Top 7 Organic Pregnancy Pillows

An organic pregnancy pillow can be a great way to help you sleep better during pregnancy. It supports the weight of your growing belly and provides optimal support for your back, legs, and neck.

There are many different types of pillows on the market that claim they will provide relief during pregnancy but not all are made with high-quality materials or offer enough support. This article discusses 10 organic maternity pillows that use GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified materials in their fillings so you know it is safe for both you and baby!

The Original Sleeping Bean Pregnancy Pillow

The Original Sleeping Bean Body Pillow

Materials: Organic Kapok and Organic Cotton

Size: Adult: 5.5 ft long x 10 inch diameter, Teen: 4.5 ft long x 9 inch diameter

The Original Sleeping Bean Pregnancy Pillow is filled with sustainably sourced kapok, a renewable material derived from tree seeds. And it’s not just good for the environment; it’s also great for your own on-the-go needs as you grow through pregnancy.

This eco-friendly filling is contained in an organic cotton casing that can be washed and dried easily at home – there are no toxic chemicals to get in your way of health or convenience. Available in two sizes appropriate for adults as well as small adolescents and children, this body pillow provides relief all day long.

Who is it for?

This pregnancy pillow is best for women looking for a hypoallergenic body pillow with firm cofmort level, which can be adjusted by removing or adding extra filling. As these pillows are quite long, we recommend choosing teen size if you're up to 5'7" tall. 

Organic Latex Body Pillow by Organic Textiles

OrganicTextiles Natural Latex Body Pillow

Material: Natural Latex

Size: 48 x 8"

10/27/2021 12:06 am GMT

Looking for a body pillow that’s not too hard or soft? This Organic Latex body Pillow by Organic Textiles is an excellent option for you. Made especially with pregnant women in mind, this medium to firm support pillow provides the perfect balance of comfort and support while maintaining spinal alignment.

If you sleep on your side but need more head and knee support, it will also be best if you get this one--the lining has ergonomic edges that fill in any gaps as well so there will never be any falls out of bed from turning over! The naturally antimicrobial material helps reduce the risk of allergies, and it’s also hypoallergenic.

The outer cover is made from organic cotton which provides a breathable material that will allow for some temperature regulation as well--making sure you are always in an optimal sleeping environment!

Who is it for?

Pregnant women who need an organic pillow but are allergic to wool or prefer the springy, medium-firm kind of comfort that only natural latex can provide.

Kapok Pregnancy Body Pillow by White Lotus Home

White Lotus Home Kapok Body Pillow

Materials: Organic Kapok and Organic Cotton

Size: 20 x 72 x 72

This Organic Kapok Maternity Pillow by White Lotus Home is made from Kapok fiber obtained from the seed of the tree that grows in the rainforest. This organic body pillow provides total body support and can be used for side sleepers or as a pregnancy pillow.

The kapok fiber's feel and density are similar to down, so it helps you avoid products that can potentially involve animal cruelty (if you're really like the comfort of down pillows). The organic cotton casing was designed to provide breathability while its luxurious texture feels silky against your skin.

Who is it for?

Great choice for pregnant women who need a soft, hypoallergenic pillow that's very delicate on the skin.

Emeryville Organic Cotton Pregnancy Pillow 

Emeryville 100% Organic Cotton Body Pillow

Material: GOTS Certified Cotton

Sizes: 20" x 72", 20" x 54"

Reduce your risk of developing respiratory problems by using an all-organic pregnancy pillow. Not only is this product good for you, but it’s kind to the environment too. Emeryville Organic Cotton Body Pillow was created with a soft organic cotton filling and durable GOTS-certified organic cotton cover that resists heat, stains and moisture to provide a comfortable night’s sleep year after around.

The body pillow conforms well and offers support in all the right places so that moms can finally relax on their side or stomach while pregnant. It also helps to alleviate pain in the hips, back and neck. The pillow is a good size for every woman no matter what her weight or height may be because it can also fit between your legs to support you during labor.

This organic latex pregnancy body pillow has been created with GOTS certified materials which guarantees it's free of harmful chemicals like dyes & pesticides while using 100% natural fillings derived from renewable resources.

Who is it for?

Women allergic to latex of wool who need an adjustable pillow that will allow them to add or remove the filling to find their preferred comfort level.

Organic Cotton Body Pillow by Futon Shop

Organic Cotton Body Pillow by Futon Shop

Material: Organic Cotton

Size: 9 x 42", 17 x 53"

If you're looking for the best pregnancy pillow that is organic cotton then this product might be perfect for you. The Organic Cotton Body Pillow by Futon Shop has got a GOTS-certified cover made from cotton and USDA-certified organic cotton batting.

The non-toxic body pillow contains no flame retardants or other toxic compounds found in synthetic pillows which are a health hazard to your baby during pregnancy. Thanks to its shape, level of firmness and FDA-approved dyes, this organically sourced body pillow can be used as a great maternity bolster too!

The pillow itself is made of 100% cotton and has a weight limit for expectant mothers up to 300 pounds. The cover can be machine washed in cold water, tumble dry on low heat or line dry with the use of natural detergents only like Woolite.

Who is it for?

Great for women looking for a hypoallergenic pillow that's firm and full without feeling heavy.

