Top 14 Non-Toxic Kids Furniture Brands


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Parents are always looking for the best furniture to meet their needs. Kids grow at a rapid pace, and it can be hard to find quality furniture that will last them for more than a few years. The most important factor in finding the perfect child’s furnishings is considering safety first.

There are many items on the market that claim to be safe, but they also have many different manufacturers, so you never know what kind of materials were used during production. It can take hours of research just to figure out who makes the best safe furniture.

Keep reading to find other brands that also offer great non toxic furniture for your child.

03/08/2024 02:11 am GMT


Delta Children’s Furniture

Delta Children's Furniture
$89.99 $84.99

Materials: MDF

Certificates: Greenguard GOLD

03/08/2024 02:11 am GMT

Looking for safe, high-quality children’s furniture that is also affordable? Look no further than Delta Children’s Furniture. These pieces are built with long-lasting materials that can stand up to years of jumping, playing, and exploring, and they are rigorously tested to meet or exceed all industry safety standards. 

Plus, they are Greengard GOLD certified, so you can rest assured that they are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Whether you’re shopping for a bedroom set to grow with your child or just looking for some fun chairs for playtime, Delta Children’s Furniture has the perfect pieces to fit your needs and budget.


Brentwood Home

Play Couch Sofa for Kids by Brentwood Home

Materials: BioFoam, Recycled Plastics Fabric

Certificates: Greenguard GOLD, CertiPur-US

The Eco Play Couch and Chair by Brentwood Home, made in California, are eco-friendly furniture for kids. They’re crafted from Certi-Pur-certified BioFoam®, a plant-based foam, avoiding harmful flame retardants common in many furniture pieces.

The couch is Greenguard Gold-certified, guaranteeing low chemical emissions. Their covers are washable and made from recycled plastics. Plus, both pieces are convertible for versatile play configurations.


Studio DucDuc

Studio DucDuc

Solid wood furniture with low-VOC finishes for children's bedroom and baby's nursery

Studio DucDuc is a Connecticut-based business that specializes in designing and manufacturing solid wood furniture for kids. All of their designs are made from scratch, typically available within eight to ten weeks with an artisan-applied low-VOC finish on solid wood frames (no MDF here).

They use “ouchless” drawer glides so you can rest assured knowing your child’s fingers stay safe! With their wide selection of organic kids furniture, you’ll be able to completely furnish your child’s bedroom with beautiful non-toxic bed frames, dressers, tables and chairs. They also offer organic nursery furniture including non-toxic cribs and changers.


MaxTrix Kids Solid Wood Furniture

MaxTrix Furniture

Solid wood furniture with non toxic finishes made in the USA

MaxTrix is a non-toxic kids furniture producer that uses solid maple wood, aspen, and birch with low VOC finishes to create their timeless pieces. If you’re in the market for a nontoxic kids’ bed, check their modular beds that can be redesigned as your children and family grow.

You can easily convert a single bed into a triple bunk bed with storage drawers and trundle beds without throwing away any components!

This American company uses German engineering and Danish design to create practical children’s furniture that always looks good.


Children’s Factory

Children's Factory

Greenguard GOLD certified furniture for kids for home and school

Children’s Factory offers Greenguard GOLD certified kids furniture. This certificate means that their furniture has very low emissions of potentially toxic substances and they’re safe for children.

They specialize in furniture for schools, but their storage systems, as well as tables and chairs, will look good in your kids’ bedroom too! Don’t forget to check their soft play pieces that are made of materials that meet or exceed all U.S. and country-specific child safety standards to help you create a healthy environment for your child.




Certifications: Certi-Pur US

Figgy is the brand behind the acclaimed Figgy play sofa. This isn’t just a sofa, it’s a thoughtfully designed playground for your child’s imagination and relaxation, featuring two double-stacked squares and two rectangular bolsters. The sofa is made with Certi-Pur certified foam, ensuring safety and quality.

Figgy also offers non-toxic playroom accessories such as balance boards and climbing triangles in various sizes, available unfinished or with zero-VOC finishes. These products echo Figgy’s commitment to creativity and joy in every child’s playtime.

