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Are Natural Latex Mattresses Hot to Sleep On?

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Many people are wondering if latex mattresses sleep hot. There is a common misconception that all the foam in the mattress will make it too warm to sleep on, but this couldn't be further from the truth. 

In addition, there are many tips and tricks you can use to ensure your new latex mattress feels cool and comfortable for a long night's rest!

Do Latex Mattresses Sleep Hot?

No they don't. Latex is naturally breathable and conforms to your body's shape while you sleep. It absorbs any heat build-up, so there should be no issues with sleeping hot on a latex mattress.

A latex mattress is typically made out of organic materials like cotton and rubber which are both breathable in nature so it will be cooler than other types of mattresses including memory foam ones which can retain heat inside its structure more easily.

Latex mattresses are also durable and hypoallergenic—two qualities that make it an excellent choice for many people who experience allergies or want their bed to last longer than the typical synthetic materials found in most store-bought beds.

latex mattress hot

Why is My Latex Mattress Hot?

Your natural latex mattress may feel hot if you live in a humid environment. The most common remedy to this problem is by adding more layers of bedding, such as sheets or blankets, and using an electric fan.

Another reason for sleeping hot could be that your mattress was made from inexpensive synthetic latex that emits heat when you sleep and is not breathable enough.

If your mattress is made from natural latex but still seems to sleep hot, it could happen beause:

  • You're using an all-latex mattress. These mattresses are less breathable than hybrid latex mattresses which have an innespring structure between the layers of latex, making the mattress more breathable and allowing for more air circulation.
  • Your mattress is thick, more than 10 inches. Sometimes these mattresses may promote sinkage and when you sink in a bit, you may sleep hotter.
  • For the same reason, you should choose a firm mattress over a plush one. A firm latex mattress will not allow you to sink in and help you to stay cool throughtout the night.

Are Latex Mattresses Hot in Summer?

Your latex mattress will not sleep hot if you maintain a cool, dry sleeping environment. Keep the temperature of your room between 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit and use an electric fan to circulate air for optimal air circulation.

If these steps do not help with cooling down your bed, try using sheets or blankets that have been sprayed with water from time to time throughout the day before going to bed at night

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Do Latex Mattress Toppers Make You Hot?

Natural latex mattress toppers are a great way to increase the comfort of your bed. These mattress toppers are made from natural latex and will not cause you to feel hot while sleeping on them.

Latex is one of the most breathable materials that can be used in mattresses, so it's no surprise that these types of mattress pads do not sleep hot.

Thin layers of foam or other synthetic material are often what contributes to making people sweat at night, but this is simply because such products don't breathe as well as those with natural latex.

Not only can latex toppers help regulate temperature for more comfortable nights' rest, but also provide an added layer beneath which dust mites cannot penetrate!

Is Memory Foam Hotter Than Latex?

Memory foam can be a warmer than latex and is not recommended for hot sleepers. It's because the foam mattress has a higher heat conductivity. It's especially the case if your memory foam mattress has got a closed-cell structure, which traps heat and prevents the air from circulating freely.

Latex, on the other hand, does not absorb your body heat or release any moisture into the air like memory foam may do. So memory foam can be hotter than latex, especially if you tend to sweat while you sleep.

latex mattress hot

How Can I Make My Latex Mattress Cooler?

If you need to keep your latex mattress cooler, there are a couple of things you can do. Follow our tips and enjoy a cooler sleep:

1. Choose a Firmer Latex Mattress 

A firm latex mattress sleeps cooler than a plusher mattress. It's because a firm mattress will sink less than a plush mattress. Somilarly, you should choose Talaly mattress over Dunlop as Talalay latex is denser and firmer than Dunlop, so it's less prone to let you sink and oveheat.

2. Choose a Thin Latex Mattress Over a Thick One

Get a thinner latex mattress. A thicker mattress promotes sinkage, which will make you more likely to sleep hot. Consider a low profile latex mattress that is less than 10-inch thick and you'll see the difference.

