Top 20 Organic Kids’ Mattresses


This review will help you find an organic kids’ mattress made from certified organic and non-toxic materials. Finding a non-toxic kids’ mattress can be a daunting experience as there seem to be so many options to choose from. We’ve compiled a list of organic mattress mattresses made in the USA that use materials certified by GOTS, GOLS, and Oeko-Tex (Check our top choice: Naturepedic Organic Kids Mattress).

These certificates mean that the mattress contains no harmful substances that could affect your child’s health. As organic children’s mattresses can be quite expensive, we’ve also included some memory foam mattresses with CertiPUR certificate (free from toxic chemicals) to provide you with some more affordable options. First, take a look at our top kids’ organic mattresses:

Best Organic Mattresses For Children:


Naturepedic 2-in-1 Best Organic Mattress for Kids

Naturepedic 2-in-1 Organic Kids Mattress

Type of Kids Mattress: Hybrid Mattress

Mattress Firmness: Firm

Certificates: Greenguard Gold, GOTS, Made Safe

Mattress Sizes: Twin, Twin Trundle, Twin Trundle Short, Full

Naturepedic makes eco-friendly, organic mattresses and bedding made from sustainably sourced materials. Naturepedic 2-in-1 Kids Mattress was designed to fit bunk, platform, and trundle beds.

It’s made from GOTS-certified cotton fiber fill, PLA (made from non-GMO sugar cane) and steel innerspring. One side of the mattress has a waterproof layer made from polyethylene coating derived from non-GMO sugarcane that was applied using heat to avoid using glues or adhesives.

You can use the waterproof side of this flippable mattress when your child makes a transition to a big kid bed, and switch to the quilted side once bedwetting is under control. This US-made organic kids’ mattress is quite firm, making it perfect for your growing child.

I like the fact that this eco-friendly mattress is Greenguard GOLD and Made Safe certified, which means it’s one of the safest kids’ mattresses on the market. It’s free from toxic glues or adhesives, fire retardant chemicals, polyurethane foam, and other toxic chemicals that could affect your child’s sleep quality and health. If you´re looking for a safe kids’ mattress for an affordable price, order Naturepedic Kids Mattress today with free shipping.


PlushBeds Healthy Child Organic Latex Mattress

Healthy Child Organic Mattress by PlushBeds

Type of Mattress: 100% Organic Latex Mattress

Mattress Firmness: Medium Firm

Certificates: Greenguard Gold, GOLS, USDA,

Mattress Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full

Sleep Trial: 100 Nights

Warranty: 25 Years

PlushBeds offers a great solution for parents who want to invest in healthier, more affordable mattresses for their kids. The Healthy Child Mattress is specially designed with natural materials and the right balance of firmness and comfort. All of the beds are made exclusively in the USA and boast several certifications, including Greenguard, GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard), and USDA.

One of its standout features is a natural fire barrier made from organic British wool that eliminates the need for harsh or toxic flame retardants. It all comes together to make a 6-inch, medium-firm mattress that can be used on bunk beds, trundle beds, or other pieces of children’s furniture.

For those interested in an extra layer of comfort, there is also an option for a hybrid mattress with individually-wrapped coils that provide greater pressure relief. As easy on your wallet as it is easy on your conscience, PlushBeds’ Healthy Child Mattress is certainly worth considering!


Avocado Eco Organic Kids Mattress

Avocado Eco Organic Kids Mattress

Type of Mattress: Dunlop Latex Hybrid Mattress

Mattress Firmness: Medium-Firm

Certificates: Greenguard Gold, OEKO-Tex Standard 100, GOLS, GOTS, MADE SAFE, eco-INSTITUT, Climate Neutral Certified, Give Back,

Available Mattress Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full

Promo Code: SAVE10 (10% off sitewide)

Avocado is a company dedicated to providing 100% organic and eco-friendly products for our bedrooms. They started by handcrafting hybrid latex mattress and their product range now includes organic bedding and non-toxic furniture.

Their organic hybrid mattress is Greenguard GOLD certified, which means it’s completely safe for kids as it’s free from toxic glues and adhesives, polyurethane foam and other harmful chemicals and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It’s one of few mattress brands certified by Made Safe, which further confirms its nontoxicity.

These handcrafted beds are made in the USA and contain 95% GOLS-certified Dunlop latex (organically grown and not treated with harmful chemicals), GOTS-certified organic wool batting, and organic cotton cover. Wool acts as a natural flame retardant, so there’s no need to use synthetic ones that may contain toxic chemicals. All these materials are breathable and they’ll help to keep your child cool at night.