Crate & Kids

Crate & Kids

Greenguard GOLD certified children's furniture

Rather than buying cheap furniture that will quickly fall apart, Crate & Kids offers a more sustainable option with their line of Greenguard Gold certified kid’s furniture. Made from FSC certified wood, this furniture is built to last and features a timeless, minimalistic design that will go with any kind of decor. 

The neutral colors are also perfect for growing kids, as they can easily be repainted or accessorized to match changing tastes. Best of all, Crate & Kids is committed to socially fair practices throughout their production chain, ensuring that their furniture is made ethically from start to finish.

And because they use eco-friendly packaging, you can be sure that your purchase won’t come at the expense of the environment.


Lily and River

Lily and River

Solid wood, nont toxic playroom furniture for kids up to 8 years old

Lily and River offer a range of rockers, climbers, and balance boards that are crafted from solid hardwood with a zero-VOC finish to guarantee that your child is not exposed to any toxic chemicals while they play. 

Their activity tables are especially popular, offering an intuitive space where kids can engage in all sorts of creative play while also learning how to clean up after themselves. With a LEGO building mat and dry-erase tabletop surface, your little one will have hours of fun with this versatile piece of furniture!


ECR4 Kids


Non toxic furniture for children´s bedroom and schools

ECR4 Kids makes kids furniture that meets children’s safety standards regarding the use of harmful chemicals, including VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that contaminate indoor air.

Check their selection of Greenguard GOLD certified children’s furniture and CertiPur Certified soft play pieces that will surely look good in your children’s playroom. With ECR4 Kids, you’ll be able to create safe learning spaces at home as well as non toxic book and toy storage.


Bean Products

Bean Products
From $109.95

Kids' bean bags filled with non toxic foam encased in organic cotton or hemp cover

How about an organic kids’ bean bag? Bean Products Bean Bag Chairs come in an assortment of colors and sizes. They’re perfect for kids and adults, too! All you have to do is pick your desired color and size and fill them with Certi-Pur-certified non-toxic foam.

The organic cotton or hemp fabric wraps all the way around to make it extra durable (double stitching included).

And who wouldn’t want their kid’s name printed on the organic bean bag chair? This purchase will last a long time. Big kids love this product as much as little ones!



Oeuf Classic Toddler Bed

Material: FSC certified solid birch and eco-MDF

Finish: Non-toxic, water-based and free of VOC health hazards

Certificates: Greenguard GOLD

If you’re looking for a non-toxic toddler bed or loft bed, be sure to check Oeuf products. This company, based in Brooklyn, specializes in chemical-free organic furniture made of FSC-certified birch plywood and eco-MDF finished with low VOC paints.

All their environmentally-friendly furniture pieces have Greenguard GOLD certificate so you can rest assured they’re free from harmful substances and won’t be off-gassing any toxic fumes. Apart from nursery furniture, they’ve got a selection of bunk beds and other big kid furniture pieces with modern design.


Babyletto Solid Wood Nursery Furniture

Babyletto Tiptoe Bunk Bed

Material: Spruce wood, CARB II TSCA compliant MDF, CARB II TSCA compliant plywood and rubberwood

Finish: Lead and phthalate safe, non-toxic

Certificates: Greenguard GOLD, ASTM, CPSC

Dimensions: 81.6"L x 43.1"W x 67.6"H

03/06/2024 11:11 pm GMT

If you’re after real wood furniture for your baby’s nursery, look no further. Babyletto makes non toxic cribs, changers and toddler beds with Greenguard GOLD certification. In their selection of furniture, you’re bound to find a perfect crib for your baby with all the necessary safety features and more.

Their materials include sustainably sourced New Zealand Pine, lead and phthalate-free finishes, CARB II compliant MDF, all of it sent in recycled cardboard packaging.


Online Amish Furniture

Online Amish Furniture

Solid wood furniture for children with formaldehyde-free finishes, including natural oils.

The mission of this solid wood furniture company is to make non toxic, handcrafted kids’ furniture that is produced using sustainably sourced wood from the United States, you won’t find any engineered wood in their pieces. The Amish also utilize ancient Amish craftsmanship to ensure that their components are sturdy, long-lasting, and of the greatest possible quality.

Online Amish Furniture solid wood kids furniture is available in a variety of non-toxic wood finishes, including oil rubbed. You can also select other coatings that are formaldehyde-free.

