What’s the Best Air Purifier for Your Bedroom?

What’s the Best Air Purifier for Your Bedroom?


An air purifier for your home can make a big difference in the quality of the air that you and your family breathe. Finding the right air purifier can save you loads of money, but there are many options to choose from. It’s important to know what to look for when thinking about buying an eco-friendly air cleaner.

People buy air cleaners to keep their rooms, homes, and offices allergen free and healthy. These amazing machines draw air in through air filters, trapping pollen, pet dander, bacteria, mold spores, dust mite debris, and smoke particles. Take a look at our list of the best air purifier for bedrooms:


Top 5 Air Purifiers for Your Bedroom


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Whirlpool Whispure Air Purifier

This Whispure Air Purifier features a three-stage filtration system comprised of a pre-filter, carbon filter, and a true HEPA filter. Its outside grill acts as a permanent pre-filter by capturing large particles and preventing them from entering the unit.

Large particles that find their way inside the unit are promptly caught by the carbon filter, which also works to eliminate unwanted odors and protect the life of the HEPA air filter. HEPA filters provide maximum filtration of your room’s air by removing up to 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns or larger.

These particles include pet dander, dust mites, pollen, ragweed, mold spores, and other microscopic irritants that can damage your indoor air quality and aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms.


Winix PlasmaWave 5300 Air Cleaner Model

03/07/2024 03:36 am GMT

A 3-stage air cleaning unit that removes indoor pollutants and odors for healthier living. It’s suitable for a large family room or bedroom (360 sq ft CADR). The Winix, with a true HEPA air filter and PlasmaWave technology, combines the best air-cleaning technologies to deliver clean and fresh air (99.97%).

It’s got a built-in air quality sensor that adjusts fan speed automatically depending on the density of particles in the air. The PlasmaWave technology allows for breaking apart pollutants at the molecular level, without any toxic byproducts. 


Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter (FPA80UW)

03/07/2024 03:41 am GMT

It effectively reduces pollen, dust, pet dander, smoke, germs, bacteria, viruses, odors, mold, and fungus in your living space. It has a three-stage filter system including a permanent micro-mesh pre-filter, activated carbon filter, and long-life True HEPA filter, which captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air passes through it.

Its patented Plasmacluster Ion Technology disperses positively and negatively charged ions throughout the room to safely break down microorganisms and odors, including those trapped in fabrics and carpets. Plasmacluster Air Purifier is an ideal solution for allergy sufferers and is best used in a bedroom, living room, or exercise room.


GermGuardian 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System with Pet Pure True HEPA Filter

It’s got a True HEPA filter, UV-C sanitizer, and odor reduction. The 28-inch GermGuardian air purifier is perfect for allergy sufferers. It captures 99.97% of allergens, including pet dander, dust mites, and pollen. Pet Pure is an antimicrobial agent added to the filter to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria on the surface of the filter.

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, doctors recommend HEPA air filtration to reduce exposure to indoor asthma triggers. More than just a filter, the UV-C light kills germs, while the charcoal filter captures odors.


Alen BreatheSmart Customizable Air Purifier with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter

This air purifier is perfect for living rooms, open-concept rooms, and other large rooms up to 900 square feet. It quietly and efficiently removes dust, pet dander, mold spores, and pollen from the air. It offers increased protection against chemicals and cooking odors.

Alen’s exclusive SmarSensor automatically detects and adjusts to changing air quality, prolonging filter life and conserving energy. It uses pink noise to eliminate irritating high-frequency sounds, enabling BreatheSmart to purify the air while maintaining a peaceful home environment.


How to Choose a Good Air Purifier?


Numerous studies have shown that the air inside your home may contain as much as ten times more pollution than the air outside. For some people, this indoor air pollution can cause or worsen the symptoms of a number of conditions, such as asthma and allergies. Purifying the air inside your home may lead to improved health, especially for children and the elderly.

There are a number of different air purification products on the market. These products can range greatly in price as well as effectiveness. Knowing how to choose a good air purifier will allow you to make an informed decision and choose the air purifier that best suits your family’s needs.

  • First, you should consider whether you need the system for your whole house or a specific room. A whole-house model is a sensible option for forced-air heating and cooling. Meanwhile, the room model is the best choice if you want to clear the air, for example, only in your bedroom. The best air purifier can perform with low noise at low energy use.
  • Does it have an approved HEPA filter? Although some models rely on non-HEPA filters or use water as a filter, they aren’t recommended for people who need cleaner air for health reasons. Only an air purifier with a True HEPA filter is certified to remove 99% of airborne contaminants that pass through it. In addition to the HEPA filter, the air cleaning system should have a charcoal or activated carbon pre-filter that helps to eliminate common household odors and prevents the main filter from getting clogged up.
  • Next, you need to check out the device’s style and design to ensure it suits your house decor.
  • Noise level is the other essential factor to consider before choosing the product.
  • Research the reputation of the brand and the specific unit you want to purchase. Look for online reviews and ratings or ask for its performance from some friends who use the same brand or the performance of the current brand they’re using to give you a better picture of the durability, efficiency, and performance. Not all high-priced air purifiers function excellently and all affordable air purifiers under-perform.