The combination of bouncy latex and reclaimed steel innerspring structure makes it a mattress that’s perfect for all sleeping positions thanks to its medium-firm firmness level. If you buy the Avocado Kids Mattress, the company will donate 1% of their profits to American Forests and Kula Project, as part of the 1% For the Planet initiative. Check our review of the best bed frames for Avocado Mattress to create a toxin-free kid’s bedroom.


Naturepedic Verse Kids Mattress

Naturepedic Verse Mattress

Type of Kids Mattress: Hybrid Mattress

Mattress Firmness: Firm

Certificates: Greenguard Gold, GOTS, Made Safe

Mattress Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen

Naturepedic Verse is an organic mattress designed especially for bigger children and teenagers. This one-sided mattress is firmer than their two-sided mattress, providing even better support as your child becomes bigger and heavier. This kids’ bed also has a more adult feel, so it will be a great transition mattress for your teenager.

Made of GOTS-certified organic cotton, wool and PLA, with innerspring support made of 7″ encased coils,  this Greenguard GOLD certified kids mattress, free from flame retardants and polyurethane foam, will help you create a chemical-free bedroom for your child for an affordable price.  This mattress comes with a 30-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.


Latex for Less Natural Kids Mattress

Latex for Less Mattress

Mattress Type: 100% Latex Mattress

Certificates: OEKO-Tex Standard 100, GOTS

Sleep Trial Period: 120 Days

Warranty: 20 years

Available Mattress Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Latex for Less offers affordable organic twin mattresses made from Oeko-Tex-certified organic cotton fabric, GOTS-certified wool, and natural latex. These certificates show that this eco-friendly mattress is completely safe for your child as it’s free from polyurethane foam, toxic glues or adhesives, synthetic fillers, or harmful substances.

This 100% natural latex mattress is flippable and it’s got different comfort levels on either side to suit your child’s preferences. You can choose between medium and firm depending on your child’s sleeping position (firm for back and stomach sleepers, medium-firm for side sleepers)

Latex for Less Kids Mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial, a 20-year limited warranty and free shipping. On their website, you can also find organic, non-toxic bedding products for comfortable and healthy sleep, such as organic latex mattress toppers and pillows.


Natural Escape Kids’ Mattress

My Green Mattress Natural Escape Kids Mattress

Type of Mattress: Latex Hybrid Mattress

Mattress Firmness: Medium Firm

Certificates: Greenuard Gold, GOLS, GOTS, OEKO-Tex Certified,

Mattress Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, Cal King

Promo Code: GreenSnooze ($25 Off Mattresses)

Natural Escape Kids’ Mattress is a medium-firm bed made from natural latex and encased coils made of steel. This recyclable mattress has also got GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton cover and GOTS certified wool batting and it´s made in the USA.

This eco-friendly mattress is exceptionally comfortable and designed to provide optimal lumbar support thanks to its zoned innerspring support system and supportive edge. Additionally, this natural kids mattress is Greenguard GOLD and OEKO-TEX certified, which means that the company follows very strict requirements regarding the use of chemicals throughout the production chain.

You can be sure that this high-quality organic mattress contains no harmful substances that could cause allergic reactions and other health issues in your child.

If you’re looking for an organic bunk bed mattress, check out their 8-inch high, completely natural Kiwi Bunk Bed Mattress made of organic latex, organic cotton, and wool. All My Green Mattress mattresses are available with free shipping.


Nolah Nurture Organic Kids’ Mattress

Nurture Organic Kids Mattress by Nolah

Type of Kids Mattress: Hybrid Mattress

Mattress Firmness: Flippable Mattress, Firm Side and Soft Side

Certificates: GOTS, Oeko-Tex

Mattress Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full

The Nolah Nurture 10″ mattress has a natural Talalay latex comfort layer, encased coils and a GOTS-certified organic cotton cover for healthy sleep. This children’s bed is certified free of hazardous chemicals and organic, according to the OEKO-TEX 100 Class 1 standard. It features three targeted support zones and 25% more encased coils than comparable hybrid mattresses, delivering greater support and comfort.

The Nurture 10″ mattress is made of naturally hypoallergenic Talalay latex and is suited for children with allergies or asthma. With flippable firmness, this organic mattress grows with your child and provides the ideal amount of support as your youngster grows.


