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In this article, I’ll tell you where to buy a non-toxic dresser. Non-toxic furniture has become more popular in recent years, as consumers are looking for ways to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in their homes and buying things made from recyclable materials.

In this review, we’ll look at chemical-free furniture brands that sell low VOC (volatile organic compounds) furniture and use solid wood, as well as non-toxic finishes and paints. Take a look at my picks:


Avocado Reclaimed Wood Dressers


Avocado Non-Toxic Dressers

Material: Reclaimed Douglas Fir Solid Wood

Finish: Zero-VOC Ecos WoodShield Stain


Avocado is a company dedicated to promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle and they help you achieve it by providing organic mattresses and 100% natural, non-toxic furniture. Avocado offers reclaimed wood (solid Douglas Fir) natural dressers finished with zero-VOC Ecos® WoodShield stain, which is organic and odorless.

These solid wood dressers are available with 3 or 6 drawers and the drawers are easy-open without the need for knobs. Avocado nontoxic dressers contain no particle board or MDF and the reclaimed nature of wood means that they’ve got some scratches and dings that make every piece unique and beautiful.


Medley Home Eco-Friendly Dressers


Medley Dressers

Material: Solid hard white maple, solid American walnut, natural bamboo, and amber bamboo

Finish: Zero-VOC finishes and zero-VOC wood glue


Medley Home specializes in non-toxic furniture with zero-VOC finishes and zero-VOC wood glue. They offer two types of non-toxic dressers: Atten Dresser and Walt Dresser. They differ in design, but they’re both characterized by minimalistic, clear lines and are made of different hardwood types.

Each provides a different, natural color: solid hard white maple, solid American walnut, natural bamboo, and amber bamboo. These solid wood dressers are available with 3, 4, and 6 drawers.


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non toxic dressers

Atlantic Furniture Dressers


Atlantic Furniture Dresser

Material: Solid Wood

Finish: Low-VOC Finish


Atlantic Furniture sells non-toxic dressers made from sustainably sourced wood with a low-VOC finish. They use plantation-grown wood which helps them leave natural forests untouched. They offer a 6- and 4-drawer dresser and two-drawer nightstands.

These eco-friendly dressers are sold with two sets of knobs: wooden knobs and brushed nickel knobs so you can adapt them to your taste. The dressers are available in six colors: white, caramel, espresso, grey, and walnut.



non toxic dressers (6)

Amish Crafted Furniture Cornwell Dressers


Amish Crafted Furniture Cornwell Dressers

Material: Solid maple and walnut

Finish: Linseed Oil


Amish Crafted Furniture offers handmade hardwood furniture with natural finishes, such as linseed oil. Their Cornwell natural dressers are made from solid maple and walnut. They’re available with 6 and 8 drawers which are fitted with easy-glide slides and each drawer has English dovetail joints for all four corners. These hardwood dressers are available with a mirror that is sold separately.


Copeland Solid Wood Dressers


Copeland Furniture Dressers
From $2.788

Material: Walnut, maple, and cherry hardwood

Finish: Low-VOC water-based coatings


If you’re after a Greenguard-certified dresser, be sure to check Copeland Furniture. Greenguard GOLD certificate is given to products that meet very strict standards regarding the use of chemicals and eco-friendly manufacturing practices. These solid wood dressers are made from walnut, maple, and cherry hardwood and finished with water-based low-VOC coatings.

Copeland is an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) member, meaning their wood is sustainably sourced. In their selection of non-toxic dressers, you’ll find dressers with a different number of drawers and different styles to suit your needs.


non toxic dressers (1)

Da Vinci Nontoxic Dressers


DaVinci Dressers

Material: Solid Pinewood

Finish: Zero-VOC finishes

03/07/2024 05:06 am GMT


Da Vinci Dressers are meant to be used in a nursery or kid’s room, but they’ll also look good in the adults’ bedroom. This non toxic chest of drawers is 34 inches high, and usually more narrow than other dressers.

As Da Vinci makes children’s furniture, their non toxic dressers comply with strict ASTM International and U.S. CPSC safety standards, so you can be sure that they are very low in toxic chemicals.  These non-toxic dressers for children are made from solid pinewood and they’re available in four colors: grey, white, espresso, and chestnut.


Greenington Eco Dressers


Greenington Dressers

Material: Bamboo Strips

Finish: Low-VOC finish and water-based glue


Greenington makes organic modern furniture using bamboo and low VOC finishes. Bamboo is a sustainable material that grows very fast. Bamboo strips are then bonded by non-toxic glue to make beautiful, minimalistic furniture.

