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Best Non Toxic Coconut Wax Candles

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In this article, we’re going to share our top picks for the best non-toxic coconut wax candles. When it comes to coconut wax candles, the best brands use only natural essential oils and transparent, non-toxic fragrances that won´t affect the air quality at your home.

They also use lead-free cotton, hemp, or wooden wicks, which are better for the environment. And, many of these brands have other sustainability and ethical initiatives in place.

We’ve looked at customer reviews and overall candle quality to select our top 10 picks for the best non-toxic coconut wax candles:


Coconut Candle by Hemlock Park

Hemlock Coconut Candles have a crackling wood wick. This is a special type of wick that gives the impression of a real wood-burning fireplace. The sound it makes is really cozy, and it definitely adds to the ambiance of any room. Best of all, these candles are made with organic coconut wax.

This means they are clean burning and long-lasting, free from toxins and harmful chemicals. The fragrances based on plant-based essential oils and fine fragrance oils are also amazing, not too strong or weak. You can burn these candles for hours and they will still smell great.


Coconut Candles by Cocobowlco

Coconut Candles by Cocobowlco
$24.99 ($1.56 / Ounce)
03/08/2024 08:56 am GMT

Cocobowlco Coconut Candles are hand-poured into a real coconut shell and come in three different natural aromas: coconut, cinnamon, and vanilla. These eco-friendly candles are made with naturally scented coconut-soy wax and have wooden wicks that crackle when they burn.

This sustainable candle will burn for around 45 hours, but don´t throw the coconut bowl away! It can be reused for something else once you’re finished with the candle. If you’re looking for a beautiful and plastic-free candle, Cocobowlco is the perfect option.


Anecdote Coconut Wax Candles

03/07/2024 02:36 am GMT

Anecdote makes beautiful, all-natural candles with a coconut soy wax blend. The wicks are made of cotton and the scents are derived from premium, phthalate-free oils. Anecdote Candles will burn for 40 to 50 hours, making them a great value.

These non toxic candles come in a variety of scents with playful scent descriptions, which makes them a perfect gift for anyone on your list.


Voluspa Candles

Voluspa Coconut Candle
$29.00 ($2.42 / Fl Oz)
03/07/2024 07:01 am GMT

Voluspa candles are a popular choice for those looking for a non-toxic and eco-friendly option. They are hand-poured in the USA with a clean-burning proprietary coconut wax blend and 100% natural wicks. All of the fragrances are natural, not overly sweet, and not too intense.

These candles come in a variety of different styles and colors, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your home. Voluspa Candles are free from phthalates, parabens, sulfate and pesticides. Plus, they are not tested on animals. The metal jar they come in is also recyclable and reusable.


Jessica Casa Coconut Candles

These coconut wax candles and colorful metal tins are perfect for use as decoration, or to give as a gift. The coconut wax is 100% natural and eco-friendly.

Jessica Casa Candles come in a variety of scents, including lavender, citrus, and vanilla. These aromatherapy candles are made with natural essential oils and will fill your room with a lovely fragrance.

The molten coconut oil can also be used as a massage oil or moisturizer. The candles are made of high-quality materials and will burn for up to 30 hours.

The metal tins make the candles easy to store and transport. They also come with a wooden wick that creates a beautiful flame.


Atmosphere Threesixty Candles

Atmosphere Threesixty Candles were designed to help you connect with your environment and the people around you. They are made with a virgin coconut soy wax blend, essential oils and they’ve got a reiki-attuned clear crystal inside that becomes more visible as the candle burns.

The crackling wood wick lets off a warm, natural flame that will fill any room with a delightful scent. These candles are non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO and pet friendly. They come in six different scents depending on the mood you’re trying to create.


Cool Girl Coconut Wax Candle

These eco-friendly non toxic candles made in the USA are sold in tins or glass jars that can be reused or recycled. They are made of a coconut and soy wax blend with a wood wick that crackles as it burns. These hand-poured candles come in many different scents, all of which are phthalate-free.