GhostBed Natural Twin Mattress

GhostBed Natural Mattress

Type of Mattress: Latex Hybrid Mattress

Mattress Firmness: Medium

Certificates: USDA, GOLS, GOTS, OEKO-Tex Certified,

Mattress Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King

Sleep Trial Period: 101 Days

Warranty: 25 years

GhostBed Natural Mattress is a cooling latex mattress made in the USA using natural organic Talalay Dunlop Latex, breathable 100% organic wool, and USDA-certified organic cotton fabric. These organic materials make the mattress breathable, comfortable, and healthy for your child.

The bed has got 5 layers of latex to enhance spinal alignment and provide proper support for the whole body. This organic kids’ mattress also has got reinforced edge support to make it easy for your child to get in and out of bed.

This eco-friendly mattress has got all certificates that an organic mattress should have: It’s GOTS, USDA, GOLS, and Oeko-Tex certified, so you can be sure that your child will not have contact with any toxic chemicals when sleeping on GhostBed Natural Mattress.


Eco Terra Organic Mattress

Eco Terra Mattress

Mattress Type: Hybrid Mattress

Certificates: Oeko-Tex and GOTS

Material: Talalay Latex

Warranty: 15 Years

Sleep Trial: 90 Nights

Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

EcoTerra offers 100% natural latex and coil hybrid mattresses for children and adults at an affordable price. These mattresses are extremely comfortable and provide excellent support thanks to the combination of buoyant natural latex and pressure-relieving encased coils.

EcoTerra mattress contains OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified natural Talalay latex and  OEKO-TEX certified natural wool. This mattress contains no toxic substances, heavy metals, or flame-retardant chemicals used in conventional mattresses, so it’s perfectly safe for your child.

You can choose between two levels of comfort (medium and medium-firm), but it is recommended to use firmer mattresses for children, so it’s best to order the medium-firm Eco Terra Mattress.


Sweet Zzz Organic Twin Mattress

Natures Novel Latex Mattress

Type of Mattress: 100% Natural Latex Mattress

Mattress Firmness: Firm and Medium-Soft

Certificates: OEKO-Tex Certified,

Mattress Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King

Sleep Trial Period: 100 Days

Warranty: Lifetime

The Sweet Zzz Mattress is a completely natural kids mattress and, as all latex mattresses, it’s hypoallergenic, which makes it a good option for children who suffer from allergies and asthma. This twin mattress is free from harmful chemicals and certified by OEKO-Tex, so you can be sure that its latex and cotton have not been treated with harsh substances.

This mattress contains the highest quality cotton, wool, and latex. Sweet ZZZ also sells other organic bedding products, such as blankets, bamboo sheets, and latex pillows, made from organic and Oeko-Tex certified materials, such as wool and cotton.

Sweet Zzz is a member of  1% for the Planet and when you buy their mattress, you help them support Los Angeles Food Bank and Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


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Happsy Organic Kids Mattress

Happsy Organic Mattress

Certificates: GOTS

Material: Latex

Warranty: 20 Years

Sleep Trial: 120 Nights

Happsy makes affordable organic mattresses and organic bedding with organic certificates, including GOTS. Their kids’ hybrid mattress is made from organic wool and cotton, organic latex and pocketed springs. It’s free from domes, adhesives, flame retardants and other toxic substances that could off-gas causing respiratory and other health problems in your child.

This mattress-in-a-box will be ready to use 30 minutes after unpacking. The use of all-natural materials makes this mattress for kids very breathable and cool, and it provides excellent pressure relief. It’s a medium-firm mattress, the comfort level recommended for your growing child. Be sure to also check their selection of organic bedding.


Amore Beds Natural Twin Mattress

Amore Beds Natural Twin Mattress

Type of Mattress: Hybrid Mattress

Mattress Firmness: Medium-Firm

Certificates: eco-INSTITUT, OEKO-TEK Standard 100, GOTS, Greenguard GOLD

Mattress Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Amore Beds offers a selection of organic mattresses made in the USA, as well as more affordable non-toxic memory foam mattresses. what makes their organic mattress stand out is that you can upgrade it to CBD-oil-infused version. CBD-oil-infused mattresses can enhance sleep and relaxation as well as pain relief. You can also buy their organic twin mattress with two levels of comfort: gentle firm with contoured support or medium with a latex pillow top.