3. Use a Slatted Mattress Base

Use a slatted base for your latex mattress. It will allow for more air to circulate around the mattress, which will help it sleep cooler. A slatted base will also prevent mold growth. Just make sure that your mattress manufacturer allows the use of a slatted base, so it won't void your warranty.

4. Choose a Latex Hybrid Mattress over an All-Latex Mattress

Innerspring latex mattress sleeps cooler than an all-latex mattress because the innerspring regulates the temperature better, distributing it evenly over its surface. On top of that, it's more breathable and enable the air to freely circulate, keeping you dry and cool when you sleep. 

5. Use an Organic Cotton Mattress Protector

Use a breathable mattress protector that will let cool air in and trap heat out. We recommend organic cotton mattresses protectors, they're breathable and chemical-free.

6. If You Use a Mattress Topper, Go For an Organic One

Avoid synthetic mattress toppers because they can trap heat and lead to higher temperatures for both you and your mattress. Check our review of the best organic mattress toppers made from breathable materials, such as latex, cotton and wool. 

7. Use as Few Layers of Bedding as Possible

Use as few sheets as necessary, the less cloth touching the mattress, the quicker it will stay cooler since there's more airflow around it. 

All of these things should be able to breathe freely and let heat escape. It's also important that it doesn't have too many layers or unnecessary accessories so you can stay cooler at night.

Using a lighter weight blanket is a good idea as well since they're easier to move around if you need more coverage or fewer covers later on in the evening or morning depending on how hot it gets while sleeping .

8. Choose Organic over Synthetic Bedding

Organic bedding made of cotton, eucalyptus or bamboo is breathable and doesn't trap heat. On the other hand, polyester and microfiber sheets can make you overheat and sweat more as they don't allow the air to circulate and mat trap the heat in your mattress.

9. Choose White Sheets

Choose white cotton when possible for sheets, duvet and pillows because this color will reflect light better than other colors which will help keep the room from getting warmer with extra sun exposure during daytime hours.

What Else Can You Do to Keep Your Badroom Cool?

  • Another thing you can do is to have at least one fan around the bed or on nearby windows to create a breeze.
  • Run a dehumidifier in your bedroom. This might be a drastic measure but if you think about how humid your room is then this can't hurt and could make all of your other efforts work better.
  • Install window coverings that block UV rays, these screens will help keep your room cool during the day. Open your window when you have a nice breeze and close it in hot weather.
latex mattress hot

Is Natural Latex Breathable?

Natural latex mattress and pillows are much more breathable than synthetic materials. It's because natural latex is made from organic, renewable sources like rubber trees. It's also because the fibers are much thinner than synthetics and so allow more air to pass through them.

Since it contains no synthetic materials that produce heat or gas buildup, natural latex can be a healthier choice for you with better breathability.

Latex has got an open cell structure, which makes it nautrally breathable and promotes air circulation, making you feel cool and dry throughout the night. 

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Do Natural Latex Mattresses Sleep Cooler Than Synthetic Latex Mattresses?

Natural latex mattresses sleep cooler than synthetic latex mattresses. A natural latex mattress is made from rubber sap and other tree byproducts, while a synthetic latex mattress contains petroleum-based polymers in the production of it.

These properties make these two types of materials result in different levels of heat retention. Synthetic beds tend to retain more heat because they have higher density material with limited air flow circulation.

Natural bedding offers better airflow for temperature regulation which helps your body maintain its normal temperature throughout the night without sweating or feeling hot under sheets.

This gives you an easier time falling asleep faster, staying cool during the night, and reduces waking up at night due to discomfort caused by elevated temperatures.

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Latex is a natural material that has been touted for its many health, comfort and environmental benefits. In this article, we’ve outlined some practical tips to help you make your latex mattress more breathable so it can keep you cool at night.

Ultimately the decision on what type of mattress will be right for you comes down to personal preference but if organic mattresses sound like an option worth exploring then our review of the best affordable latex mattresses should come in handy.

As long as you look after your mattress and store it properly when you need to move, it will last you for many years to come.

Have any advice or thoughts about these suggestions? If so, please share them with us! We always love hearing from our readers and are happy to answer any questions as well.

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