Their offer includes children’s beds, armoires, and dressers, as well as traditional chemical-free nursery furniture. All furniture has a wall anchor to prevent tipping dangers in your child’s room.


Huckleberry Kids Rooms

Huckleberry Kids Rooms

Children's bedroom furniture made of solid wood using low-VOC finishes

Huckleberry Kids Rooms is a US-based company founded by a mom who wanted to make beautiful, playful, solid wood furniture for her children that is made using solid wood from sustainable forests and non-toxic finishes.

Their organic kid’s furniture will allow you to furnish your toddler room as well as your teenager’s room, reflecting their individual style and personality. I particularly like their non-toxic playhouse bunk beds with storage and CertiPur-US certified upholstered kids’ chairs.


How to Shop for Chemical-Free Kids Furniture?


Many parents worry about potential long-term health effects of the toxic chemicals found in furniture, paint, toys and other products their child comes into contact with.

To be on the safe side it’s best to shop for toxin-free kids’ furniture when making your home purchases. You can find many retailers online that specialize in eco-friendly items so finding a chemical-free options shouldn’t be too difficult.

If you’re looking for green kids’ furniture, take into consideration the following criteria:

What is it made of?


Make sure that the furniture you buy is made of solid wood or eco MDF. A typical MDF board comprises wood particles glued together with highly toxic glues and adhesives.

Plywood is also dangerous since the wood laminate layers are joined with glues that emit VOCs and other noxious chemicals, making them potentially harmful to your child.

The best material is solid wood or eco MDF coated with natural oil or zero-VOC paint or non toxic wood stain.

What are the finishes?


Zero-VOC or low-VOC paints. VOCs are chemical compounds that evaporate into the air after you purchase your furniture. VOCs have been linked to respiratory illness and the nervous system in numerous studies, which is especially hazardous for your developing child.

Has it got any certificates?


Greenguard GOLD is a certification scheme for furniture manufacturers that follows strict standards to protect your family against noxious chemicals and VOCs. When buying green kids’ furniture, make sure it has Greenguard GOLD certification.

Where was it made?


Try to buy furniture that was made in Europe, Canada or the USA. Some Asian manufacturers don’t follow strict standards in terms of the materials they use and the manufacturing process, which could potentially expose your child to hazardous chemicals.


kids bedroom

How to Create a Chemical-Free Children’s Bedroom?


When it comes to our children’s health, the most important thing to remember is that they are still developing. They are living in a world of toxins that can have detrimental effects on their long-term well-being.

Maintaining a chemical-free environment in which your little ones play and sleep is imperative for raising naturally happy kids! Here are some quick tips for maintaining an organic bedroom space:

  • Use non toxic paint made without heavy metals, solvents, or petroleum distillates – this will give your children reduced exposure to VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
  • Buy an organic kids’ mattress. These mattresses are made of natural materials, such as latex, wool and organic cotton, without flame retardants, chemical foam fillers, adhesives with formaldehyde, or stain-resistant coatings.
  • Invest in organic bedding. Organic sheets, pillows, and duvets are free from flame retardants, pesticides, synthetic dyes, and formaldehyde.
  • Replace your carpets. Carpets are usually made from synthetic materials, such as polypropylene and nylon fibers. These can emit a variety of hazardous substances into your child’s bedroom air – especially the carpets that have been dyed with non-organic dyes or treated with chemical flame retardants. Buy natural non toxic rugs instead.
  • Use non-toxic cleaning products. If you must use cleaning products, choose ones made without chemical fragrances and phthalates.
  • Use plants that clean the air to naturally purify your children’s bedroom air. These plants help remove formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene from the air , which is commonly found in paints, furniture and insulation.
  • Wash your children’s clothes in detergents that don’t contain harmful chemicals such as phosphates or chlorine bleach (which emits carcinogenic dioxins during the manufacturing process).




So, now you know what to look for in organic kids furniture brands. You don’t have to break the bank or compromise your values just because it is a growing trend. Non toxic furniture in your children’s bedroom will help them sleep better and stay healthier.

It’s well worth buying quality furniture that will last a long time, has no toxic chemicals and does not break the bank either.


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