The mattress contains eco-friendly materials such as GOTS-certified organic cotton and organic wool, organic-certified latex and a zoned innerspring support system. It’s also Greenguard certified, so you can be sure it’s a safe mattress for your child as it will not release any toxic chemicals. This mattress for kids uses wool as a natural fire retardant, instead of toxic chemicals or fiberglass, and it contains no toxic glues and adhesives.


Spindle Kids’ Mattress

Spindle Mattress

Type of Mattress: Latex Mattress

Mattress Firmness: Medium, Firm, Soft

Certificates: GOTS, OEKO-Tex Certified,

Mattress Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King,

Sleep Trial Period: 1 Year

Warranty: 10 years

Spindle Natural Latex Mattress is an eco-friendly mattress that you can customize to your child’s needs. They send three layers of latex to you, along with an organic cotton case, allowing you to arrange them according to the level of firmness your child prefers.

You can experiment with different layer combinations to find the perfect firmness level for your child, bearing in mind that a firm mattress is generally recommended for kids.

What is great about Spindle is that if you’re not completely satisfied with the firmness of your mattress, they can send you an extra layer (whether soft or firm) free of charge for up to one year after purchasing the mattress.

Spindle Mattresses are handmade in the US with Oeko-Tex + Rainforest Alliance certified latex, Oeko-Tex certified wool and GOTS organic cotton fabric. You can be sure that this organic latex mattress is toxin-free and it won’t off-gas, so it’s perfectly safe for your child.


Brooklyn Bloom Organic Twin Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Mattress

Type of Mattress: Latex Hybrid Mattress

Mattress Firmness: Soft, Medium, Firm

Certificates: OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Certi-Pur

Mattress Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Brooklyn Bloom Organic Mattress is available in three levels of thickness: soft, medium, and firm. It’s made from Oeko-Tex class 1 certified Talalay latex, Jooma wool, organic cotton, and a high-density foam base to make the mattress more durable. The innerspring support contains 1,032 individually encased coils to provide optimal spinal alignment and support.

The only downside of this kids mattress is that it’s not completely natural, as it contains foam. However, the foam is CertiPUR certified, which means it won’t release any toxic chemicals and is considered safe for your child.


Natural Twin Latex Mattress  by Latex Mattress Factory

Latex Mattress Factory Mattress

Type of Mattress: Latex Mattress

Mattress Firmness: Soft and Medium-Firm (Two-sided)

Certificates: Oeko-Tex, Eco-Institute

Mattress Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, Cal King

This flippable organic mattress by US-based Latex Mattress Factory has got two sides (Dunlop and Talalay latex imported from Sri Lanka) so you can choose your preferred level of firmness. This eco-friendly twin mattress is quilted with Jooma wool on both sides and it’s got an organic cotton casing.

It’s one of the most affordable non toxic kids’ mattresses in our review. The natural materials in this organic kids mattress are certified by Oeko-Tex and Eco-Institute, so you can be sure this mattress is safe for your children, free from any harmful additives and toxic chemicals.


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Latex-Free Organic Kids’ Mattresses’


If your child suffers from a latex allergy, you can still find an organic latex-free mattress. There aren’t many available on the market, but a few organic mattress manufacturers offer this option, take a look at our reviews:


Joybed Latex-Free Organic Cotton Kids’ Mattress

Joybed LXC

Mattress Type: Hybrid Latex-Free Mattress

Certificates: GOTS

Material: Organic cotton and plant fibers

Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Warranty: 10 Years

Sleep Trial: 120 Nights

If you’re looking for a latex-free organic kids mattress, be sure to check Joybed. They offer affordable organic mattresses with different comfort levels: soft, medium, and firm. Joybed offers two kinds of latex-free hybrid mattresses: a mattress that contains wool, GOTS certified cotton and plant fiber, and a vegan mattress that contains only organic cotton and plant fiber comfort layer, apart from steel innerspring.

These mattresses are breathable, helping your child stay cool when they sleep, and they’ve got moisture-wicking properties to keep them dry. These non-toxic kids’ mattresses have got no toxic chemicals, they’re free from flame retardants and pesticides.


Evergreen Foam Mattress by White Lotus Home

Evergreen Foam Mattress by White Lotus Home

Type of Kids Mattress: Natural Foam Mattress

Mattress Firmness: Soft and Medium-Firm (Two-sided)

Certificates: None

Mattress Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, Cal King

White Lotus Home specializes in organic bedding products, including non toxic mattresses made from natural materials. Their Evergreen Foam Mattress is made using polyurethane foam made entirely from natural oils.

