of gorgeous colors

Removable lumbar pillow

03/06/2024 11:51 pm GMT

Nursery Works Sleepy Time Rocker is a simplistic, contemporary rocker that comes in a variety of gorgeous colors to choose from. You also have several upholstery options to choose from to get the right fabric for you.

This non-toxic rocking chair has ash hardwood legs and upholstery that is free from PBDEs and formaldehyde.

What makes it stand out?

This rocking chair values your comfort and ease. The company offers extra support for you by including a removable lumbar pillow.

With this hand-constructed rocking chair, you’ll find a balance between elegance, style, and functionality in your nursery. You can have comfort and a modern look all at once.


Nursery Works Compass Rocking Chair

Nursery Works Compass Rocker


Free from chemical fire retardants

Removable lumbar pillow

Edgy, contemporary design

03/07/2024 04:21 am GMT

This non-toxic rocking chair has a unique design of geometric shapes and angles to maximize the balance between comfort and luxury.

The plush seat gives you enough support and the tubular rockers move smoothly. You’ll also get additional support through the removable lumbar pillow.

This rocking chair was designed to make you comfortable while you tend to your little one. You can do this all with peace of mind, too, because the upholstery is free from chemical flame retardants.

Nursery Works Compass Rocker is also PBDE and formaldehyde-free.

What makes it stand out?

The rocker is definitely made for style. The rose gold base will give your nursery a modern shine and contemporary edge.


Ami Rocker

Ami Rocker 


Free from PBDEs and formaldehyde

Spacious enough to comfortably feed twins

You can choose between a few colors with this rocker. It’s upholstered with a polyester-polyfiber woven blend without chemical flame retardants. Ami Rocker is also free from PBDEs and formaldehyde.

It’s been constructed and upholstered by hand with love. You’ll get a one-year warranty and there is some assembly required.

What makes it stand out?

This set includes three cushions – a seat, a backrest, and an armrest. The seats are secured to the seat with ties. This unique rocking chair can convert between a bassinet with an interchangeable seat on either side and a two-seat rocker. It’s flexible, functional, and a classy addition to your nursery.


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Things to consider when buying a rocking chair for your nursery:


  • Who’s using it?

Are you buying it for yourself or someone else? What are their preferences when it comes to choosing between a glider versus a rocking chair? Do they have any special requirements like extra lumbar support or posture support?

  • Where will they use it?

Rocking chairs and gliders are traditionally considered indoor items, particularly in a nursery. But modern types have become useful and desirable in all rooms of the house. There are even outdoor rocking chairs and gliders to choose from. So you need to choose one that will suit the area you’ll use it in.

  • Why do they need it?

This has a lot to do with the area it will be used in. The chair will need to suit your needs. Maybe you want it on your porch, in front of a fireplace, or in the nursery.

  • Is it quality and durable?

A rocking chair or glider is an investment for years to come. Make sure you purchase one that is made to last. The wood, metal, craftsmanship, fabric, and production method all factor into the quality and durability of the chair. Will it be durable enough for your needs?

  • Is it comfortable enough?

You may have specific needs to make your chair as comfortable as possible. So make sure to buy one that meets your needs. Some chairs offer extra height, width, recline, or padding.

  • Choose a good fabric.

A durable, but comfortable fabric will be a balance between coarse and thick and soft and thin. The fabric also needs to be easy to clean, preferably. Nobody wants to try to scrub spit-up or spilled milk out of the chair!

  • Convertible or not?

You can buy a rocking chair or glider that converts to a normal chair. This could be handy for during use in the nursery, or when you want to move it out of the nursery for another purpose in another room.

  • Ottoman or not?

Check whether or not the glider or rocking chair you’re considering comes with an ottoman or footrest. Some include it and others require you to buy it as an extra.

  • Does it come with extra supportive cushioning?

This correlates with your comfort needs. Make sure it suits you, for example, if it has extra lumbar support or padding to aid in breastfeeding.

  • Locking mechanism 

Some chairs come with an option that stops it from moving for the moments you don’t want it to. This could be a helpful feature so ask about that if you’re looking for one with that ability.

  • Warranty

How long will the chair be on warranty? Will it outlast the lifetime of the chair? What does it cover?

  • Armrests

You may find a chair with higher or lower or no armrests at all to be more comfortable for what you need. This is important to notice when you’re considering one to buy.

  • Can it recline? 

Not all chairs recline equally. Check if the chair you’re looking at reclines and reclines as far as you want.

  • Safety and certifications

There are basic safety needs, such as for the mechanisms in a glider to be secured and the cushions to be fastened. But safety goes beyond the actual construction of the chair.

It includes the safety from harmful chemicals and toxins. Watch for the certifications, such as Greenguard GOLD, to be sure that the chair you’re buying will be free from toxins like chemical flame retardants and PBDEs.


non toxic glider

What is the difference between a glider and a rocker?


Rocking chairs move in a more swaying motion, unlike gliders, which move in a more stationary manner. The way that the chairs move is their most distinguishing factor.

The rocking chair legs that curve give it a more defined rocking motion that sways. The glider is a smoother and almost noiseless ride that can go back and forth or swivel in 360 degrees.




The ideal nursery has a comfy seat for you and your baby to bond. You can choose whether you fancy the rocking chair or the glider more now that you know more about them.

That decision is important, but more importantly, now you can choose a non-toxic, safer option for your home. To find more about what goes in your nursery (and what should stay out – goodbye toxins!) read more in our non-toxic nursery section.


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