Organic Body Pillow by Holy Lamb

Organic Wool Body Pillow by Holy Lamb Organic

Material: GOTS certified wool and cotton

Sizes: 17" x 53", 9" x 42"

Organic Body Pillow by Holy Lamb is filled with sustainably sourced organic wool that has not been chemically treated. This pregnancy pillow comes with an organic cotton casing, and a zippered organic cotton cover is sold separately. This organic pregnancy pillow is available in two size options of the pillow body: Large and small to best fit your needs.

The large wool pillow is recommended for side sleepers who require more support for their legs and neck, as well as pregnant women. The smaller version of this pregnancy pillow may be sufficient if you only require neck support while you're sleeping on your side.

This organic pillow has a really good loft height which provides you relief from lower back pressure that can often come in the later stages of your journey through motherhood when carrying extra weight on both hips becomes challenging; it'll keep gravity at bay during sleep so less discomfort ensues while resting onto this maternity body bolster before getting up again

Who is it for?

This body pillow is especially recommended for expcectant mothers who will be using this pregnancy pillow in winter months. Wool will keep you warm throughout the night and at the same time, it will provide just the right amount of support for your legs and growing belly.

Coop Home Goods Pregnancy Pillow

Coop Home Goods Body Pillow

Material: CertiPur and Greenguard GOLD Certified Foam

Sizes: 16.57 x 9.29 x 7.91 inches

10/27/2021 12:05 am GMT

Our customizable body and pregnancy pillow will help you achieve more restful and peaceful sleep. It's also Greenguard GOLD certified, so you can be confident it contains no harmful toxins or endocrine disruptors that are linked to reproductive disorders, such as Pre-menstrual Syndrom (PMS), Infertility and Labour Induction.

Made of breathable microfiber & Certi-Pur memory foam for all-night support. The Coop Home Goods Pregnancy Pillow is designed to provide comfortable support for your hips, back, neck & knees while positioning a pregnant mom at the right angle to lower the risk of back pain, sciatic nerve issues and carpal tunnel syndrome. You can customize this luxurious pillow by adding heaps of filler, leaving spaces, or shaping it as desired - it's up to you! 

Who is it for?

This pregnancy pillow is good choice if you're looking for one that will not change its shape with time and you don't mind using a pillow made of synthetic materials instead of a pure and organic one. Bear in mind, as this synthetic pillow is not as breathable as pillows made from natural materials, so if you tend to sleep hot, choose kapok, cotton or latex pillow instead.

How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow?

The best way to use a pregnancy body pillow is to place it between the legs to support your growing belly. It will provide optimal support for your back, legs, and neck. You can also place it behind the lower half of you to help alleviate pain in these areas as well. Another comfortable position with a non toxic maternity pillow is placing it under your head for extra support as you sleep.

Maternity pillows can be used during pregnancy and postpartum to help with sciatic pain, hip discomfort, or other aches in the legs.

organic pregnancy pillow

What Type of Maternity Pillows Should I Choose?

The type of non toxic maternity pillow you choose depends on your personal preference. There are many types of maternity pillows to choose from, and they come in a variety of shapes for the best comfort possible.

There is no one-size-fits-all type because everyone has different needs. It can be helpful if you take into consideration your sleeping habits as well when choosing your perfect pillow. You may want something that offers more support or less firmness depending on how sensitive it should feel against your skin during sleep time. The same goes true about other body parts including neck, back, leg pain relief, etc.

To prolong the life of your pillow, we recommend using an organic pillow protector. It will help keep it free from moisture and dust and it will make your pillow more hypoallergenig, helping relieve your aleergy symptoms.

Why Should You Choose an Organic Pregnancy Pillow?

Organic maternity pillows are made of the finest quality materials, from soft natural fillings to GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified cover fabrics. These pillows are usually made with sustainable practices in mind so buying such pillow off an entire chain reaction that has positive environmental effects on our planet as well.

We all know how harmful chemicals can be when we use them so why not choose something healthy? Organic fibers also prevent skin irritation or allergies related reactions because they do not contain any type of artificial additives/chemicals often found within synthetic products, like bug repellents (permethrin), etc.

The pesticides and other toxins found in non-organic bedding can have a negative effect on you and your baby. Studies show that a mother's exposure to toxic chemicals during pregnancy can lead to neurological and developmental disorders for the child, such as attention deficit disorder (ADD), autism spectrum disorder, or ADHD. Organic cotton does not contain synthetic chemicals, like chlorine bleach or formaldehyde which are often found in regular clothing.

Overall these pillows will provide a natural and healthy environment for your baby to grow up into this world with less risk of developing any allergies/asthma symptoms etc because they do no use harmful substances including chemical-based dyes and fabrics, such as polyester.

organic pregnancy pillow


Choosing an organic pregnancy pillow is easier than you think. Although there are not many options available, the list we compiled for you today will help. All of these pillows are organic, GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified so they have been thoroughly checked to meet high standards when health & safety are concerned! An organic maternity pillow will help you achieve a better night's sleep so you can continue to function at full capacity.

Each pillow has its own qualities, but they all provide a comfortable sleeping experience for expectant mothers by supporting their hips and back while positioning them in such a way that it lowers the risk of pregnancy-related issues like sciatic nerve pain or carpal tunnel syndrome- something no one wants during these precious months of pregnancy. 

Apart from organic body pillow, you'll need organic pillows and GOTS certified sheets and duvets for a truly chemical-free sleep.

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