Greenington is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint, so its eco-friendly furniture is made close to the bamboo source. In the Greenington collection, you can find 3-, 5-, and 6-drawer dressers in different shades of natural and brown hues. Don’t forget to check their beautiful non-toxic bookcases and dining tables.


non toxic dresser

Gaviota Six Drawer Dresser by Masaya & Co.


Gaviota Six Drawer Dresser by Masaya & Co.

Material: Royal Mahogany Solid Wood

Finish: Low-VOC Oil Finish

05/26/2024 12:24 am GMT


The Gaviota Six-Drawer Dresser combines rustic and modern sensibilities in a solid wood dresser that is both stylish and functional. Six large drawers have smooth gliding hardware and provide plenty of space for all of your folded clothes. The large smooth outer surfaces show off the beautiful solid hardwood, Royal Mahogany, making this piece sturdy. 100% handmade heirloom quality dresser that is built to last a lifetime.

Handcrafted in Nicaragua, this non toxic furniture is made using sustainably harvested hardwood, with 100 trees planted for each product sold. Low-VOC natural oil finishes are used for the final coat to ensure quality without utilizing harsh chemicals or toxic materials and allergens.


Viva Terra Non Toxic Chests of Drawers


Viva Terra Non-Toxic Dressers
From $1,895.00

Material: Reclaimed Solid Wood

Finish: Non-toxic, water-based stains


Viva Terra is a natural furniture producer dedicated to sustainable materials and natural finishes. On their website, you can find natural and non-toxic furniture, decoration, and textiles for your home. They offer handmade California Douglas fir reclaimed wood dressers with three and six drawers.

These solid wood dressers are available in five beautiful and natural finishes using non-toxic, water-based stains: Natural, Linen Grey, White Quartz, Espresso, and Black Onyx. The reclaimed wood has been salvaged from razed buildings and the small defects on its surface make each piece unique and full of character.

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Vermont Furniture Dressers


Vermont Furniture Bedroom Dressers
From $3.450

Material: Solid maple, cherry, and walnut wood

Finish: Linseed Oil


Vermont Furniture makes non-toxic furniture from solid maple, cherry, and walnut wood. Their designs are minimalistic and they offer a selection of natural wood colors with a hand-rubbed linseed oil finish. Their dressers come with four to ten drawers and they’re handcrafted in the US.

These solid wood dressers are joined together by experienced craftsmen using mortise and tenon joints, which makes the construction strong and flexible. The drawers are made using dovetail construction and smooth steel glides so you can be sure that they’re durable and long-lasting.


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What to Look for When Shopping for a Non-Toxic Dresser?

non toxic dressers

When shopping for a non-toxic dresser, it’s important to prioritize safety and avoid products that may contain harmful chemicals. Here are some key factors to consider:

  1. Material: Look for dressers made from solid wood, bamboo, or metal, as these materials are less likely to contain harmful chemicals than composite wood products like particleboard or MDF.
  2. Finishes: Choose dressers with finishes that are free from harmful chemicals and do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can off-gas and contribute to poor indoor air quality. Consider dressers with natural oil finishes, such as tung or linseed oil, which are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. You can also find dressers finished with zero-VOC wood stain or paint.
  3. Certification: Look for dressers that have been certified by independent organizations like Greenguard GOLD or Made Safe, which verify that the product meets specific environmental and safety standards. Greenguard GOLD certification indicates that a product has low chemical emissions and is safe for use in schools, healthcare facilities, and other sensitive environments. Made Safe certification indicates that a product is made from safe ingredients and materials and does not contain known harmful chemicals.
  4. Hardware: Choose dressers with hardware that is free from lead and other toxic materials.
  5. Brand Reputation: Research the brand of the dresser to see if they have a reputation for producing non-toxic and environmentally friendly furniture. Look for reviews from other customers and consider contacting the manufacturer directly with any questions or concerns.

Considering these factors, you can find a non-toxic dresser that is safe and environmentally friendly for you and your family.


non toxic dressers

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If you want to make your bedroom free from toxic chemicals, a non-toxic dresser is a great solution. By using non-toxic furniture, you’ll limit your exposure to VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which could have a negative effect on your health.

Choosing natural wood dressers over engineered wood is important, as they are less likely to contain large amounts of harmful chemicals. Apart from an eco dresser, it’s important to consider buying a non-toxic bed frame and an organic mattress to create a toxin-free environment in your bedroom.

Mattresses are the main source of pollution in bedrooms as they usually off-gas, releasing harmful chemicals into the air you breathe, often causing allergic reactions and respiratory issues. If you want to improve air quality in your bedroom, use a 100% natural mattress that won’t off-gas, or invest in a cheaper, non-toxic memory foam mattress that releases very few chemicals, helping you achieve healthier sleep.


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