Best Organic Side Sleeper Pillows

Many people like to sleep on their side. If you’re one of them, then it’s important that you find the best organic pillows for side sleepers that will give your neck and spine the support they need without getting too hot or causing pain.

Fortunately, many different kinds of pillows are available with all sorts of features to suit every preference. But which is right for you?

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Side Sleeper Pillow by Sleep Artisan

Side Sleeper Pillow by Sleep Artisan

Materials: Shredded latex, microfiber silk, organic cotton, hemp, polyester

03/07/2024 07:26 pm GMT

When you’re searching for the perfect side sleeper pillow, look no further than the Side Sleeper Pillow by Sleep Artisan. Not only is this natural side sleeper pillow made with latex to provide natural spinal alignment, it’s also filled with poly-silk to provide 100% comfort while still regulating your body temperature throughout the night.

With its adjustable design and an easy-to-remove cover, personalizing your head positioning has never been easier.

Most pillows are built with traditional memory foam that traps heat while you sleep or gets way too hot in warm temperatures. Thankfully, this side sleeper pillow isn’t like most others because it uses natural latex to regulate your body’s temperature through any season or climate.


Organic Cotton Side Sleeper Pillow by The Futon Shop

Side Sleeper Pillow by The Futon Shop

Materials: USDA certified organic cotton

This uniquely shaped pillow was designed specifically for side sleepers. It’s filled with USDA-certified organic cotton and features an organic cotton cover that zips off to be washed, making it easy to keep clean! The fully adjustable loft will provide customized comfort so you can enjoy a good night’s rest without any neck or shoulder tension ruining your sleep.

Futon Shop Side Sleeper Pillow is made in the USA, helping you support job growth here in the United States, as well as saving on transportation costs and helping out US farmers.


Hullo Buckwheat Pillow

Hullo Buckwheat Pillow

Materials: GOTS certified and OekoTex certified cotton and buckwheat

03/07/2024 12:41 am GMT

Buckwheat pillows are the best way to get a good night’s sleep for a side sleeper thanks to their malleability. They provide support for your neck and spine, while also allowing air to circulate through the pillow so that it stays cool throughout the night.

This is great because heat can cause discomfort and disrupt sleep. A buckwheat pillow will give you all-natural support so that you wake up refreshed in the morning.

Hullo Buckwheat Pillow has been designed with comfort in mind, using 100% organic cotton twill fabric on both sides of the case and carefully sourced and selected buckwheat hulls inside.


Avocado Green Pillow

Avocado Green Pillow

Materials: GOLS certified organic latex, GOTS certified organic kapok, GOTS organic certified cotton cover

The Avocado Green Pillow is a huggable, vegan-friendly pillow that delivers natural comfort. Made from GOLS-certified organic latex and kapok stuffing within an inner jersey cotton liner enclosed in a machine washable cover made of 100% domestically sourced organic materials that are Greenguard GOLD certified for safety!

This non-toxic customizable option will make you feel right at home while providing support to your head or back when you sleep on your side.


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Latex for Less Solid Latex Pillow

The Latex for Less Pillow

Materials: GOLS certified organic latex and organic cotton

This solid latex pillow provides the perfect level of responsive support for your head and neck in any sleep position. Naturally springy, natural latex conforms to you when laying down right away while providing optimal airflow so that you can stay cool throughout each night. Latex for Less Pillow cradles your head and gently without causing discomfort.

The organic cotton cover helps maintain this side sleeper pillow hypoallergenic and chemical-free, making it a healthy choice for side sleepers who prefer a smooth, soft pillow that provides solid support.


The Noble Head Side Sleeper Pillow

The Noble Head Pillow

Materials: Organic wool and latex, GOTS certified cotton cover

This luxury pillow was created to revolutionize your sleep experience with its patented technology. It has adjustable elevated sides for side sleeping, nine anatomically designed sections to adjust to you today and adapt to any future changes in weight or shape, and an ergonomically-sound design with a five-year warranty.

The Noble Head Pillow is available with four types of fills, including organic wool and latex, and the casing is GOTS-certified organic cotton sateen. Each of the fills for this luxurious pillow provides a different level of comfort, so you can easily customize it to your needs.


Coyuchi Pillow with Organic Cotton Cover

Coyuchi Pillow

Materials: GOLS certified latex and GOTS certified cotton

This GOLS-certified shredded latex pillow can be easily customized to your liking, but it will stay lofty, unlike poly-filled ones that go flat and lose their support over time.

It’s made of 100% organic natural latex rubber encased in a GOTS-certified organic cotton cover, providing an excellent night’s sleep every day.

The Organic Latex Shredded Pillow by Coyuchi is perfect if you want more than just comfort when sleeping on your side. The chemical-free materials ensure durability and they won’t off gas, like most synthetic pillows on the market.


Wool & Latex Side Sleeper Pillow by Sleep and Beyond

Side Sleeper Pillow by Sleep and Beyond

Materials: NAtural latex, wool and cotton sateen cover

Wool & Latex Side Sleeper Pillow by Sleep and Beyond is a plush side sleeper pillow. Ergonomic contours promote all-night comfort and relieve shoulder pressure, so you can finally sleep soundly without tossing or turning!