This firm organic kids’ mattress has got wool batting, which acts as a natural fire retardant, dust mite repellant and body temperature regulator. The foam is encased in a 100% GOTS certified organic cotton cover. White lotus also offers a selection of organic futon mattresses, which may be a great, more versatile option for your child.


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More Affordable, Non-Toxic Memory Foam Kids’ Mattresses:


Natural mattresses offer many health benefits and help you ensure that your child is not exposed to any toxic chemicals when they sleep, however, they may be quite expensive. A good alternative to organic mattresses are non toxic memory foam mattresses.

These non toxic mattresses are CertiPUR certified, which means that they meet or exceed strict requirements regarding the use of toxic chemicals. CertiPUR-certified kids’ mattresses are safe for children and much cheaper than organic mattresses, check our picks:


Juniper Non Toxic Kids’ Mattress by Brentwood Home

Juniper Mattress by Brentwood Home

Type of Kids Mattress: Latex-Free Hybrid Mattress

Mattress Firmness: Medium-Firm

Certificates: eco-INSTITUT, OEKO-TEK Standard 100, GOTS

Mattress Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full

Juniper Kids’ Mattress is an affordable non-toxic mattress that uses CertiPUR-certified gel memory foam and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton. This latex-free mattress contains no toxic substances, such as flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates, so it’s a safe mattress for your child.

Brentwood Home is a company dedicated to non-toxic and organic mattresses and bedding for toxin-free sleep and all of their products are made in California. They also sell an organic mattress, but twin size is not available at the moment. I recommend this mattress because it offers exceptional quality for an affordable price and it’s bound to last for many years to come.


Puffy Kids’ Mattress

Best Non Toxic Memory Foam Mattress
Puffy Mattress

Type of Mattress: Non-Toxic Memory Foam Mattress

Mattress Firmness: Medium-Firm

Certificates: CertiPUR-US, OEKO-Tex

Mattress Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Puffy Mattresses are made in the USA and they use OEKO-Tex cotton and CertiPUR-US cooling foam. This kids foam mattress provides excellent full-body support and spine alignment and at the same time, it’s completely safe for your child as it uses no toxic chemicals that can be found in conventional mattresses. What we love about this company is that they donate mattresses to children’s shelters across the US.


organic kids mattress

5 Little Monkeys Non Toxic Child’s Mattress

5 Little Monkeys Mattress

Type of Mattress: Memory Foam Mattress

Mattress Firmness: Medium-Firm

Kids Mattress Benefits: CertiPUR-US , OEKO-Tex

Mattress Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen

5 Little Monkeys specialize in making non-toxic mattresses for kids. This kids’ mattress contains CertiPUR-certified memory foam and OEKO-TEX-certified removable organic cotton. The memory foam is arranged into three layers which helps provide optimal body support and as it’s got an open-cell structure, it’s breathable, helping your child to feel fresh and dry throughout the night.

This mattress for kids also comes with a waterproof mattress protector to help your child transition to a big kid bed. Along with the mattress, you’ll also get a standard-size hypoallergenic pillow with an organic cotton cover.


organic kids mattress
organic kids mattress

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organic kids mattress

How to Choose the Right Organic Mattress for Your Children?


Here are some things about organic kids beds to consider before you buy:


  • Materials: Make sure that the mattress is made of certified organic materials, meaning that it’s friendly to the environment and safe for your children. You should also make sure the mattress is from toxins, such as fire retardants and toxic foam.
  • Certificates: To make sure that the bed is truly non-toxic, check the label for the following certificates Greenguard GOLS, Made Safe, GOTS and GOLS. They mean that the product meets strict criteria regarding the use of potentially harmful chemicals.
  • Firmness: Look for firm mattresses as they provide the best kinds of support for your growing child.
  • Thickness: If you’re looking for an organic bunk bed or a trundle bed mattress, it will have to be thinner than a mattress you would use on a normal bed. Usually, bunk and trundle bed mattresses are up to 8″ high.
  • If you prefer a memory foam bed for your child, check the label for certifications that show that the foam is low VOC, formaldehyde-free, and PBDE-free. The most common certificate for low-toxicity memory foam products is CertiPUR-US.




We hope that we’ve helped you find the best organic mattress for your child’s healthy sleep. Although some organic mattresses can be expensive, it’s a price worth paying to make sure your child is getting the best possible sleep quality.

Healthy rest is crucial to your child’s development and choosing an organic kids’ mattress that won’t off-gas is very important if you want to reduce your child’s exposure to harmful substances.


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