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What Are Futon Mattress Sizes?

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A futon is a piece of furniture that was traditionally used as a bed, but can also be used for other purposes, like seating. Futon mattresses are very popular because they are comfortable and offer many benefits over traditional beds.

One thing to consider when buying a futon is the size. There are six different sizes available: full, twin, queen, king, California king and Eastern king. The size you choose will depend on the use you have in mind for your futon. In this article, we'll discuss what each of these sizes means and how to find the best one for your needs.

Futon Mattress Sizes Chart:


Twin XL


full XL



39” x 75”

39” x 79”

54” x 75”

54” x 79”

60” x 80”

76" x 80"

What Is the Standard Size of a Futon Mattress?

The standard size of a futon mattress is a full or twin size. The size of a futon mattress you purchase will depend on the use that is planned for it. For example, if a person plans to actually sleep in their sofa bed or chair-bed, they'll want a futon mattress with enough room and comfort so as not be cramped when sleeping at night.

So, getting either queen or king size futon mattress would work best. However if you plan to use your futon as a couch, then getting a twin size futon would work best.

Twin-Size Futons

A twin-size futon is the smallest option. This is why if you plan to use your futon as a couch, then getting this size would work best for that purpose and has more space than some of its other sizes. 

This will also make it easier when moving around since they're lightweight due to their smaller frames, also making them very easy to store in small spaces. There's plenty of storage areas under our beds where a futon mattress can be tucked away nicely out of sight until we need one again, which makes having extra seating handy at any time!

Twin-size futons measure around 39 x 75 inches in length and width, respectively. Twin-sized futons work best for those who want to use them as a couch or for two people. You can also buy a Twin XL futon mattress that is around 39 x 79 inches, which would be perfect for those who want to use it as a couch and still have plenty of room.

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Full-Size Futons

Full-size futons measure around 54 x 75 inches in length and width, respectively. Full-size futons work best for those who want to use them as a bed for one person. The futon can be used as a bed or two seats when it is unfolded, and most people find this size to work best for them because of its versatility in use cases (bed vs. seating).

Queen-Size Futons

They measure around 60 x 80 inches in length and width, respectively. Queen size futon mattresses work best for those who want to use them as a guest bed for two people. They also work great on a couch or a loveseat.


King-Size Futons

King-size futons measure around 76 x 80 inches in length and width, respectively. These futon mattresses work best for those who want to use them as a bed or seating arrangement. 

The king size is commonly used in the Eastern culture, and it has been found that most people prefer this type of mattress because they feel more comfortable on them, while others find these larger beds too big or bulky, especially if only used by one person.



What Are the Best Futon Mattress Sizes for a Futon Frame?

A futon frame is a wooden board that has an opening on the side for you to put in your mattress. This should be purchased separately depending upon what size of bed or seating arrangement one wants, as it does not come with any type of mattress.

There are various sizes available and they can differ from around $50 up to hundreds of dollars based on how large you want your mattress to be and how much space you've got home needs them.

The futon frames usually range anywhere between 52" x 76", 54" x 77", 66" x 80", and 78" x 84". Futon frames smaller than these are usually not recommended for a futon, as they may be too small to accommodate the mattress.

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Are Futon Sizes the Same as Bed Sizes?

Futon sizes and bed sizes are not the same. A futon frame is a board with an opening on one side for you to put in your mattress, and it does come separately from any type of mattress. The frames usually range anywhere between 52" x 76", 54" x 77 ", 66" x 80", or 78" x 84".

Are Futons the Same Lenght as Regular Mattresses?

Futon mattresses are usually about 6 inches shorter than the standard mattress sizes because they're designed to be used with a futon frame. The width and length of a futon mattress will depend on the size purchased.

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Where Can I Buy Futon Mattresses?

You can purchase a futon mattress from most department stores and online from places like The Futon Shop, but it's best to buy an organic one. Organic mattresses are made without harmful chemicals and substances that can be found in non-organic beds.

Why Should I Choose an Organic Futon Mattress?

Organic futon mattresses are made without harmful chemicals and substances that can be found in non-organic beds. Organic mattresses also come with organic cotton covers, which help to eliminate the use of toxic pesticides and chemicals.

Organic futons are usually filled with natural latex, wool, cotton or hemp, providing a natural and comfortable sleeping experience for your guests.

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How Do I Keep my Futon Mattress in Place?

A simple way to stay safe and comfortable in your new bed is by purchasing a futon stopper pad. It will help you sleep well all through the night without getting off too easily in the morning with back pains! If sliding is a problem for you, then you can buy a futon holder to help.

How Should I Store a Futon Mattress?

To keep your futon mattress looking and feeling its best, it's important to maintain the right storage conditions. A good way is by storing them in a dry place with low humidity levels because this will minimize any potential damage caused by moisture or dust mites that might cause allergies.

Futon mattresses are usually foldable, so you can store them in a closet or box spring. A futon needs to be stored on its side and not the short end in order to avoid creases from forming over time that might cause discomfort while sleeping.

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Is It OK to Sleep on A Futon Every Night?

Not really. Futon mattresses are the perfect alternative for a bed when you have guests, but not so much as your main sleeping surface because they can't provide enough support to keep back pain at bay and may even cause it!

They also don’t offer any lumbar or hip contouring, which is important if one suffers from joint problems like arthritis on top of their lower-back discomfort levels.

Futon mattresses should only be used every other night max unless otherwise recommended by an orthopedic specialist.

How Much Weight Can a Futon Bed Hold?

It depends on the type of futon. Twin futons made from natural materials like wool and cotton can support up to 300 pounds, whereas synthetic fiber ones may only be able to hold 100-200 lbs depending on how they’re constructed - it could depend too if there are any springs in them or not as this would also affect their weight-bearing. Most spring twin futons are going to be able to hold around 300 pounds.

The size of the futon also mattress. Twin-size futons can support up to 250 pounds on average. Full-size futons are able to hold twice that weight, so two people up to 250 pounds each can sleep on them. Queen futons can support up to 600 pounds, and King futons are designed for up to 650 lbs.

Can Two Adults Sleep on A Futon Mattress?

Futon mattresses are great for couples who want to sleep together. In most cases, you can have two people on a futon and they will be able to comfortably lie next to one another without any issues!

But this is dependent upon the size of your mattress as well - so make sure that before choosing which type or style might work best for your needs.

Where to Buy Futon Frames?

The best futon frames are made from solid wood using non toxic finishes, such as natural oil or zero-VOC varnishes and paints. You'll find a great selection of non toxic futons frames at The Futon Shop as well as Online Amish Furniture Store.

On their websites you'll find any frame style and color you like, and you can be sure they're free from toxic chemicals.


Buying a futon mattress and a futon frame is not an easy task, but there are plenty of steps outlined in this article to help you get the right futon mattress size for your needs.

We always recommend choosing a futon that is organic and made from sustainable materials, which will have less impact on our environment and your family's health. On top of that, they can last up to 40% longer than synthetic ones! 

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