It’s filled with responsive latex that provides luxury for your head and wool, which has natural pressure relief qualities for your tired shoulders. And thanks to the customizable loft options available on this ergonomic latex and wool pillow, there are plenty of different ways to get just right fit for your needs.


PLA Pillow by Naturepedic

PLA Pillow by Naturepedic

Materials: Organic cotton and plant fiber

The PLA Pillow by Naturepedic is made with organic materials, namely 100% organic cotton outer fabric and PLA (a non-GMO fiber derived from renewable resources) batting on the inside, that provide healthy, plush support for a side sleeper. This durable pillow also has excellent moisture-wicking properties, so pick this one if you sleep hot.

You can rest easy knowing that this PLA Pillow by Naturepedic will not off-gas or emit any hazardous fumes into your bedroom environment. Plus, it comes in three different sizes to fit your bed perfectly.

And because Naturepedic uses only sustainable organic materials, you can feel good about supporting an environmentally friendly product that helps reduce landfill waste too.


Aikoful Goose Down Feather Pillow

Aikoful Goose Down Feather Pillows
$52.99 $38.99

Materials: Oeko-Tex certified Egyptian cotton cover, Syberien goose down and feathers

03/07/2024 08:51 am GMT

Aikoful Pillows are filled with high-quality Siberian White Goose Down and Goose Feathers. The 15% Siberian white goose down provides superb loft, support, and breathability. The 85% goose feather provides softness and comfort.

The top and bottom part of the Aikoful Pillow is filled with goose down, with a feather in the middle that softly cradles your head and neck when you sleep on your side. The cover is made of 100% OEKO-Tex-certified cotton, which is soft and breathable.


What to Consider When Shopping for an Organic Side Sleeper Pillow?


If you’re a side sleeper, certain things are important when it comes to pillows:


Has It Got the Right Loft?


A medium-to-high loft pillow with adequate cushioning but without sinking too low is the best option side sleepers. If you vary your thickness preferences by night, a pillow with adjustable levels may be a good option for you.


Does It Provide Enough Support to Prevent Neck Pain?


The support of a pillow refers to how effectively it maintains an even surface for your head and neck. Side sleepers require a pillow that doesn’t sink too much or raise their heads too much.

The best support is typically provided by pillows with solid latex cores, however, if you prefer a more malleable pillow, choose shredded latex or wool fill.


How Much Does It Cost?


A pillow’s cost is largely determined by the materials used. Pillows with organic fill are typically more expensive than pillows with synthetic filling.


Is It Firm Enough?


A soft pillow will likely sink too much under your head, resulting in alignment problems and the risk of greater strain. If the pillow is too firm, you may feel discomfort in your neck and shoulders.

Side sleepers will benefit from mid-level firmness pillows because they provide a mixture of contouring and support.


Are the Materials High Quality?


The cover and internal components of a pillow might influence various features, such as durability, temperature regulation, and shape retention.

You may pay more for organic certified pillows with higher-quality components, but many of them will give you better durability and performance.


Does It Provide Pressure Relief?


The shoulders and neck may develop pressure points if the side sleeper’s pillow does not keep them aligned with the spine. Side sleepers, on the other hand, typically require a supportive pillow that easily molds to their body to help avoid shoulder pain and neck pain.


Does It Retain Its Shape?


Some types of pillow fills, such as wool, compress with time, causing the pillow to flatten and become less satisfying. To keep them in good shape, you’ll need to fluff these pillows on a regular basis.

Pillows filled with other organic materials, such as latex or buckwheat, easily maintain their shape without fluffing.


Has It Got Organic Certificates?


An organic pillow should be certified as organic. Check the label for organic textile certifications such as GOTS, Oeko-Tex 100, Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) or USDA.


organic side sleeper pillows


Why Choose Organic Pillows for Side Sleepers?


A side sleeper pillow should be made of organic materials such as buckwheat, latex, or cotton. The less processing the pillow materials have been through, the better because it means fewer chemicals are involved.

These harsh chemicals could cause skin irritations, breathing problems (such as asthma), or trigger allergic reactions. Organic pillows are also more durable because they are not treated with substances that weaken the fibers.

To make sure your pillow is organic, check the label for organic certificates such as the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS).


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What Else Do Side Sleepers Need for Comfortable Sleep?


If you’re a side sleeper, apart from finding comfortable pillows that will provide the right level of support, consider the following things that will help you sleep better:

  • Organic knee pillow: Place a knee pillow between your knees to align them with your spine. If you suffer from lower back pain, consider using a comfortable cushion between the legs that also helps relieve pressure points around the hips and thighs.
  • Organic Mattress: The best organic mattress for side sleepers is one that provides adequate support without sinking too much. It should be medium-firm in order to distribute your weight and relieve pressure points evenly.
  • Organic Mattress Topper: If you can’t afford an organic mattress, you can opt for an organic mattress topper that will help you soften a too-firm mattress or make a too-soft mattress firmer. Choose a natural latex or wool mattress topper with the right firmness level and thickness to suit your needs.




If you’ve read our in-depth article about the best organic pillows for side sleepers, then you know that there are plenty of options out there.

If you’re lookig for a chemical-free pillow, you can find an organic pillow made from down and feathers if you want to keep your head cool at night or one with solid latex if you’re looking for something that offers more support.

Whatever type of material it is, we hope this guide has helped make shopping easier!

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