What Are the Benefits of Using an Air Purifier?


The need for a fresh air purifier has never been as intense as now. Every day, we’re exposed to various elements in the air, such as bacteria, viruses, and many other particulates that have the potential not only to cause allergy but also several diseases such as flu, colds, allergic rhinitis, and many other respiratory illnesses.

Even the air that we breathe at home could be as dangerous as the air we breathe outside. Therefore, it’s very advisable that we install a device that cleans our indoor air so we can be assured that the air we breathe is cleaner and healthier.


  • One of the first benefits of an air purifier is that it can help remove allergens from the air, which is why many people choose to use this kind of product during spring and summer. allergens such as pollen can enter the home at this time of year, exacerbating the suffering of people with seasonal allergies.
  • In addition to removing odors, these purifiers can also add a pleasant sense to the air, and many models come with a choice of fragrances to add to the home. These can include natural oils, many of which will work to fight against airborne bacteria. These fragrances will also help neutralize odors meaning that the purifier works in two distinct ways – by removing contaminants and by neutralizing them in the air with the release of natural antibacterial oils that also deliver a pleasant scent.
  • The air purifiers usually come with a HEPA filter. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particular air and can remove up to 99% of dust particles at any given time, ensuring that you always have the freshest air you can breathe at home and work every day.
  • It can save you time. When using sprays and plug-ins to clean your air or make the room smell better, you have to spend a lot of time shopping around for them and using them as well. Home air purifiers save you time because all you need to do is buy it, set it up one time, turn it on and you can already forget about it.
  • The last part of the benefits of home air purifiers is that they are environmentally safe. Most, if not all air filters that are sold on the market today are made out of biodegradable materials. At the same time, the purifiers themselves make use of minimal energy but still attain maximum results. Plus, these air purifiers guarantee they will last for at least five to ten years. Some brands or models are advertised to last even more. Studies show that these devices leave very little carbon footprint, so many of them have been awarded the Energy Star Seal of Approval.


What Else Can You Do to Improve Air Quality in Your Bedroom?


  • Ventilation: One of the methods used to improve indoor air quality is improving the ventilation of the home so that contaminated air is removed and replaced with fresh air on a routine basis. Opening windows in the home during nice weather and operating window or attic fans can significantly improve home ventilation.
  • Non-Toxic Candles: Organic candles are made from 100% natural and eco-friendly wax. They contain no petroleum and are biodegradable. Now you and your family can enjoy a fragrant home without exposing yourself to harmful chemicals.
  • Organic MattressThese mattresses contain organic wool, cotton, and latex. These 100% natural components make for a mattress that does not off-gas, releasing harmful toxins into the air for months after being unpacked. Sleeping on an organic mattress is much healthier and significantly improves your sleep quality. You can check my review of the best organic mattresses here.
  • Non-toxic furniture: This is the most earth-friendly and healthy product that you can consider. This type of furniture does not contain harmful chemicals that would be released into the air, creating an unhealthy and toxic environment for you and your family.
  • Non-Toxic Paint: Conventional paint is made with volatile compounds that include ‘human-made’ and naturally occurring compounds. Human-made compounds are synthetic or petrochemical-based. These combinations create odors that emanate from house paint and create an unhealthy breathing environment. To increase the air quality in your bedroom, consider a healthier choice by using organic house paint.
  • Organic Cleaning Products: They don’t release toxic chemicals into the air or leave a toxic residue on treated surfaces. By using organic cleaning products, you can make further reduce your family’s exposure to toxins and, at the same time, protect the environment.




An effective air purifier is a valuable addition to any home. Most people like to place one in the living room and one in the bedroom for the most benefit. If you’ve never had one, you may not realize the difference it can make to your health and comfort.

Choosing the right purifier can provide many benefits for a wide variety of people. In recent years, the benefits of clean air have become especially apparent for children.

Many parents have chosen to purchase air purifiers to improve their families’ overall health. Breathing air cleaned by an air purifier may also be beneficial for allergy and asthma sufferers, and breathing clean air has been directly linked to better overall health. Apart from using air purifiers, you can also consider buying air purifying plants that will work around the clock to reduce toxic chemicals while your air purifier is off.

Have you already got an air purifier? Please share your experiences and questions in the comment section below.


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