They have a burn time of 50+ hours and are vegan and cruelty-free. Cool Girl Candles come with funny descriptions and images that make them a unique gift for any occasion.


Sanari Scented Coconut Candles

Sanari Candles are made of a natural coconut wax blend and infused with essential oils. This makes them some of the healthiest and most eco-friendly candles on the market.

Sanari Candles are also free of harmful synthetic fragrances, colorants, animal by-products, GMO, BSE/TSE, gluten, parabens, phthalates so they are perfect for those with allergies or sensitivities. They are also vegan/vegetarian compatible. The wick is made of 100% unbleached cotton and paper, and the glass is reusable.


Are Coconut Wax Candles Toxic?


Coconut wax candles are made of a natural wax blend that is 100% eco-friendly and healthy. They are a great alternative to paraffin candles, which contain toxins that can be harmful to your health.

Coconut wax is made from coconut oil and it doesn´t produce soot when it gets heated, so it won´t release any harmful toxins into the air like paraffin candles do.


Are Coconut Candles Safe for Pets?


Coconut wax candles are some of the safest options for households with pets. They emit little to no toxins and are non-allergenic. Many pet owners find that soy and plant-based candles also work well for their furry friends, but it is important to read the ingredient list carefully to make sure there are no harmful additives.

When shopping for coconut wax candles, be sure to look for brands that use 100% pure coconut wax. Be sure to avoid candles with synthetic fragrances, as these can also be harmful to animals. The wick in your candle should be made of cotton, paper or wood, as these materials won’t do much harm to your dog or cat in case they´re ingested.


Are Coconut Candles Better Than Soy?


Although soy candles have been a popular choice among the all-natural community for many years, coconut candles have begun to rise in popularity in recent years. What makes them better than soy is the fact that coconut candles are a renewable, high-yield crop. This makes them a great sustainable product – something that is important to many people today.

They also burn cleaner and longer than soy candles, meaning you get more out of your purchase. Coconut candles also have a much better scent throw, meaning the fragrance of the candle is released more fully into the air.


coconut wax candles

Pros and Cons of Coconut Candles


Before buying coconut candles, it´s worth taking a look at the pros and cons of this type of candle. Let´s start with the pros:

  • Coconut candles won’t release soot like conventional candles, it means you won´t be breathing in any toxic chemicals while they burn.
  • Coconut candles are more sustainable than soy candles. Soy is a crop that needs a lot of land to grow, while coconuts can be grown in tight spaces like islands and coastal areas.
  • They have a longer burning time than some other types of candles.
  • They have a silky feel and creamy texture, which makes them look very elegant.
  • The scent throw of coconut wax candles is much better than the scent throw of other types of candles.
  • They are a good eco-friendly option for vegans because they are completely derived from plants.


Now, let´s take a look at the cons:

  • Coconut candles can be quite expensive. The coconut wax blend costs more to make than other types of candles. Also, these eco-friendly candles often come in glass or metal jars, which also raises the price.
  • There are few options available on the market. Although the number of coconut wax candle manufacturers is growing, it’s still not as big as the soy candle market.
  • Some people don’t like the smell of coconuts. If you’re not a fan of this scent, you might want to avoid buying candles that are made with this type of wax.

They have a low melting point, which means that they can easily melt in warm climates. For this reason, we don´t recommend ordering coconut wax candles over the internet during the summer. Many customers complain that their candles arrived melted.




Despite the few cons, coconut candles are a great choice for people who care about the environment and want to purchase candles that burn cleanly. If you are looking for an elegant, sustainable, and long-burning candle, then we recommend giving coconut candles a try!

To make your home chemical-free, consider buying non toxic cleaning products, organic rugs and natural shower curtains. All these small steps will help you eliminate harmful substances from your home and make it healthier for you and your family.

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